Date: July 11, 1999

Title: Things will never be the same

Author: DD4me2

Categories: M&S torture, Angst, M/S/Fr, M/S/Sk/Fr, MSR

Rating: NC17 for strong adult and sexual contents (rape of both Scully and Mulder) and language

Spoilers: grotesque

Summary: A serial killer kidnaps Mulder and Scully and they suffer a great deal in his hands. Will they over come this horrific event? Who is the father of the baby Scully is expecting after her rape, Mulder or the killer? Their lives are changed forever by their encounter with evil.

Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, Skinner and other X-files characters aren't owned by me, I just borrow them. No infringement intended.

Thanks: To my best friend, Corrine (Lakota) for encouraging me in writingfanfic and helping me whenever I was stuck in my story. Thanks for being the best friend ever! The part between the stars (******) is written by Corrine, who has first hand experience with pregnancy and birth, personal and occupational. Thanks sis for helping me out with this. You are a great writer!

To my new friend Susan, she has checked part of my story over and told me where I had gone wrong with the grammar. Thanks for your help.

Comment: this is my first serious attempt to write a fanfic, so be gentle to me. I am not a doctor, so if there are some inconsistencies, please do not take it to heart. It's fiction after all. Also, English is not my native language so please be gentle with me if you see mistakes of some kind. I am trying to get them out with the help of Susan but some may slip through. Constructive feedback is much welcomed.

Things will never be the same(1/2)

He slowly regained consciousness, It was difficult to focus, and he felt very groggy. His head hurt whenever he tried to move it. He felt like he was hit over the head with a sledgehammer. He tried to move his hands to his head but he suddenly became aware that his hands were tied behind his back. Then he tried to move his legs but they too were tied together and they seemed to be connected to the rope tied around his hands. Whenever he tried to stretch his legs he pulled his arms down, painfully stretching his shoulders. So all he could do was lay still and try to remember how he came to be in this situation. Then he heard a moaning sound coming from just a few feet away from him. He tried to look in the direction where the sound came from but it was too dark. Again the moaning sound came, and suddenly and with a sick feeling in his stomach he recognized the voice. It was Scully. He began desperately pulling on his restraints trying to loosen them, but they didn't give way.

Abruptly the room they where held in was bathed in bright light and the only door that gave access to the room was opened. Mulder squinted against the bright light. He still felt as though he was looking through a thick layer of fog clouding his mind and the bright light did nothing to improve his headache. "Well, I see that the feds are back amongst us." The voice sounded sarcastic and icy cold. Mulder tried to recognize the voice but his headache made thinking very difficult. Now that his eyes were used to the bright light, he looked toward the direction where he had heard Scully moan. She was lying only a few feet away from him. Tied in the same way. She too was waking up from what seemed to be a drug induced sleep. <What the hell happened here? > Mulder thought to himself. His attention was drawn away from Scully when a booted foot hit him hard in the ribs. He tried to catch his breath and tried to ignore the stars that where swimming before his eyes. When he regained his composure a bit he looked up at the man in front of him. This must be the man they were looking for, the man who had killed those four, now five girls.

It all began a week ago, when he got a file on his desk, a file about the brutal killings of four young women. They had been found on Sundays. They had been placed on cemeteries lying on top of the graves of young girls almost of the same age of the girls that where killed, lying on their backs with their arms crossed over their chests. Before they died they had been brutally tortured and beaten. But when they searched the bodies for trace evidence it seemed that they had been bathed and cleaned after they had been killed. No trace evidence had been found.

The VCU contacted A.D. Skinner because they knew they needed the help of his protege Fox Mulder, who was known as the FBI's top profiler. They knew the killer would strike again within a week and they did not want to take the risk that more girls would be killed in this horrible way. VCU agents had been at some of the crime scenes and though they where used to a lot of horrific sights, this one had them dry heaving within minutes. Mulder and Scully had been called to Skinner's office, when they arrived there, Skinner told them about the case, and handed them the file. He also told Scully that she was expected to do the autopsies. They where expected to work as a team on this one. Both their expertise where desperately needed on this case.

So Mulder and Scully had returned to their office with the file in hand. As they looked over the file they both turned rather green around the gills upon seeing the photos of the bodies taken at the crime scene. Though the girls where dressed in beautiful but simple white dresses, the tortures they had to endure were still very obvious to see. "Mulder, I see in the file that they have scheduled me to do the autopsy of the last girl tomorrow morning. And they want me to look at the other three girls, too. I am going to call it an early day because I think I need all the rest I can get right now." "Ok Scully, I'm going to start the profile right away. I don't think it will take long for him to strike again." "See you tomorrow Mulder, and be sure you go home on time, you need your rest, too. I know what you are like when you have to do a profile." Scully looked at him with a smile on her face. She knew he probably would work till the dead of night. She knew she had to try to turn in early this evening because she had a feeling that this case would take a lot out of them both. When she saw the photos of those dead girls she had a bad feeling and she could not seem to get rid of it. But with her scientific mind she brushed that feeling aside. But it kept nagging her in the back of her mind.

The next morning she arrived at the morgue, still feeling tired after a very restless night full of terrifying dreams. She had woken up a couple of times drenched in sweat. She approached the table where the body of the last victim was already placed, covered with a sheet. <Ok here goes> she sighed silently. She removed the sheet and started to proceed with the autopsy.

In the mean time Mulder had been working all evening, just as Scully thought, on the profile. As a matter of fact when the FBI office came to life again in the early morning the next day Mulder was still in the office. By nine o'clock he had finished the profile and faxed it to the VCU. He had drawn all the cemeteries where the girls were found on a map and soon it looked like there was a pattern in the way the killer placed the girls on each of the cemeteries. He tried to calculate which cemetery would be next on the list for placement of a body. He would rather try and catch the killer before he killed another girl but as he finished the profile he felt almost certain that the only way they would catch the killer was when he came to one of the cemeteries to place the next victim. He managed to narrow it down to four cemeteries that matched the pattern he thought the killer was making on the map. Around noon Scully came back to the office. When she walked in she noticed that Mulder was still wearing the same suit he wore yesterday. "Mulder, have you been here all night?" She didn't need to wait for his answer because when he looked up at her he had dark circles around his eyes and appeared completely exhausted. "Yeah Scully but I finished the profile, look at this." With that he took her by the arm and led her to his desk where he had spread out the map. "I think that I know where he is going to deposit the next body. I narrowed it down to these four cemeteries."

"I'd rather catch him before he kills another girl but I don't think we can. From the profile I made he his very clever. Making certain he leaves no traces and no one sees him when he snatches the girls. I tried to look at it in every angle but it's almost like he's a phantom or something. No one saw or heard anything when the girls where abducted, no evidence was found at the sites where they were last seen. Mulder wiped his face with both his hands. He felt helpless that he could not prevent another death. <Great Mulder another load of guilt for your shoulder> Mulder mentally slapped himself in the face. Scully knew exactly how he felt. She knew him so well. She laid her arm around his waist and leaned against him for just a moment. He looked down at her sweet face that looked up at him with those knowing blue eyes. He felt his heart grow and a familiar warmth spread through his body. <Oh how I love this woman.> he thought.

"How about I take you to lunch Mulder? You must be starving-- knowing your eating habits during profiling." "I'm not very hungry Scully." "Nonsense you have to eat something. I don't feel like picking you up from our office floor this afternoon when you drop like a log from starvation." "Hmmm. Ok, give me a moment to clean up this mess, he said pointing to his desk." "Oh by the way, how did the autopsy go? "I'd rather wait till after lunch to tell you Mulder because it would certainly spoil any appetite you may have." With that comment she returned to her own desk and began typing her preliminary report on the autopsy. When Mulder finished straightening up his desk they went out to lunch.

After an hour and a half, they returned to their joined office just as a fax was coming in. It was from the VCU. They were planning to stake out the four cemeteries that Mulder pointed out. They asked if Mulder wanted to be at one of them. He looked at Scully as she read the fax after he handed it to her. "Are you going to the stake out?" she asked him. "Yeah. I want to feel like I'm doing something useful." "Ok, but I'm going with you." While she said that she looked at him with a determent look in her eyes. He knew then that it was no use protesting.

He turned and went over to his desk. He slumped down in his chair, suddenly feeling very tired. He knew he could not prevent another girl's death and it made him feel weary. But at least now they knew the proximity where the killer would place the next victim. They had a good chance of preventing a sixth girl from falling into the hands of this madman. Scully looked at him with a worried expression on her face. He hadn't slept all night and now he was planning to go on a stakeout, which could turn out to be a very long sit for both of them. "Mulder why don't we make it an early day? You have to try and catch some sleep before you go on a stake out all night." Scully said looking at his fatigued face. "Yeah you may be right Scully, I think I will go home early, I could use some sleep before we sit up all night. And who knows how many nights it will turn out to be." Mulder slowly stood up, stretching his lanky body and loosening his stiff muscles. He walked over to Scully's desk. "What time you want me to pick you up?" "How about 8.00 p.m.?" Scully said looking up to him. "Ok, I'll be there." Mulder turned around and grabbed his trenchcoat, putting it on while he walked to the door. "See ya." He waved at her and left their office. Scully was a bit worried about him. He seemed a little depressed after finishing the profile. She knew he felt guilty about the fact that he couldn't prevent another girl from getting tortured and killed by this killer. And it wasn't even his fault. The perp was just too good at covering up the evidence. She felt so sorry for Mulder. She wished she could carry some of that guilt for him. He was just so sensitive. She always wondered what would have happened to him if he had stayed in the VCU as a profiler. She thought that if he had stayed he would have gone over the edge very soon. He was just too sensitive for that job. Whenever he had to profile he tended to dig himself into the killer's mind and almost become him. It was frightening. She had seen it happen in that case with his former VCU boss. His former boss had gone over the edge, trying to solve a serial killer case. She was glad Mulder got out in time before that could happen to him. But she still felt scared for his sanity whenever VCU called upon his reputation as a top profiler. She decided to call it quits too. She grabbed her coat and headed home. She would take a relaxing bath and have a quick dinner before Mulder came to pick her up.

Right at 8.00 p.m. Mulder knocked on her door. She opened it and turned around and headed for her bedroom while talking to Mulder. "I'll be with you in a minute Mulder, I have to grab a sweatshirt. I don't want to freeze my butt off during the stakeout." Mulder walked into the living room. "I would not want that to happen, you have such a cute butt." When she walked into the living room he gave her his lopsided grin. She only gave him a stern look, but was hardly able to hide her grin. It looked like Mulder had cheered up a bit after his much needed rest. "Ok, I'm ready, let's go." Mulder led her to the door his hand as usual on the small of her back.

They arrived at the cemetery about 8.45 p.m. Mulder parked his car at a spot where they would have a pretty good view of the entire cemetery. It wasn't a very big cemetery. They got comfortable and started talking some small talk. After a while they just stopped talking. They were so used to each other and comfortable with each other that there was no need to keep up a conversation. Both busy with their own thoughts, just looking into the dark night. Every hour they contacted the agents covering the other stakeout sites. Nothing happened all evening.

Then around midnight Scully suddenly thought she saw a movement on the cemetery. They got out of the car and slowly and carefully entered the cemetery, using the trees as natural cover. Both had their guns drawn. Scully looked at Mulder when he gestured her to take the left. He wanted them to circle whomever was in the cemetery. Scully nodded her understanding. They moved slowly towards the spot where Scully had noticed the movement. When they neared it Scully suddenly felt a cold shiver go down her back. She could not explain it, but she suddenly felt a primal fear in her gut. When she and Mulder approached the spot, they saw the killer had beat them to it. Another girl was lying on top of a grave. Mulder looked at the dates on the tombstone. Again, the age of the victim matched that of the body buried below. And again she was dressed in a simple but beautiful dress, but the torture she had to endure during her capture was very obvious. They both turned white as a sheet and began franticly to look around them. They slowly started to circle the spot, spreading out in wider circles, looking for any movement or footsteps. Any prove the killer was still there. They both felt the knot in their stomach, how could they have missed the killer placing the girl on the grave? It was almost in full sight of their stakeout site. Scully was nearing some bushes and had her eyes on the ground looking out for footsteps. The killer could not get away without leaving a trace. The ground was a bit muddy from a little shower that had happened earlier in the evening. Suddenly she felt a sting in her shoulder. In a reflex she brought her hand to the spot and she pulled out syringe .She felt herself getting dizzy and a mist began to form before her eyes. She wanted to call to Mulder, but it seemed her speech had gone too. Before she could even make a move towards where she had seen Mulder last, she collapsed and darkness came over her.

Mulder was just a few feet away also looking for any trace on the killer when he felt a fear settling in his stomach. He looked around, not sure what he was looking for. But he felt a sudden fear and he could not explain why. Then he noticed that Scully was nowhere around him. He felt his heart stop. <Where is Scully, Oh my god where is she!> He began calling her first in a whisper because if the killer was still around he did not want to alert him. But when she did not answer and he did not find her he began to call out loudly. He did not care about the killer anymore. He knew something was wrong. Scully would have answered him by now. He was just turning around to head for the car to call for backup when he felt a sting in his left arm. He looked down and he saw a syringe in his upper arm. He pulled it out and looked at it. Then his head began to spin and a mist formed over his eyes. When he collapsed to the ground he tried to fight the fog appearing in his head. While he was struggling to get back on his feet, to get to the car and call for back up, a dark figure appeared towering above him. The next thing he saw was a booted foot coming up to his face and he felt darkness fall over him.

And now they where here in this room, tied down and helpless. He wondered how long they had been unconscious. Would the others know already that they were gone? Luckily they had agreed to contact each other every hour so it would not take long before they noticed something was wrong at "Green pastures", the cemetery they'd been watching. But would there be enough traces for them to follow? Would there be evidence that would lead them to where they where being held?

Mulder looked up into the face of the killer. The man looked so ordinary, if you would cross him on the street you would not even notice him. But that was the danger of serial killers. Most of them looked so normal. The killer looked him in the eye and Mulder felt a shiver run down his spine. They were the coldest eyes he had ever seen. He felt like a bug under a microscope. Again the killer kicked him in his ribs. He tried to keep from groaning. "Who the hell are you?" Mulder managed to gasp out between two breaths. His ribcage felt like a truck ran over it. Again he looked at the killer. This time a cold smile formed on the face of the killer. "You can call me Jake, fed." He answered with a voice as cold as his eyes. "I'm planning to have some fun with the both of you. Yessiree, I will!" he began to laugh, a laugh that scared Mulder to his core. <Oh my god what is he going to do? He's a lunatic!>

The killer dragged him toward a chair that was bolted to the floor in the middle of the room. He began untying the rope that connected the binding of Mulder's hands and feet. Next Mulder felt himself planted on the chair. There were restraining belts on the armrests. And with one hand Jake the killer cut the ropes around his hands and with the other he loosened one of the belts. Mulder started squirming in the grib of Jake. He knew that if he wanted to escape he had to try now. But before he managed to get his hands loose out of Jake's grib his head was slammed back against the chair. Jake hit him with his fist right in the face. He heard a snap and stars were swimming before his eyes, and he knew his nose must be broken. For one moment he did not feel any pain. Before he got his baring back Jake had put his hands in the restraints. After that he bent down and did the same with his legs. "Ok, fed. Now we can have some fun!" and again Jake's fist hit him in the face. After that he turned around and headed for Scully who was now fully awake and looking at Mulder with a desperate look on her face. She had tears in her eyes when their eyes locked. He tried to tell her with his eyes that he was all right and that he would do everything in his power to save them.

Jake reached Scully and bent down over her. He had pulled out a pocked knife. Scully looked at it with fear in her eyes. But he did not cut her. Instead he began cutting away her suit jacket. Because she was tied he could not pull it off in the normal way. "Before I am going to tend to your boyfriend there, I'm going to have some fun with you" He began to snicker and looked at her with cold eyes. He licked his lips as if she reminded him of something tasty. After he finished with her suit jacket, he turned his attention to her blouse and pulled the remains of it off her. Scully began to shiver as her naked skin was exposed to the cool air. Next he turned his attention to her pants. After a couple of minutes she lay before him only dressed in her bra and panties. He placed his hand on her thigh and began stroking it up and down as if to feel the softness of her skin. Scully felt her muscles tense up. The feel of his cold clammy hands on her made her feel sick to her stomach.

All of a sudden, he placed the knife against her abdomen. She winced slightly at the touch of the cold metal against her warm skin. Then he slowly moved the knife down towards her panties. And with one quick movement he sliced the panties and pulled them off her. After that he cut up the bra. She looked at his face and she saw a desperate look of desire in his eyes. Again he licked his lips. "Oh, yeah-- we are going to have a lot of fun!" Jake said with a husky voice. The next thing he did was cut the rope that connected the bindings on her feet and hands and he stretched her out. Mulder could only look in horror at every move that Jake made. He tried desperately to loosen the restraints. But to no avail.

Jake stood up and walked to one of the walls. He pushed a button and with a screeching sound a bed was lowered down out of the wall. It had been hidden by sight into the wall. On the headboard Mulder saw there where restraints, too. And at the foot end also. He felt his heart stop in his chest when he thought of what was about to happen to Scully. "You leave her alone you bastard!" Mulder began to scream at Jake while pulling franticly at his restraints. His wrists were beginning to bleed because of the friction of the leather against the skin. But he did not feel anything anymore. Not the headache or his broken nose. All he could feel was the fear for Scully's safety. He did not care about his own. As long as that bastard kept his hand of off Scully. "If you touch her I'll kill you, I promise when I get a chance I'll kill you!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Jake paid no attention to him. He walked up to Scully and pulled her up by her hair and dragged her to the bed. Scully could not stop her scream of pain when he pulled her up by her hair. It felt as if her scalp was pulled from her head. Tears began streaming down her face.

Jake placed her on her back on the bed. He began cutting loose the ropes on her wrists. Scully immediately began to wrestle to get loose but Jake could hold her wrists in one hand, he was too strong for her. With his other hand he hit her in the face. For one moment she stopped struggling because her head felt like it was going to explode. Jake took the opportunity to place her wrists in the restraints. After he finished with that he did the same with her legs. And there she lay naked and her legs slightly spread. Jake looked at her standing at the foot end of the bed. He turned around and headed for a closet in the corner of the room. He opened the doors and Mulder could look into it from where he was seated. He released a loud gasp when he saw the assortment of torture equipment placed in the closet. <Oh my god, we are going to beg death to come quickly by the looks of it> he thought looking at the whips and knifes in the closet. Again he began to pull on his restraints. Than he looked over where Scully was sprawled over the bed. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. They both knew what was going to happen and she tried to calm Mulder down by their Spooky eye conversation ability. He begged her forgiveness with his eyes, for the fact that he placed her in this predicament.

Jake returned at the bedside with a little whip. "We are going to have so much fun fedbitch, I can't wait to show you a good time!" With that he began slowly to caress her with the whip. When he reached her breasts he snapped the whip and hit her over her breasts. She closed her eyes and released a soft whimper. Again the whip burned the soft flesh of her breasts. And again, and again. Mulder started screaming toward Jake to stop it. Tears rolled down his face uncontrollable now. It was like he felt every whip lash himself. <If only I could take over her pain> he thought by himself. The soft flesh of her breasts where now raw from where the whip had hit her. Jake bend down and let go of the whip. He started to caress both her breasts with his hands. Cupping them, pinching her nipples. Than he lowered his head and took her left nipple in his mouth. He began to suck and nibble, circling her nipple with his tongue. Than he moved to her right nipple and repeated the motion. Scully kept her eyes close and tried not to feel the body of that bastard against her, his tongue on her nipples.

Jake moved his hands between her legs and with force plunged two fingers in her. She screamed loudly. Mulder could only watch in horror and call her name. He began to speak soothingly to her. If he could not save her from that sick bastard he could try and let her know he was there with her, letting her know she was not alone. All the time Jake nuzzled her breasts while his hand was seeking out the warmth and wetness of her vagina. He began to push his fingers in and out violently first two finger than three. Scully began to cry uncontrollably. All of a sudden she was exposed again when Jake stood up. He looked down on her as he moved the hand that had invaded her vagina to his mouth and he licked his fingers off. Then his hands moved to his belt and slowly he unbuckled it and opened his pants. He lowered them and stepped out. Only dressed in boxers, he turned around to Mulder. "Are you enjoying our little show fed?" "Stay around, there's more to come!" With that Jake lowered his boxers and began to touch his already prominent erection. He moved his hand up and down, spreading the little drop of moisture over the top. He let out a moan while lowering himself on his knees between Scully's legs. Scully looked at him with empty eyes. It seemed if she had withdrawn herself to a place she could not feel or see him. When Jake noticed the look in her eyes he hit his fist hard in her face. "You are going to enjoy this bitch, you hear me?" again he hit her. Mulder began to scream again to stop it. After a while he could only sob uncontrollably and he lowered his face. He could not watch his Scully being raped by that son of a bitch.

Jake took his erection in his hand and lowered himself on Scully guiding himself in her. Than he began to move inside her. There was no tenderness, only haste and the urge of an animal to release himself. He slammed his body into her, groaning and moaning. When he neared the point of release he suddenly began to bite her in her nipples. Scully screamed when the pain shot through her. He began biting her every where he could reach her. Then she felt him tense his body and with a couple of spasmodic thrusts of his hips he released himself into her.

He pulled back and while wiping of his penis turned to look at Mulder who sat with his head lowered. "Well, I guess your boyfriend didn't like the show we put on, fedbitch!" he said with a sarcastic tone. He moved to Scully and grabbed the ropes he had cut of her arms and legs. While he knelt on the bed he began to loosen one of the restraints and then the other. Holding on to both of her arms he tied them together again, then her feet. She did not have the strength to fight him anymore. He pulled her off the bed and dropped her to the floor. "Lets see if you like the show better shall we?" With that he moved to Mulder and hit him in the face hard. Knocking him almost unconscious. He loosened the restraints on both hands and feet and dragged the limp body of Mulder to the bed. He placed Mulder stomach down on the bed and restrained his arms and legs in a similar way as Scully's.

He moved back to Scully and placed her in the chair where Mulder was seated through her ordeal. But he did not put her in the restraints. Her hands still tied together he sat her upright in the chair, facing the bed. Jake walked to the closet and this time he took a larger whip and also a scalpel. With that he moved to the bed where Mulder slowly regained his baring. Jake took the knife that he used on Scully's cloths and now repeated the same procedure on Mulder, stripping him completely naked. When he had reached Mulder's boxers and sliced them in two he reached under Mulder's body to remove the boxers from him. But in the same movement he grabbed Mulder's penis and pulled. Mulder released a loud scream. "My, my you are big are you?" with that Jake began to move his hand up and down Mulders penis, squeezing and pulling. Mulder tried to ignore the warmth that was spreading in his loins. But to his horror he felt his penis grow hard. He tried to fight it but he felt his erection grow with every pull of Jake's hand. Than he felt Jake's body on top of his and all of a sudden both of Jakes hands where on him. One hand pulling and squeezing his penis. The other caressing his scrotum. He felt his hips begin to thrust involuntarily in the ritme Jake's hands moved in. He began to moan. "You like that don't you fed, I can feel you in my hand, so big and warm." The movement of his hands became faster and like a bold of lighting Mulder felt the release wash over him. His hips tensed in Jake's hand and shuddered while he released himself in Jake's hands. Silent tears where running down his face. Scully had been witness to it all and her heart broke at the sight of it. She also began to speak soothingly to him like he had done to her just before. To let him know it wasn't his fault, that she was there and that he was not alone.

Jake licked his hand clean, "Hmmm, you taste good, fed, sweet and bitter at the same time." "Now it's my turn to have fun." He moved behind Mulder placing himself between his legs. He moved his hand to Mulder's anus and plunged in one finger. Not caring to smoothen the entry he just poked his finger inside Mulder. Mulder felt as if his intestines where ripped apart. Jake first pumped in and out with one finger than he added one and soon Mulder felt his anus being ripped apart by three fingers. He started whimpering he couldn't help it. Then the fingers where gone. He felt relief. But it did not last for long because now he felt Jake's cold hands on his hips. They were pulled up slightly. And then he felt the tip of Jake's penis enter his anus and Jake pushed it in hard. Mulder released a loud scream. His anus was ripped apart by Jake's erection. Jake started to move in and out violently. Jake bent over him and reached around him. He began pinching Mulders nipples while thrusting his hips into Mulders body with a rage that rocked their bodies. Then his hand moved down and again he grabbed Mulders penis but this time he started pinching the sensitive skin hard. Mulder felt the fire spreading through his penis. The pain was mind numbing.

He felt the big flesh of Jake filling him and pounding in and out of him. And all the while he heard the sweet voice of Scully talking to him, telling him to hang in, they would survive. He heard her crying for him, for herself. All the while Jake was fucking him from behind. Then Jake released a loud growl and Mulder was filled to the rim by Jake's semen.

Mulder suddenly felt exhausted. He wanted to close his eyes and let the darkness surround him. Jake stood up from the bed. "That was a good boy, you have a nice tight ass. Haven't had that good a fuck in a long time." While saying that he slapped his hand on Mulders butt. Jake turned to Scully. "And did you like the show better fedbitch?" Scully looked him right in the eye with all the hate she could show. Then her eyes wandered to Mulder and tears began to fill her eyes.

"Ah-- so that's what's going on between the fedbitch and fed?" When Scully heard his tone of voice she quickly looked up and saw a gleam in Jake's eyes. <Oh, god what is he up to now, when does it all stop? > Jake moved to her and began to drag her to the bed where Mulder still lay. "Now it's time for you two to have fun." Scully looked up at him with a puzzled look in her eyes. "But before I let you two have fun, it's still my turn." He grabbed the scalpel he had taken out of the closet earlier and he bend down over the bed. He lay the knife over Mulder's left thigh and began to move it downwards. Leaving a long red cut. He did the same on the other leg. Than he moved to Mulder's back and began to cut like crazy. All the time Mulder pressed his face into the mattress trying to silences his screams. Then Jake took the large whip and began to hit Mulder on his back across the cuts and down his butt and legs. Soon the entire back of his body was one red mess of bleeding flesh. While Jake kept whipping him he began to touch his growing erection. He moved forward towards Mulder and when his release came he made sure his release ended up on Mulder's bleeding back. When Mulder felt the semen of Jake on his open back he could no longer hold his screams of pain. The entire room was filled with it and it echoed back from the walls. Until it completely surrounded them. All the time Scully had lain next to him on the floor. She had tried to get him to look at her but he had avoided her eyes, he felt so ashamed of what they both had to endure. He felt drained of all life and just lay there still and quiet.

"Ok now I want you to have fun with each other." Jake pulled Scully on the bed. He began to untie her and then he released Mulder from his restraints. He did not have the strength to turn, and even if he had the strength, he did not think he could have turned with his backside so cut up. Scully looked up at Jake. Then she lay her hand on Mulder's face caressing him softly. "Mulder? Please Mulder look at me?" She begged him with a trembling voice. Mulder forced himself to open his eyes and he looked at her. Tears filled his eyes and he whispered with a soft voice "I'm so sorry Scully." He broke down in wrenching sobs. "It's Ok Mulder, it's not your fault." She began to cry too. And she moved in closer to his body.

"Hey, this is my show, now perform, feds!" With that he whipped them both. "What do you want us to do?" Scully screamed at him. "What do you think bitch? I want the two of you to fuck!" Scully looked at him with shock clear in her eyes. Mulder gave a soft moan. "No!" was all she could whisper. "Now you fuck or you get more of the whip." Jake snapped the whip in the air. "I don't want you to get even more hurt Scully" Mulder whispered to her. "Let me do it so that he doesn't hurt you more. You know I love you, don't you?" Mulder now looked straight at her. She looked him in the eyes and she saw all his love there. "I love you too. Scully answered him with all the love she felt at this moment. They smiled at each other, although it was a sad smile. Neither of them had imagined they would tell it each other in such circumstances. Again the whip slapped over their bodies. "Fuck!" Jake's voice shouted. Mulder tried to shift on his right side so he could pull Scully closer to him. He looked in her eyes and he caressed her face. He wanted to caress her body but her flesh was so raw from the lashing that he knew he would hurt her. As he caressed her, Jake began screaming at them, "No, no caressing!" Jake hit him with the whip. "Just get on with it. Just fuck!"

Mulder looked at him with hate boiling in his eyes. <When I get the chance I'll kill the son of a bitch! > "I'm sorry Scully, but I have to do this otherwise he'll hurt you." He whispered in a desperate tone. Scully looked him in the eye with all the love she felt for him and just kissed him softly on the lips and than pulled him close to her. She turned on her back and let him settle between her legs. She began to touch his penis trying to get it erect. "I love you" they almost said it at the same time. He felt his erection grow and he thanked god for it. He was afraid that he would not be able to make love to her as ordered by Jake and that Jake would hurt her again. He moved his erection against the entrance of her vagina and entered her carefully as not to hurt her more. She winced slightly because she was not wet enough. But they had to keep going. Mulder moved his hips up and down. Jake hit him with the whip urging him to thrust harder. Mulder obeyed his order. "Harder fed, come on harder." Again he felt the whip on his butt. His hips started to thrust harder and harder. He looked into the tearful eyes of Scully and she looked telling him with her eyes that she loved him. He began to moan, feeling his release nearing. Within seconds his body went rigid and his hips started to spasm against her and then he filled her with his release. While he filled her with his release he brought his lips to hers and silenced his moans against her mouth, kissing her lovingly and telling her in this way how much he loved her. All the time Jake stood behind them looking and touching himself and when Mulder released himself into Scully, Jake released himself on them. Mulder let himself slight next to her. Pulling her close to him.

Jake began to laugh all of a sudden. A crazy cackling laugh that filled the room and echoed from the walls. And before they could even look up he began to whip them like crazy. He lashed the whip over their bodies with all his strength. After what seemed an eternity he stopped. He had exhausted himself to the point where he could hardly stand up straight. By that time both Mulder and Scully were overtaken by the blessed darkness of unconsciousness. Their bodies a bloody mess. Jake got himself dressed and left the room. He left Scully and Mulder where they were, not bothering to tie them up again. <They're not go anywhere like this. > He thought while he closed the door behind him.

After a while Mulder slowly regained consciousness. When he opened his eyes he looked into the beautiful face of Scully that was now somewhat disgraced by the blood from his wounds and the black and blue marks from Jake's beatings. She lay so close to him that it was almost like she tried to crawl into him in a attempt to become one. Slowly he began to remember what happened previous. They had been one, only not in the way he wanted it to happen. Oh yes he had hoped that it would happen someday, he had dreamed of it. But it would have been an act of love, not because a madman forced them. He looked at her face and he felt the tears fill his eyes and with a tender gesture he brought his lips to her forehead and kissed her tenderly. "I'm so sorry Scully, I am so sorry." He whispered softly. Then he noticed that Jake had left the room without tying them again. He let his eyes roam through the room taking in every detail. He had to try and get them out of here. They could not afford to wait until Skinner and the others had found them. He was sure that by that time they would be dead and he surely didn't want to wait for Scully to endure more of the rape and torture that was sure to come.

Then he saw the closet that held the torture equipment. He let out a loud gasp. The bastard had forgotten to close the closet. He knew he had to be quick. He did not know when Jake would come back. Mulder untangled his body from Scully and tried to get up on his knees. He felt the whiplashes and the cuts protest-he could feel them ripping apart. He could feel the warm flow of fresh blood running from the cuts. His legs and buttocks screamed from pain. He was sure the force of the pounding of Jakes member in him raptured his anus. After several tries he managed to get on his feet. He walked to the closet as fast as his legs would carry him. He felt lightheaded and wobbly on his legs but he managed to reach the closet without falling. What he saw drained the blood from his face. There were whips and all kind of knives and meat hooks. When he saw those a shiver ran down his spine. Now he was even more sure he had to get them out of there. Other wise they would end up on those meat hooks.

There were several drawers in the closet. He tried to open them. They were all locked. He grabbed one of the knives and tried to pick the lock on the top drawer. After what must have seemed an eternity he managed to open the drawer. When he opened it he could not hold back a smile. In the drawer lay a .38 gun with clip. He took it in his hands and checked if there already was a clip inside. It was empty. He took the clip and loaded the gun. Now he had to think of a strategy in which he could take the bastard out without getting himself or Scully hurt. Of course he rather wanted to catch the bastard alive but he felt sure if he would take that risk, they would certainly end up dead. No, the only way they would get out of here alive was to kill Jake. <What was the best way to do it? Hide himself behind the door so that he could shoot Jake as he walked to the bed? But Jake would surely notice that he was gone and of course Jake wasn't a fool. He would know he would stand behind the door. No, too risky. He had to lay down again next to Scully and wait for Jake to come in again. When Jake entered the room and walked toward the bed he could take him out. That way Jake would not suspect anything. Yes, that's the course of action he would take> After making that decision he walked slowly back to the bed. All of a sudden a thought struck him and he turned around quickly, He looked at the floor and his face went white as a sheet. He had not thought of that. Because of the bleeding wounds on his body and legs he had left a trail from the bed to the closet and back. "Oh my god, what now" he murmured. He could only hope he would get Jake before he noticed the tracks. He let him self down on the bed and huddled close to Scully who still had not awakened. He made sure the gun was ready for use and hid it between their bodies. Now he only had to wait for Jake to come back in. He looked up on his watch to see what time it was. It was almost 6.00 a.m. Had they been there for so long? He began to wonder if Skinner would be any nearer to find out where they were held? Hell, he himself had no idea. He could only hope they were in a populated area so that he could find help quickly after he settled the score with Jake. It worried him that Scully still lay there without waking up. But for now it was best to let her be as she was. That way she would be less at risk.

Another hour went by when suddenly he heard the latch of the door move. He tried to look at it without drawing suspicion. His finger tensed around the trigger. The timing had to be good otherwise they would not survive. Jake neared the bed. "Ok, feds, ready for round two?" he stopped at the foot end and looked at them with a Cheshire grin on his face. "I know I am." All at once his eyes went wide and his face lost all its color. He looked at Mulder with a shocked expression on his face and then he began to keel over on the bed. A gunshot wound apparent just above the heart. He tried to get up but his legs failed him. Jake lay on the foot end of the bed, his face turned away from them.

For once, Mulder was happy that he practiced so much on the shooting range. This time it really meant the difference between life and dead. He kept pointing the gun toward Jake as he neared the body, his hand slightly shaking of fatigue. He looked down at Jake, not really wanting to touch him. But he had to check his vitals. With his finger tight on the trigger he bend down over Jake. Jake lay with his face turned to the left and Mulder could see that he was unconscious. Mulder felt for his pulse. It was weak but still going. Mulder did not want to take any chances, so he used the ropes that Jake had used to tie him and Scully with, on Jake himself, securely tying his hands and feet together. He knew he had to try and stop the bleeding if they wanted Jake to stand trial. He didn't give a damn if he died but Mulder had enough sense left in him to know Jake was needed alive. Mulder took some of the torn clothes and made a pressure bandage around Jake's chest. That should do it until they could find help.

Now he had to wake up Scully and they had to get out of here as fast as possible. Mulder turned to Scully and started to shake her gently by the shoulders, and call her name. After a short while she began to moan and her eyes fluttered open. She tried to focus and when she saw Mulder her face softened. She could even manage a small smile. "Scully look at the foot of the bed. Look!" Mulder asked, barely able to contain the excitement in his voice. Scully turned her head with much effort, her entire body was stiff from the lashings it received. Her eyes grew wide when she saw Jake lying on the foot end of the bed, tied down. She looked at Mulder questioningly. "I shot him, he is still alive-- barely but now we can get out of here. He 's not going to hurt us anymore."

All of a sudden she began to shiver uncontrollably and tears began running down her face. Her body broke down in loud and wretching sobs. Mulder took her in his arms and began to cry too. They both held on to each other and after a while they began calming down. "We have to get out of here Scully, we have to get help. Can you stand up and walk? Come on-- lets try." Mulder stood up slowly not wanting to stretch the cuts on his body even more. He took Scully's hand in his and slowly pulled her to her feet. She winced and could not hold back a moan. "It's all right Scully, we'll take it slowly." They held on to each other and slowly began walking to the door. "Wait Scully, we can't walk out like this." He pointed to their naked bodies. "Wait here I'm going to check this place out. Maybe I can find some clothes for us." With that he turned to walk out of the room, but Scully grabbed him by his hand. "I'm going with you. I don't want to be alone with him." She pointed to the unconscious body of Jake. Her voice sounded soft and scared. He squeezed her hand gently and smiled at her.

They slowly walked down the hallway. They came to a window and Mulder looked out. It seemed they were in an abandoned building. He couldn't see if there were other houses around. They continued their quest for clothes. When they came downstairs they found the room where it appeared that Jake had been camping out. There was a mattress and a stove where he had been cooking his food. There was a closet in the far corner of the room. By the looks of it, he only had to blow against it and it would fall apart. Mulder carefully opened the door and his heart made a jump of joy when he saw some clothes hanging in there. He gathered two pair of old and rundown sweatpants and two old sweaters. He held up the clothes he had found and she smiled at him. He first put on his clothes and than he helped Scully get dressed. It was a painful task because their cuts hurt like hell and to have clothes on them made it even worse. They moved carefully to not hurt their cuts even more and slowly made their way down the hallway.

"Did you find a phone?" Scully looked up at him. "No this is an old abandoned house I don't think he has a connection." But then a thought struck him. He mentally slapped himself in the face. "What?" Scully had noticed his shock. "We had our cell phones with us when he overpowered us. They must be here somewhere, we have to find them." Mulder started to search the room carefully. Turning every thing up side down. Scully began to help him. They did not find anything. They both began to feel exhausted from the effort and the pain in their bodies was beginning to become unbearable. Mulder lowered himself to the floor, his breath shallow and fast. "Damn!" Mulder looked up at Scully who had shouted this out so loud she startled herself. "What?" "We forgot to check Jake. What if he has one of the phones on him?" Mulder looked at her and Scully looked at him her face begging "We have to go back upstairs to find the cell phones. Please come with me?" Scully felt ackward to ask Mulder to come with her. She was never the scared little woman but something had changed after their ordeal. She could not bare the thought of being separated from Mulder just for a couple of minutes. It was almost if he had become her lifeline. She looked in his eyes and she saw the same feelings reflecting back to hers. He grabbed her hand and slowly tried to stand up. They held each other's hands and headed upstairs to where they left Jake. When they reached the room where they were held and tortured, they both felt cold shivers run through their bodies when they entered the room again.

Scully could not help but get closer to Mulder, he wrapped his arm around her. When they approached Jake's body, they had to force themselves to touch him to check for the cell phone. They searched all his pockets and it didn't take long for Scully to find Mulder's cell phone in the back pocket of Jake's jeans. They hurried downstairs. They could no longer bear to be in that room where they suffered so much pain. When they came downstairs Mulder lowered himself against the wall, no longer able to keep standing. The pain from the cuts and the pain in his buttocks from the rape became too much. He could barely sit up straight. Scully lowered herself next to him.

She took the phone and turned it on and than she hit the speed dial number 2, which was Skinner's cell phone number. After two rings Skinner answered. When Scully heard Skinners familiar voice she felt like she was going to break down in tears. She cleared her throat. "Sir, this is Scully." "Scully where are you? What happened?" Skinners voice sounded fatigued and tense. "We've been trying to find you. When you did not call in the next hour we knew something went wrong." "Sir, the killer overpowered us at our stakeout and took us to his hideout. Mulder shot him-he's still alive but severely wounded." Skinner could not care less, he was only happy that his agents where alive and save. "Where are you, do you know?" Scully looked at Mulder, "Do you know where we are?" he mouthed "No" to her. "No sir, we haven't been outside yet. Her voice began to halter a bit. " Sir, we're wounded. He tortured Mulder and me." Skinner closed his eyes when he heard that bit of news. His face lost all color when Scully told him he'd better had a rape kit ready for both her and Mulder.

"Scully can you and Mulder get outside and look around for a streetname? Anything that can help us to locate you." "Yes sir, we can manage that. "Ok, you better hang up. You don't want to run out of batteries before we find you. Go now!" After saying their good-byes Scully and Mulder got up and headed outside. They looked around and there was not much surrounding the house. It stood on what seemed an empty factory lot. They headed for the nearest road. After a five-minute walk they found a street sign. Scully called Skinner again and told him the street name, but she could not give him a number since there were no houses anywhere near. Skinner told them to stay put and they would find them. He was on his way himself.

They lowered themselves on the pavement because their bodies gave out. The short walk had exhausted both of them and their wounds had started to bleed again. Their cloths were drenched in blood. Scully moved close to Mulder and he laid his arms around her. She winced slightly when he touched her wounds and he loosened his grip. "No Mulder. Hold me, please? I want to stay close to you. I need you with me." She wrapped her arms around him and did not let go. "I never let you go, I promise you. We'll stay together." He kissed her gently on her hair. After a while he felt her relax in his arms and realized she must have fallen asleep or must be unconscious again. He felt like sleeping himself. His head was pounding and he really felt his broken nose now. He let him self slight on his side taking Scully with him and soon they where both sleeping. They did not hear the sirens of the police cars. They did not hear the screeching brakes when they stopped near the sleeping bodies of the agents. Skinner jumped out of the car and ran towards the bodies that where lying on the street. When he kneeled beside them and tried to turn Mulder over, he almost lost the contents of his stomach. Mulder's and Scully's cloths were drenched in blood and Mulder's face was black and blue, it was obvious that his nose was broken. He tried to wake Mulder, but after a couple of attempts he gave up. They must have lost too much blood or maybe they had internal damage. He waited for the ambulances to arrive.

When the paramedics started to untangle the bodies of Mulder and Scully to put them on gurneys they both suddenly woke up. As they felt that they were separated, Mulder and Scully began to call out for each other and thrash about, reaching out for each other. Skinner felt his heart squeeze tight with sorrow when he saw his agents in this desperate state. Tears were running down both agents' faces and they kept calling for each other. Skinner tried to comfort the agents, telling them they were save, but both Mulder and Scully paid not attention to him. They kept their eyes on each other, feeling a desperate need to stay together. They would be safe as long as they would be together. After some time had passed, Skinner grew tired of trying to calm the agents down, and ordered the paramedics to put them both in one ambulance.

When Mulder and Scully saw that they would stay together they calmed down. However, they never took their eyes off of each other and held hands whenever possible. After Skinner saw that they had calmed down somewhat, he asked Mulder to give him directions to the house where they had left Jake. Just when Skinner wanted to leave the ambulance so that they could be transported to the hospital, Mulder grabbed Skinner's hand. "Sir, don't let them separate us, Please? We need to stay close together, Please?" When he said this to his boss his voice trembled and tears filled his eyes. But there was also a fear in his eyes that made his boss feel so sorry for them. He could not imagine the hell they must have gone through. Skinner squeezed Mulder's hand and told him he would do his best to keep them together.

Skinner followed the ambulance in his own car after giving orders to the agents who had followed him to the scene to go and search for the house that Mulder had described. He arrived at the hospital just behind the ambulance and quickly parked his car and hurried inside after Mulder's and Scully's gurneys. When the paramedics made an attempt to wheel Mulder and Scully into different trauma rooms they started to object and call for each other. Mulder tried to get up from his gurney and get to Scully who now was crying in wretching sobs. When Skinner joined them he ordered the paramedics to wheel Scully and Mulder into one room. When the doctor on duty arrived he looked suprised to find two patients together in one room. Skinner hurried to explain what was happening and how both of his agents became upset as soon as they were separated from each other. The doctor agreed it was best to keep them together as much as possible when he heard what happened to both of them. He made arrangements for a rape psychologist to visit them as soon as they were up to it. Another doctor was called since they both needed immediate attention. The first doctor introduced himself to Skinner as John Wilson. He began his examination on Mulder after their cloths where removed while the other doctor examined Scully.

First they collected trace evidence of the rape and torture. Photo's where taken and evidence samples where collected from Mulder's Penis and anus. When the doctors finished with Mulder, they performed the same procedures on Scully. All the while both Scully and Mulder kept silent only wincing slightly when their wounds where touched or they were turned. Their gurneys where put close together so they could stay in touching distance. While their wounds were treated and stitched up they kept each other's hands tightly and only to let go when the doctor had to be in between them. When the doctor began examining Mulder's anus, pulling his buttocks apart. Mulder whimpered softly and Scully squeezed his hand and talked to him soothingly. He looked her in the eye and tried to focus on her. But when the doctor started to touch his anus Mulder began to tremble violently and his entire body tensed up. "Mr. Mulder, it's all right. I will explain what I am going to do. Try to relax your body. I have to insert a scope into your anus to see if you have internal damage. It will not feel pleasant but it's really necessary." Skinner moved to the side of Mulder and grabbed his other hand, which was tightened around the pillow. Mulder looked up at his boss and tears where streaming down his face. "Don't let him hurt me, please, don't let him hurt me again." Skinner looked at him with a shocked expression on his face. Than he bend down and looked into Mulder's eyes. They had a faraway expression in them. "Mulder, you are safe, you hear me? You are in hospital. They are going to take good care of you, you are safe." With his other hand Skinner wiped a strand of hair out of Mulder's face at the same time trying to get Mulder to the present time with that gesture. He kept soothing Mulder while Doctor Wilson inserted the scope into Mulder's anus. When Mulder felt the scope enter, fear washed over him and he began to scream at the top of his lungs. He tried to get up.

Doctor Wilson quickly called for some help and a couple of nurses came running towards them. They quickly put Mulder's hands in restraints. That had an even more devastating effect on Mulder. While Skinner tried to calm Mulder, Scully began to shout to the nurses when they put Mulder in restraints. Trying to tell them that this would only make it worse. But no one listened to her. The young doctor who attended to her tried to calm her too. But when panic began to strike her as well doctor Wilson ordered sedatives for them both. If they wanted to finish the examination in good order they had to calm down. Not long after both had received a dose of the good stuff, they calmed down and fell asleep.

After Mulder dozed off, doctor Wilson finished his examination of Mulder's anus. Luckily the tearing wasn't too extreme and the internal damage could heal on it's own. He put in a couple of stitches in the anus and finished the rest of the exam. Mulder had a lot of deep cuts, made by Jake's scalpel. They had cleaned them and stitched them up. Scully to her luck sustained less severe wounds that Mulder. She received a couple of stitches on some bite marks. They made sure they were cleaned very thoroughly. The doctors both gave them HIV tests, since Scully had told them that Jake had not used a condom.

While the two doctors were busy on Mulder and Scully, Skinner got the message that Jake was found and they were transporting him to the same hospital as where Mulder and Scully were admitted. He was in a very bad condition and it was not certain if he would pull through. Skinner notified the doctors who were treating his agents and he made sure that an HIV test was done on Jake immediately after arrival. Since they did not know if he would make it, he wanted to be damn sure everything would go all right for his agents. He wanted them to know what they were up for as soon as possible. There was a big chance that Jake might carry the HIV virus. He prayed that they would be lucky after all what they had been through, that it came out negative.

When Mulder and Scully were ready to be moved upstairs to regular rooms Skinner again made sure they were placed together in one room. When they were made comfortable in their room and had several IV's connected to them with fluids and other necessary things, Skinner stayed close and kept an eye on things. When he was sure they would be all right for a while he left their room and took his cell phone in hand. He had two important calls to make. He dialed the first number and waited for the person on the other end to pick up. "Hello, Mrs. Mulder? This is A.D. Skinner." "Good morning, Mr. Skinner, what can I do for you?" Mrs. Mulder's voice sounded cold and hesitant. "Mrs. Mulder, I am calling you to tell you that both Mulder and his partner, Scully had been abducted last night and have sustained several injuries due to torture they had to endure during the night." Skinner felt no guilt for telling her in such a blunt way what her son had endured last night. The only thing he did not want to tell her yet was that her son had been raped. On the other end there was a long silence. "What do you want me to do, Mr. Skinner? Is it necessary for me to come to the hospital?" Skinner felt his blood pressure rise, <what kind of mother was this? Any other mother would rush to her son's bedside upon hearing news that her son had been injured, but not Mulder's mother.> She only asked if it was necessary for her to come over. "I am sorry Mr. Skinner but I can't come right now and I would be of no use anyway." With that last comment she hung up the phone. Skinner took the phone from his ear and looked at it as if it suddenly grew ears.

He took a deep breath and started to dial the next number. He knew this would be an easier task. After it rang three times it was picked up. "Scully residence." "Mrs. Scully, this is A.D. Skinner, I'm calling you with some bad news but also with some good news." He did not know how to put it in a nicer way. "What is it Mr. Skinner?" "Mrs. Scully, last evening Dana and Mulder where on a stake-out concerning a VCU case they were assigned to. They were abducted and injured. He listened carefully for a reaction on the other end of the line. He heard Mrs. Scully gasp. "There is something else I should tell you. He took another deep breath." This one was going to be hard to tell. "Both Mulder and Scully were raped during the abduction." He heard a sob on the other end of the line. Her baby was raped. Skinner wished that he could be with her at this moment and comfort her. "Mrs. Scully could you please come over to the hospital? I think that both Scully and Mulder would appreciate it to see you when they wake up." "Yes of course I'm coming right away. Did you call Mulder's mother?" "Yes I did but she will not come to the hospital to be with her son." When Maggie Scully heard that she felt hurt for Mulder, his own mom would not be at his site during his recovery from this horrific event. But she would make sure that he would be supported. She always thought of him as her own son. She loved him dearly. If his own mother would not come, she would be his mother.

She hurried to her car and made her way to the hospital. When she arrived there, Skinner was already waiting for her to lead her to Mulder and Scully's room. Maggie neared the beds that were placed in close distance from each other, enabling Mulder and Scully to touch each other when they needed it. Maggie placed herself in between the two beds and caressed the face of both Scully and Mulder with her hands. When she saw the bruises and cuts on their faces and arms, quiet tears began to stream down her face. Skinner pulled a chair to where Maggie stood, making her sit in it. He took another chair and pulled that to the other end of Mulder's bed. They both were still sleeping. An hour went by while Skinner and Maggie held vigilance next to Mulder and Scully. Then Mulder began to stir. He began to moan and all of a sudden the moans changed into raging sobs and screams. He began to trash around on the bed. When both Maggie and Skinner tried to calm him and awaken him, they were both shocked when they heard what Mulder was mumbling in his sleep. "Stop hurting Scully, don't hurt her!" than he began to scream on the top of his lungs. "Sorry Scully, I'm so sorry I can't save you!" he began to sob uncontrollably, still not awake and still trapped in the hell they endured last night. Both Maggie and Skinner kept trying to wake him. After a while Mulder's eyes began to flutter and then they opened slightly. His chest still heaving from the sobs. Maggie began to speak to him soothingly while combing his hair with her fingers. "Here now Fox, it's all right. You are save now and Dana, too. Look here, see? Dana is close to you. You are both save" While she kept talking to him in her soft loving voice, Mulder looked her in the eye and when she pointed to Scully he followed her gesture. When he saw her lying there in the bed, her face blue and purple from the beating she received from Jake he felt once more the tears fill his eyes. Scully was still sleeping. Mulder's screaming and thrashing about had not wakened her. "Thirsty!" he could barely whisper this, his throat felt dry. Maggie scooped a spoon of ice chips in his mouth and he gladly accepted them and let them moisten his dry throat and lips. Maggie sat back down next to him still holding his hand. He looked at her and started to apologize. "I'm so sorry Mrs. Scully, I couldn't save Scully. He hurt her, He hurt her bad." He began to sob again. Maggie stood up again and she leaned over to Mulder and gave him a hug. She felt him tense a bit and she remembered Skinner telling her Mulder was badly cut by that man. She loosened her hug but kept holding on to him. Caressing his head and whispering soft words of comfort and love to him. He laid his arm around her waist and held her as tight as his body could stand.

"It's not your fault Fox, I'm sure of that. So stop blaming yourself." She pulled Mulder's head up carefully as not to hurt his face that was now bandaged to support his broken nose. Another Scully woman told him with her eyes how much she loved him. And he could only return that love. Maggie carefully lowered him back on the bed and settled herself back on her chair. Just when she had seated herself, Scully began to come to life. Her eyes fluttered open and the first thing her eyes sought were Mulder. When she saw him next to her she let out a sigh of relief. Then she saw her mother and she could not help but brake down in tears. Maggie hurried to her site and took her in her arms. Gently rocking her daughter and comforting her.

Mulder looked at mother and daughter and could not help but feel sad. He felt sad because Scully's mom was there for her to comfort her. As she was always there for her daughter. He missed the loving tenderness of a mother, a real mother at a time like this. He knew his mother would not come. She never came when he was admitted in a hospital. Tears filled his eyes when he saw the scene in front of him. But then he felt a hand on his arm and he looked up. Skinner was standing next to him and looked at him in understanding. And then something happened that Mulder was sure would go into the history books of the FBI if anyone ever found out. Skinner put his arm around the crying Mulder and pulled him into a careful hug. And Mulder who desperately needed love and comfort leaned into the hug and wrapped his arms around Skinners waist. And Skinner stood there, comforting Mulder with soft and soothing words and all the while tenderly stroking Mulder's head. Maggie and Skinner exchanged understanding looks with each other while they were both holding on to their respective loved one. Because although Skinner would not have admit it before this, He loved Mulder like the son he never had. And it hurt him so much to see him like this.

After both Mulder and Scully had calmed down and settled back in their beds, Skinner began to inform them of the latest news. Jake had been brought in and treated for his gun shot wound, they had immediately begun an HIV test on him. Not long after they had drawn the blood needed to do the HIV test, Jake had gone in cardiac arrest. They had tried to get his heart going but nothing had worked. He was pronounced dead at 11.30 p.m. They where starting to test for HIV right away and they hoped to know more in about two hours. The lab had agreed to give this top priority.

Both Skinner and Maggie stayed with them. They talked a bit, avoiding talking further about the case. An hour went by when the door opened and a young man walked in. He could not be older than 30. He introduced himself as Mike Stanford, the rape psychologist. He shook hands with all and noticed the slight hesitance in the handshake of Agent Mulder. Maggie and Skinner agreed they would go to the cafeteria and grab a bite to eat, they agreed to return in an hour.

Mike Stanford sat himself down on the chair in between the beds of Mulder and Scully. "OK, I know this is not going to be easy for both of you. But you have to tell me what happened last night. It's crucial to your recovery that you talk openly about it with each other and with someone like me. Let me first tell you something about myself so that you will know that I understand your feelings concerning the rape. I was raped myself 10 years ago. It was a gang rape. So you see I have been there and nothing you tell me will be new to me. After the rape it took me a year and a half to get back on my feet. I decided that I wanted to help people who went through the same fears and doubts as me and went back to college and studied psychology." "So now, could you tell me what happened?"

Mulder and Scully looked at each other. They did not want to talk about it. They wanted to forget all of it. But the psychologist in Mulder knew it was important to talk about it. And somehow he felt comfortable with Stanford. He never trusted anybody besides Scully and certainly no psychologist. But with Stanford it was different. He liked the way he had come right out and told them of his rape history. He liked the guy at first sight, although he never liked other psychologists. He did not trust them. Hell he did not trust anybody besides Scully! But this guy seemed different. He felt it.

Mulder sat up straight and reached out his hand to Scully. She took it and holding hands they told Stanford all about last night. Tears began to run and quiet sobs could be heard. Stanford did not move and kept his eyes on both. When they told him about the rape and the cutting and whipping he turned slightly pale but he kept on listening. After they had finished their story Stanford stood up and walked towards them. He lay his hands on their shoulders. "I know this has been hard to tell. But from what I have heard you two have been very strong. And most importantly you two made it out alive. I am certain with the love that exist between you two and the support of your loved ones, you can make it, you can heal!" "I will come by tomorrow again and we can talk about it some more, but only if you want." Stanford turned around and headed for the door.

He opened it just as Skinner and Maggie were arriving back from the cafeteria. As Stanford started to leave, Mulder called him. Stanford turned to face Mulder. "Stanford? Thanks." Mulder almost whispered these words. Stanford smiled at him, raised his hand in rejection. "Don't worry Mulder, wait till you get the bill!" With a wide grin he looked Mulder in the face and Mulder could not help but smile back at him, he raised his hand too. Stanford said his good-byes to Skinner and Maggie and left. Both Mulder and Scully felt exhausted after the talk and tried to get comfortable in bed. Skinner walked over to Mulder and helped him get comfortable. Mulder smiled at him and Skinner smiled back. Maggie and Scully did the same ritual and not soon after they laid back on their pillows, Mulder and Scully dozed off. Facing each other.

Skinner told Maggie he would be in the hall, calling the lab for the results on the HIV tests. Two hours were past and he hoped they would know by now what the outcome would be. Skinner listened to the lab assistant on the other side of the line "Mr. Skinner, we have the results on the HIV test on the perp. We are happy to say that the test came out negative. He is free of the HIV virus." Skinner felt tears fill his eyes and he could do nothing to stop them. He felt a great relief for his agents, his friends. He thanked the lab assistant and than walked back into the room to tell Maggie the good news. Mulder and Scully were still sleeping-- they would hear it when they woke up. They needed all the rest they could get.

Two hours past and they woke up with Maggie and Skinner still by their side. Skinner told them the good news right away. Mulder and Scully both cried with relief, not only because they were HIV negative but also because Jake was dead and they'd never have to see his face again.

The door opened and Dr. Wilson entered the room. "Well, let's see your charts. Maybe we can get rid of those IV's. What do you think?" He took a look at their charts and he was satisfied enough to order the nurse to remove the IV's. They both felt relieved to be able to move freely again.

Day turned into evening and Mulder and Scully were finally able to persuade Maggie and Skinner to go home and take the much-needed rest. Maggie lowered herself over Scully and tenderly kissed her on the forehead "See you tomorrow sweetie." "Bye mom, see you tomorrow, I love you." "I love you too dear." Than she turned to Mulder and she also kissed him tenderly on his forehead and she caressed his cheek with her hand. "I will see you too tomorrow Fox, I love you too, you know that don't you?" Mulder looked at her, his eyes swimming with new tears. "I love you too, mo..Mrs. Scully. "You call me mom, Fox. I love you like you are one of my own, so you call me mom." With that she pulled him in a careful hug and Mulder could no longer hold his tears. When he calmed down a bit Maggie pulled up his chin so he had to face her. With her fingers he wiped away his tears. "See you tomorrow, you get a good night's sleep." Skinner said his good-byes, too and they left together after Maggie had accepted Skinner's offer to join him for dinner.

Scully and Mulder ate their hospital dinners, and tried to make themselves comfortable for the night. When they were ready to turn out the lights, they looked at each other, slightly smiling, and then they reached out their hands to each other at the same time. Mulder chuckled. So much had changed in such a short time. He felt closer to her than he ever had before and he knew that she felt the same. But something in their relationship still made Mulder uncomfortable. He knew they loved each other, they had expressed their feelings for each other. They had told so much when they were forced to make love with each other by Jake. But this feeling of closeness had an underground of fear and terror. Mulder could see it in the way her eyes were always darting around the room-- Like she was constantly checking if everything was safe. And he had to admit that he felt scared himself. He only felt safe with her close to him. But when would that change? When would they be able to love each other without feeling that ever-present fear of separation?

"Good night Scully. I love you" the last words he almost whispered because it still felt strange to say it out loud to her. He had become accustomed to hiding his feelings for her. "Good night Mulder, I love you too." She said it without hesitation. She had already turned out her light

Mulder turned out his light and the room was drowned in darkness. They both lay still in their beds. He could hear Scully's breathing. It was kind of relaxing listening to her breath. It did not take long for him to drift of to sleep.

It only felt like he had been sleeping ten minutes when he woke up with a startled feeling. Something was not right. Then he heard it. A soft moaning. Then the moaning turned into sobs. It was Scully. He carefully climbed out of bed and approached her bed. She was still asleep but she was crying in her sleep. Her face was wet with tears and she was covered in sweat. He touched her gently and softly called her name. She pulled away from him and started to mumble incoherently. He could make out that she was reliving their hell night. He decided to be more forceful. He knew he had to wake her up from this nightmare soon. "Scully, wake up. It's just a dream, wake up!" he shook her shoulders. After a couple of more shakes and calls she slowly returned to reality. Her eyes still a bit unfocused she looked up at him.

Mulder tenderly stroked her hair out of her face, and spoke gently to her, trying to alleviate her fear. After a couple minutes she got her barings back. "Mulder, I am scared, what if it's not a dream-- what if he comes back?' Mulder pulled her into his arms and kissed her on her forehead. "He's dead Scully. He's not coming back. It was just a dream. We're safe now." Without letting her out of his embrace he scooted onto the bed and she moved a little to give him more space. With her still in his arms he lay down and she pulled the covers over them both. She cuddled close to him with her head on his shoulder and her arm around his waist. So they lay, reveling in each other's warmth and comfort. And that's how the nursing staff found them the next morning. They both felt a bit embarrassed at being caught like this, but the nurses were very understanding. Soon both Mulder and Scully were put at ease, knowing that the nurses understood why they needed to be so close.

When the doctor arrived attending to his rounds he asked Mulder kindly if he would like the beds to be moved closer so they could comfort each other when needed and be more comfortable doing so. "I know it's not hospital procedure but after what you two have been through I thoroughly understand that you need to be close. The doctor chuckled. "As long as you do nothing more than comforting, if you get my drift." They both smiled at him and thanked him. Not long after the doctor left, some nurses came in and moved the beds next to each other. Changing them into a double bed.

The doctor told them that they probably only needed to stay one more day. The stitches where healing well including the one in Mulder's anus. As long as they got enough rest and had some one to take care of them, they had his blessing to recover at home. Doctor Wilson had a feeling that both Mulder and Scully would be better of in familiar surroundings, and that they would feel safer there. He had noticed the look in Scully's eyes, darting around. Avoiding his eyes. He made a mental note to inform the psychologist, Mike Stanford. He would make sure Dr. Stanford would be there to help them during their recovery at home. He also had to speak to Mrs. Scully and Mr. Skinner about who would be there with them at home. He was sure that they needed someone to take care of them the first days or even weeks.

Maggie and Skinner walked into the room and froze when they saw Mulder and Scully lying close to each other in the double bed. They had dozed off. Maggie felt her eyes fill up with tears when she saw the couple lying so tenderly in each other's arms. She looked at Skinner and saw that he too was looking at the agents softly. Skinner and Maggie had planned to sit quietly in the plastic visitor chairs until Mulder and Scully woke up, but instead a nurse came into the room and informed them that Dr. Wilson would like to see them.

Maggie and Skinner walked to the doctor's office ant took their places in the chairs that the doctor gestured toward. "I told Ms. Scully and Mr. Mulder that they could go home tomorrow, providing they could stay at a place where they would be taking care of. They still need some help since they are still pretty sore and Mr. Mulder still has a lot of stitches that keep him from moving easily. And of course, there are the psychological implications. I noticed that they are still very afraid to be separated. Ms. Scully is still very restless. I have taken the liberty to talk to Dr. Stanford, the psychologist, about that and he has agreed to help them during their recovery at home. They still need a lot of help to overcome their fears. My question to you Mrs. Scully is, can they stay with you the first weeks? I know it is a lot to ask from you but they need a surrounding that feels safe to them and they have to be able to be together. "Of course they can stay with me, that was my plan from the beginning. I am their mother aren't I? The doctor looked suprised She just said she was *their* mother. He felt that Mulder and Scully were very lucky people to know such a kind and generous woman. To be part of her family. Skinner told him that Mulder only had his mother and that they weren't close. Skinner even did not hesitate to tell Dr. Wilson that his mother had refused to visit her son when he was admitted. After Dr. Wilson heard that he could understand why Mrs. Scully had said that Mulder was her child too. She had adopted him in her family and Dr. Wilson felt great warmth for this woman-- a true mother! After they had finished discussing the details of the hospital discharge, Maggie and Skinner returned to Mulder's and Scully's room. By this time they were awake.

Maggie hugged Scully and then Mulder and kissed them gently. "I have good news for you both!" Scully looked at her mother "What mom?" "Dr. Wilson just told us that you are getting discharched tomorrow. And what more you are going home with me." Mulder and Scully looked at each other. Mulder did not quite understand what Maggie was implying. Would she take Scully away from him? He didn't know if he could stand to go home to his apartment alone. He felt the panic that was becoming familiar to him wash over him. He felt his breath caught in his chest and bile was rising in the back of his "Mulder, what's wrong. Mulder!" she almost yelled. "Mulder breathe, come on take a deep breath." Skinner jumped out of his chair and moved closer to Mulder. He stroked Mulder's head gently trying to comfort him. He spoke softly into Mulder's ear. Soothing him. If someone would have walked in at that moment, they would have assumed that it was a father taking care of his son.

Then it dawned on here. "Mulder what is wrong? Are you afraid I'm going to leave you?" He was still too short of breath to speak--he could only nod in confirmation. Maggie was quick to explain. "But Mulder, I meant that both of you are coming home with me. You two still need to be taking care of and I am your mom so I will do that." Than Maggie moved close to Mulder and pulled him into her embrace. "Don't be silly, I would never let you go home alone after all this. I am going to take care of you till you are both feeling safe again. I love you!" Mulder moved his head higher and kissed Maggie wordless on her cheek. "I love you, mom. Thank you for everything." He whispered in her ear.

After a restful night, spent once again in each other's arms, Mulder and Scully awoke knowing that they would go home that day. After breakfast, Dr. Wilson came to check them for the last time. He checked Mulder's stitches and told him it looked really good. "I want to see you back in 2 weeks. I think we can remove most of the stitches than. Be careful how you move though-- I don't want you to tear them. He smiled at Mulder. "Oh, I got the results from your HIV test this morning. Both came out negative. But you know that you will have to be re-tested in six month to be sure. I know that your kidnapper came out negative, and that's a very good thing, but I just want to be sure. okay?"

Mulder and Scully looked at each other. They had hoped that it would be certain that they would not have contracted HIV. But now the doctor was telling them the virus was still a possibility. Dr. Wilson saw their worried looks. "Don't be concerned, if the kidnapper was negative you can be almost sure that he did not have the virus. I just want to be on the safe side and test you again in six month. Or better yet, let's make it in 4 months. If you've contracted the HIV virus it can take up to three months for your body to make anti bodies to the virus, that's the way we can tell if you have HIV. So lets try and re-test again in 4 months. That way you don't have to be anxious so long."

After Dr. Wilson had left, Scully helped Mulder get dressed into a loose fitting sweatpants and sweatshirt. He still could not have tight cloths on his skin. After Mulder got dressed, Scully managed to dress herself, although she was still stiff and sore. They had agreed with Maggie and Skinner that they would be picked up at 11.00 a.m. Skinner and Maggie arrived on time and after packing the last things they went on their way home.

Maggie had already made a guestroom ready for them to stay in. Under normal circumstances, Maggie's strict moral values would have made her object to Scully and Mulder sharing a room, but these were not normal circumstances and she understood their need to be together as much as possible. She picked out the largest room, the one that used to be Billy's room. It had a double bed in it that Maggie had bought some years ago because she wanted to be able to put up her sons and their wives when they come to visit.

Skinner brought their bags upstairs to the room and Maggie insured that Scully and Mulder were seated comfortable on the couch. "Would you like something to drink, kids?" Mulder looked up at her. He felt exhausted. Walking was still difficult and painful with all the stitches. And his bottom still hurt. "I would love something to drink, mom." "Ok Fox, I'll get you an ice tea, is that all right? Mulder knodded yes. Scully told her mom an ice tea would do for her too. Maggie brought them their drinks and after they finished them she insisted that they would go upstairs to rest. She had noticed how pale Mulder looked. Skinner had joined them for an ice tea and now stood up to help Mulder. "Come on son, I'll bring you upstairs." He grabbed Mulder's elbow to support him. Mulder swayed a bit when he stood up. Skinner took a firm his grip on Mulder. They slowly walked to the stairs. Mulder looked up the stairs while Scully moved next to him to support him on the other side. "What's up Mulder?" She had noticed that Mulder had looked a bit uncertain when stared up the stairs. "I don't think I can make it up Scully. It hurts." Skinner smiled at him. "It's Ok Mulder, we take it one step at a time and both Scully and I are holding you. We have all the time." And so Skinner and Scully led Mulder up the stairs one step at a time. Halfway they took a little break to let Mulder catch his breath.

When they finally got to their room Mulder let him self almost fall on the bed. "Come on Mulder you need to get some cloths off." Scully began to pull his shoes off. "Are you coming on to me Scully? I'm sorry if you are, but right now I can't even lift a finger." Scully hit him playful on his ankle while she continued to pull his socks off and than his sweats. Skinner coughed uneasy "I better leave you two to it. I have to get back at the office. I'll see you tonight. Maggie invited me to join you all for dinner." Scully turned to him, a smile on her face. "Thank you sir for all you have done for us. We will see you tonight than." She lay her hand shortly on his arm. "You know what, under these circumstances you better call me Walter. We can't have you calling me Sir all the time outside the office." "Ok Si..Walter, we will try but it will take some getting used too." Scully chuckled a bit saying that. "I know Scully, I know!" Skinner turned to Mulder to say his good-byes but Mulder was already far away, slightly snoring. Scully and Skinner exchanged a smile and Skinner left them to rest.

They settled into the routine of living at Maggie's house very soon. They enjoyed sleeping together in the big bed, but never made any attempt to do anymore than hold each other close. They both suffered from nightmares but they began to fade after the first week. But they still felt a tremendous fear when ever they were away from each other. Maggie tried to get them over that by taking Scully with her one afternoon for a shopping spree. They had talked about it with Stanford the psychologist and they knew they had to overcome this fear. So Mulder agreed with Maggie to let Scully go with her for an afternoon of shopping. Skinner had agreed to keep Mulder company while they were out. He had taken the day of from the office. He knew Mulder could use the company.

And was he right! Not long after Scully had left, Mulder began to pace around the living room. Skinner sat on the couch following his every move. "Come on Mulder, calm down. Nothing is going to happen to Scully. Maggie is with her." Skinner got up and grabbed Mulder by his arm and led him to the couch. "Come on, let's watch this movie I rented. I rented some old science fiction movie, the kind you like." Skinner sat down next to him and when Mulder took an attempt to stand up again, Skinner forced him to stay put. "Ok Mulder, if you don't want to watch the movie, than let's talk. Please tell me why you are so restless. Why do you feel this fear whenever you are separated from Scully? I know I'm not a psychologist but it may help talking about it. Or do you rather have that I call Stanford?"

Mulder let himself fall back on the couch. He took a deep breath and combed his hand trough his hair. He looked at Skinner with a panicked look in his eyes. "I don't know why I feel this way. I can't explain it. It's just that I feel lost without her, I'm afraid something will happen to her when I'm not around. I know it's silly because look what happened to her when I was around. She got raped and beaten by that bastard Jake." By the end of his sentence his voice began to quiver. Tears appeared in his eyes. Skinner lay his arm around Mulder's shoulder and pulled him close. Mulder needing the support leaned into his embrace. "Walter, I don't want to feel like this anymore. I mean, I love Scully! More than life itself and I want to be with her the rest of my life. But not in this way when it's directed by this overwhelming fear of losing her." With that he broke down in tears. Skinner pulled him in a tender embrace and began to talk soothingly to him. "It's all right Mulder, it will all turn out all right. It just needs time. You both have been hurt bad, and I mean not only psychical but also psychological. It needs time to heal. And we will be there for you both to help with that." After a short while Mulder began to calm down. "What do you think about me calling Stanford to see if he can come over. It might help talking to him while Scully is away. Who knows what will happen."

Mulder agreed to Skinner's proposition. Skinner phoned Stanford. The secretary answered the call. "Good morning, Dr. Stanford's office." "Good morning, this is Assistant Director Skinner speaking. I would like to speak to Dr. Stanford. It concerns a patient of him, Mr. Mulder." "One moment Sir I'll put you through." "Dr. Stanford speaking." "Hello Dr. Stanford, this is AD Skinner speaking, it concerns Mulder." "Yes Mr. Skinner, I remember you from the hospital. What can I help you with?" "Well, I'm at Mrs. Scully's house right now, Alone with Mulder. We talked about Maggie taking Scully for a shopping day? Well today is the day, but Mulder is panicking a bit. I managed to calm him down but he needs some one to talk about his fears. He has talked to me but he would also like to talk to you about it. Could you manage to come by to talk to him?" "Ok Mr. Skinner, I will come over right now. Let me re-arrange my agenda and I will be there in about 45 minutes. Can you manage till than?" "Thanks Doc, we will wait for you. I'll tell him." Skinner placed the phone back on its socked and told Mulder that Stanford would arrive in 45 minutes. He sat back next to Mulder and pulled him back in his embrace. Mulder leaned against Skinner and feeling tired from crying he slowly dozed off. Skinner felt him relax in his arms and he leaned slightly forward so he would be able to look at his friend's face. He saw Mulder's face relaxed in his sleep. No longer hurt or fear apparent on it. He almost looked like a little boy. Skinner could not help but smile when he noticed that Mulder began to drool on his shoulder.

In the mean time, Maggie and Scully where shopping in the nearby mall. Maggie held on close to Scully as she sensed that Scully was restless and fearful. Scully had been very reluctant at the suggestion to go shopping with her mom while Mulder stayed home. She hadn't been separated from Mulder ever since they came home from the hospital. Scully knew it was wrong to give into this fear, but she could not help it. While she was walking around with her mom she felt scared. It was like she saw Jake everywhere around her. A man brushed past her when they entered a store, she let out a little scream. Maggie immediately understood what was going through Scully's mind and lay her arm around her. "It's all right sweetie, look it is just a stranger. Look at him." Maggie forced Scully to look at the man while he walked away. "Come on dear, you have to get through this, you can't stay by Mulder's side forever. And Jake is dead, he can't harm you anymore!" "I know mom, I know he is dead. But I can still feel his touch and hear his laugh. Whenever I see a man it's almost as if he is mocking me. I want to go back to Mulder mom!" She began to cry softly. Maggie pulled her to a nearby bench and placed Scully on it and sat beside her pulling her in an embrace. "Sweetie, we are going to help you and Mulder getting better. Now just breathe deep and look around you. No Jake, he is dead. Now lets have some fun."

Scully smiled at her mom through her tears and began to calm down. Her mom always managed to cheer her up. She looked around her and for the first time she did not hear Jake's voice. She just saw women and men and children pass by their bench. She felt a little hope rise in her heart. <We are going to beat this, Mulder and me!> she thought by herself. Maggie stood up and reached out her hand, Scully grabbed it and allowed Maggie to pull her up to her feet. Arm in arm they continued their shopping spree. Scully still feeling a bit scared but now with hope in her heart she would overcome this fear.

At the Scully house Mulder was still sleeping. Skinner had lowered him carefully on the couch, so he was lying stretched on his side. When the doorbell rang, Skinner went to open the door. It was Stanford. Skinner let him to the living room where Mulder was still sleeping. He had not even heard the doorbell. Skinner told Stanford quickly what happened and what Mulder had told him and than proceeded to wake Mulder. "Mulder, wake up. Doc Stanford is here!" Skinner gently shook his shoulder. Mulder woke up slowly still a bit dazed from the prior crying spell. When he noticed Stanford he sat up carefully not to stretch his cuts. Stanford looked at him smiling. "Hi Mulder, I hear you had a little panic attack. Can you tell me why?"

Mulder looked at Stanford with a sad expression on his face. "Yeah, Scully is out shopping with mom, it's the first time we are away from each other since that night. I guess I panicked because I get scared when she's away. I can't explain why, I mean, it's not as if nothing can happen with her when I am with her. I was with her when she got raped and beaten. But I feel safe when she's with me." "Stanford, when is that fear going away? I'm so tired of feeling scared, I want to be with Scully because I love her but now we just stick together because we both feel safe with each other. I can't live like that!"

Mulder was almost shouting and he began to cry. He lowered his head and lay his arms over it. He looked like a little scared boy that wanted to hide. Skinner sat down next to him, until now he had stayed out of the conversation but he felt that he should be there to comfort Mulder. He lay his arm around Mulder's shaking shoulders. "It's all right Mulder, it will be all right." Skinner looked at Stanford and Stanford knodded at him with an understanding smile. "I know Mulder that you two still have a lot of fear inside of you. But it's important to understand that what you two are doing now. Let yourselves be separated, it's an important step to recovery. You are learning to trust each other's ability to live your own lives again. I know it's scary at first to let go of each other. But you have jumped the first hurdle and the next will be easier, I promise. What I want you and Scully to do in the next few weeks is choose a day, any day and on that day one of you is going to go out. Shopping or something else. We start easy. First for an hour. And every week we are going to let the separation last longer. We are going to take it one step at a time. Today is a brand new start in your lives. It's going to take some time before you both feel comfortable with it again. But with a little help from me and from your friends you will beat the fear. For now we are going to make an appointment for you both to see me next week. You both have to come separate. I'll arrange it with my secretary, she will call you to make an appointment." Stanford stood up and kneeled in front of Mulder so that they were eye level. Mulder looked up at him, tears still in his eyes but feeling calmer. Stanford lay his hand on Mulder's shoulder and gave him a big smile. "We are going to beat this!" Mulder smiled at Stanford with a little hope in his eyes and he whispered with a choking voice, "thank you, thank you for being there when I needed you." "Hey it's OK Mulder, I'll always be there when you need me, whenever you feel the need to talk, just call and we'll talk. But now I'm going--I have some other patients to check on. But feel free to call when you want to talk and I'll see you next week." with a grin he stood up and shook Mulder's hand. Skinner showed him to the door, thanking him for coming so quickly. Stanford waved his thanks away with a smile.

After he had said his good-byes to Stanford, Skinner went back to the living room. "Hey Mulder, feel up to watching the movie now?" Mulder was lying on his side again stretched out over the couch. "Yeah I would like to watch it with you." He smiled shyly at Skinner. Skinner lowered himself next to Mulder on the couch, lifting Mulder's head slightly so that his head would rest on his lap. Than he grabbed the VCR control and started the movie. He knew for sure that Mulder would not even see the first half of the movie, he would be fast asleep by then. And Skinner was right. Not 30 minutes later Mulder was fast asleep with his head on Skinner's lap, slightly snoring. Skinner could not help but lay his hand on Mulder's head and stroke it gently. He began to love this man more and more. The son he never had.

When Maggie and Scully arrived home, Mulder was still sleeping. Maggie could not help but smile when she saw Mulder lying on his side on the couch, his head on Skinner's lap. Skinner stood up carefully, laying Mulder's head on the couch very careful as not to wake him. He gestured to both Maggie and Scully to join him in the kitchen. While he made them a cup of tea he told them what had happened while they were out. Scully couldn't help the tears starting to flow when she heard how scared Mulder had been while she was away. Maggie lay her arm around Scully's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. "I think it's a great idea of Dr. Stanford to choose a day that you two are going to be separated. Don't you think Dana?" Maggie looked at her. "I know mom that it's the best thing to do. But I can't help but feeling scared. When it's my turn, you are going with me aren't you?" Scully looked at her mother begging. "Ok sweetie, but when the time is getting longer and we are progressing in the separation, you also have to learn to be alone. But in the beginning I'll go with you, and I'm sure Walter will be with Mulder, won't you Walter?" Skinner smiled at both "You bet ya, I will be there for Mulder when you two are going out. And I will be there for him when it's his turn to go out on his own."

And so it went on the first two weeks. The week after Stanford visited Mulder at home on the day Scully was away from him for the first time, then it was Mulder's turn. Skinner had arranged to leave the office for a couple of hours. They had agreed that he would take Mulder out for an hour. After that they would gradually build their outings up to more time. Since it was important that Mulder would be among other people again and feel self-confident again he decided to go for a walk with Mulder. Just walk among people. And what best place to meet a lot of people than a mall. So they ended up in the same mall that Scully and Maggie had visited.

Mulder stayed close to Skinner. Skinner noticed that Mulder's eyes darted around, and he felt Mulder's hand on his arm. But as they kept walking Mulder began to relax more. When they ended up at a bookstore, Mulder dragged Skinner to the Sci fi department. Skinner could not resist a big grin appearing on his face when he saw the boyish excitement of Mulder when he began to browse through the strange phenomenon section. The hour past and Mulder and Skinner were still in the mall. They had decided to sit down on a terrace in front of a restaurant. Skinner ordered drinks for them both and while they waited for the drinks to arrive he called Maggie to tell her everything was ok and they would be a little later. Maggie told him that Scully was doing fine too. She was a bit nervous but not really scared. It seemed that the idea would work out just fine.

The first weeks past and both Mulder and Scully felt more confident to be away from each other. The time they spend away from each other was extended and after a while Maggie and Skinner stayed home while Mulder or Scully would go out by them selves. They visited Stanford every week, talking about how they felt during their separation. It looked like they were finally picking up the pieces of their lives. Although they still were on sick leave. Skinner did not want to rush anything. At last the stitches were removed from Mulder's body. And the black and blue marks were almost gone from their faces and bodies. Mulder's nose had healed well.

Although they could be separated from each other now, they still slept together in one bed. Maggie had made no objection. She knew how much they loved each other. But still they only held each other during the night. They still felt a bit afraid to take the next step. The first time they made love it was forced up on them by Jake, there had been no tenderness. Although Mulder had tried, but only had been whipped by Jake when he tried to caress Scully. And now they where like two teenagers, discovering everything and not daring to take the big step. Oh yes, when they lay in bed at night there were shy caresses and tender kisses. Soft whispers of love but when they wanted more, they both froze in their tracks. The memory of Jake whipping them was too fresh in their minds. And so they were content with stroking and kissing, they knew in time they would consume their love and this time it would be really making love.

After a while Skinner felt confident enough about the recovery of his agents and friends to let them return to work. At first Mulder and Scully felt awkward to be back in their basement office but they soon fell back in their routine. Skinner made sure they only took cases close to home. He did not feel to confidant yet to let them stay in some town alone and spend the night in a motel. And in a way both Mulder and Scully where glad Skinner was looking out for them. He had proven to be a very good and caring friend indeed.

It was one of those days they spent in their office going over the necessary paperwork that accompanied the finishing of a case that Mulder looked at Scully, she was totally focussed on the papers in front of her. Mulder had been thinking a lot about their relationship the past couple of weeks. He felt they needed to take the next step in their relationship. They were still staying at Mrs. Scully's house and he felt it was time to talk to Scully about that. He felt that he was overstaying his welcome although Maggie never said anything negative to him about him still staying at her house with Scully. She was as ever the loving mom he never had. Spoiling him with nice food and tender love only a mom could give. It was heaven.

But they had really improved in their recovery, they now could be apart from each other without feeling scared to death. On the advice of Stanford their psychologist, Mulder had even spend a night at his apartment once a week for the last 3 weeks. The first night he missed Scully and he had spent the night with all the lights on. Skinner had offered him to come over for the night, to stay with him but Mulder felt that he had to do this alone to overcome his fear. So he had stayed over alone. Watching one of his tapes to keep his mind of his fear. It didn't do much to him to see those steaming sex scenes on his TV screen. In the past he used to take matters into his own hands so to speak, often fantasizing it was Scully's hand or mouth moving over him, urging him to ecstasy. But while he watched the scenes on his screen he only wished he was with her. Lying in her arms and this time being able to make love to her. To make her moan and shiver from ecstasy, that he gave her. He had cried silent tears that night. But the next time he stayed at his apartment it went much better. He was even being able to sleep a couple of hours although he still missed her in his arms when he lay on his couch.

So he had made a decision about how they should continue their lives. He had to talk to Scully about it and he only hoped she would feel the same as he and she would agree to what he had to say. He stood up from behind his desk and walked towards her. She did not hear him approach and only looked up when he lay his hand on her shoulder. Mulder smiled at her "Scully there is something I want to talk to you about" Scully looked up at him, suddenly feeling worried. He sounded a bit strange. "What's the matter Mulder, anything wrong?" "No, we just need to talk about something." With that he pulled a chair near to where she sat. "Scully how would you feel to move on our own?" he looked at her with a worried look on his face. "I don't mean that your mom isn't taking good care of me, but I'm feeling like we are becoming a burden to her. And I think it's time we get our own lives back again, what do you think?" Scully lets out a sigh of relieve. She thought he would tell her something terrible. He looked so worried. She took his hands in hers and started to caress them. He looked up at her. "Mulder you got me worried there for a second. I thought you would tell me something terrible. I think that would be a great idea, to be honest I began to feel a bit uncomfortable too. I know mom loves to take care of us and spoil her adopted son rotten." Scully squeezed his hands and smiled at him. Mulder grinned back. "But I also know mom would love to get her house back to herself. And I think it's time to get out on our own. So I guess we should start looking for an apartment. Yours is much too small and mine is not suitable for two persons either. And I think it would be great to start our life together a new." Mulder felt relieved that she felt the same about this, now he had to take the really big step. He had thought about it all last night but he felt it was the right thing to do. He looked Scully in the eye with all the love he felt for her. He squeezed her hand gently. "There is something else I'd like to ask you." Scully looked at him quizzically. "What Mulder?" "Would you please marry me?" Scully felt her breath catch in her chest and tears suddenly appeared in her eyes. In front of her she saw the man she loved and he looked at her with so much love in his eyes that she could not feel anything else than the happiest woman in the world. "Yes Mulder, I will." She softly whispered to him.

Scully leaned over to him and softly kissed him on his lips. Mulder placed his hand behind her neck and pulled her closer caressing the soft hair in her neck. Their kiss deepened. Her mouth opened under his, allowing him to explore the soft interior of her mouth. She softly moaned against his lips and he pulled her on his lap. He embraced her close, still moving his lips on hers and devouring her with his tongue.

She shifted on his lap, placing her legs on each side of his. Now facing him, she felt his erection against her crotch. "Hmmm--you feel so good Mulder." She moaned against his mouth. She started to thrust her hips forward. Moving her crotch over his erection. He began to thrust in counter part. He moved his hand to her blouse and began to open it. He moved his hand over her bra and pulled it down so her breast was revealed to him. Still moving their hips against each other Mulder began to suck her nipple, licking and nibbling on it. She began to whimper at the feel of his lips and tongue on her nipple. She moved her hand down between them and began to loosen his belt. Then she lowered his zipper and her hand moved inside his boxers. She took a hold of his erection and he almost lost it right there. All of a sudden he became aware of their surroundings. <Shit we can't do it here. What if some one comes in. How much I would want to make love to her right now. This isn't right.> He moved his hand to her hand, still holding his erection, he slowly pulled her hand away. She looked at him puzzled and a bit hurt.

He kissed her tender on her lips. "Don't feel hurt Scully, I would give the world to make love to you right now. But this isn't the place and the time. We will have all the time once we live on our own. We just have to hurry with finding our own place." He grinned at her with that endearing lopsided grin while he helped her to straighten her bra and button her blouse. She smiled at him while she got up and moved to her own chair. He hurried to zip up his pants and fasten his belt. "I love you Fox Mulder" Scully said to him with a loving voice. He looked up at her and his face looked never so happy as right at that moment. "I love you too, Dana Katherine Scully, with all my heart!" He stood up and moved to his desk to finish the paperwork. They had entered a new stage in their relationship and it felt good, very good.

It had been a long day, after he had moved back to his desk to finish the paperwork he had trouble concentrating. He kept feeling the pulsating sensation in his penis, a reminder of her soft hand on him. He kept looking at her beautiful red head bowed over her papers. He had noticed that she could not concentrate either. Whenever she thought he did not notice she looked at him with a longing expression on her face. He had to suppress a smile when he saw it. They really had to hurry with finding their own place. He did not want their first time to be in a motel or hotel. And they could not do it at Maggie's house and his apartment was out of the question too, he had ended the lease on his apartment since he was staying at Maggie's now, all his stuff was stored away. Boy this was going to turn out a long and difficult couple of weeks for them both. They arrived home, feeling excited like children who discovered something extraordinary. Maggie noticed the change in them. It was hard not to notice since Mulder and Scully could not stop smiling and touching each other, it were just small gestures but she saw them never the less.

Mulder and Scully placed them selves at the kitchen table while Maggie poured them a cup of coffee. Scully decided that this was a good a time as ever to tell Maggie their intentions. "Mom, sit down we have something to tell you." Maggie looked at her and sat down facing Scully and Mulder. "What's the matter Dana, nothing's wrong is it?" "No mom, at the contrary. We have some good news for you." Scully grabbed Mulder's hand and smiled a radiant smile towards Maggie. "Mulder has asked me to marry him." Maggie could no longer hold her excitement and stood up and hugged her daughter while tears were running down her face. "Oh my god Dana, I'm so happy!" Than she hugged Mulder "It was about time you two got to your senses." Mulder looked at her quizzically, "What do you mean mom?" Maggie caressed his cheek, "I have seen how much you loved each other for years but never had the guts to tell each other. I am glad you finally did. I only wished it had been under more happy circumstances." When she said that, again tears flooded her eyes but this time from the memory of the torture and rape they had to endure during their kidnapping by the serial killer, just a couple of months ago. And Scully had finally told her that she and Mulder were forced to make love to each other. Scully had cried when she told her mother about it. Not because she hated the thought of making love to Mulder, she had longed for that during all those years they worked with each other. No she mourned the way it came about. Forced by Jake. And she knew Mulder felt guilty about it, while he couldn't have done a thing to prevent it. She tried to tell him that over and over when they lay in bed at night and he would wake up from his nightmares. The three of them continued to talk over their cups of coffee and already planning the wedding procedings.

The following weeks they both lived their lives with their head in the clouds. Maggie had agreed that she would make the arrangements for the wedding, Mulder and Scully wanted to marry as quickly as possible. They both started looking for their own place the next day. It was harder than they thought. It had to be close to work, to save travel time. Days turned into weeks and they still had not found anything. Maggie in the mean time was busy like a mother hen arranging the reception after the wedding. It would be held at her house. Scully called her brothers to tell them the good news. As expected Billy wasn't to happy that his little sister decided to marry Mulder, the man he held responsible for all the bad things that had happened to his family. Although he had felt some compassion for him when he was told about the ordeal they both had to endure. But he was certain he would never become a close friend of Mulder. Charlie on the other hand was nothing but happy for his sister and Mulder. He promised to try and be there for the wedding if he could arrange shore leave. Mulder and Scully began to feel rather frustrated after two weeks and they still had not found a place for their own. It began to become harder to lie in the same bed in each other's arms without being able to make love. They felt both that they could take that step now, they wanted to take that step desperately but they did not want to do it under Maggie's roof.

Four weeks after they had told Maggie the good news, the big day had arrived. In honor of the tradition, Mulder had been staying at Skinner's place the last week. Maggie had asked him to sleep separate from Scully the last week so she could marry out of her birth house. Mulder did not have the heart to reject such a request from that other Scully woman he loved so much. It had been a very lonely week, he missed Scully in his arms at night. The last weeks had been nerve wrecking for the both of them. Mulder had asked Skinner to be his best man. Skinner was very honored that Mulder wanted him to do that. Skinner had been helping him all week getting ready for the big day, trying to calm him down and helping him to choose a suit for the occasion. He did not see Scully much all week. She was busy at home preparing for the big day. Maggie kept her busy with fitting her wedding dress and choosing the bridal bouquet.

The day before the wedding at the Scully residence, Maggie was running around like a chook that lost its head. Running from room to room busy giving orders to the catering people that were setting up the tables and other equipment they needed for the reception that would be held in Maggie's house. Scully in the mean time was upstairs, fitting once again the dress she would wear for final alterations. While the seamstress was busy putting pins in the dress Scully was standing silently, dreaming away about the future she and Mulder would have. All of a sudden she felt light in her head. She closed her eyes in the hope it would go away. Than a wave of nausea hit her. She pushed the seamstress aside and ran into the bathroom. Trying not to throw up over her beautiful wedding dress she grabbed a towel and held it in front of her while she kneeled in front of the toilet, loosing the lunch she just ate an hour ago. When she could finally raise her head she stood up on shaking legs and cleaned herself up. She began to feel a bit worried. She had been getting this light feeling in her head a couple of days now and the nausea was an almost daily routine these days. She blamed it on wedding day nerves. But in the back of her mind she was worrying about another possibility. She had not told her mother or Mulder this. She did not want to worry them before the big day. She would wait until this was all over and if she still suffered from the same symptoms after all this she would go to the doctor to have it checked out.

Skinner had asked Mulder if he wanted to have a stud night. One last night amongst the boys, with everything that came with it. Mulder had thanked him but he did not feel like getting totally wasted and watching some big-breasted stripper dance in front of him. The only one he wanted to see stripping for him was miles away from him, at her mother's house. Skinner understood how Mulder felt and did not press him to uphold the tradition. In stead they agreed they would just spend the night eating dinner at a nice restaurant and then return to Skinner's apartment. Mulder wanted their wedding day to be perfect so he turned in early. Nothing was going to spoil this day for him and Scully so he had to be sure he was rested and fit, and not only for the wedding day. He figured that it would be a week full of exercise of his favorite kind. Only the thought of it caused him a hard-on and he felt a shiver of excitement run down his spine.

By the time the day had arrived Mulder felt like screaming. He prayed that this day would be over soon. He knew it would be the most important day in his and Scully's life but he wanted to hold her so desperately in his arms and make love to her. He prayed that the evening would arrive soon and they could retreat to their wedding suite in the best Hotel of D.C. that Skinner and Maggie had rented them. They had told them they would spend their honeymoon there for a week. They still did not find a place of their own and now despite his wish not to let their first time to be in a hotel or motel, they ended up in a hotel. But he was at peace with this arrangement because it was not just any cheap hotel they were going to stay in. Skinner had told him it was the best hotel in D.C. And that a lot of important guests had stayed there. Skinner had even told him that the wedding suite was a heaven on earth with a lot of "nice" things in it. Skinner had grinned and winked at him when he told this.

And so here he was standing in front of the minister with Skinner standing by his side. Waiting for his soon to be wife to walk down the isle. When the wedding march music started he turned around and the breath caught in his chest when he saw an angel in white walk towards him, led by her big brother Bill. Since her father had passed away, it was her big brother Bill that would give Scully away. She looked so beautiful in the classic white dress with veil. He felt tears sting in his eyes when she stood next to him. She looked up to him through her veil and he saw she was also fighting the tears but with little luck as he saw one rolling down her cheek. They turned to the minister as he began to speak the traditional wedding ceremony. Than the minister asked Mulder, "Fox William Mulder, do you take Dana Katherine Scully as your lawfully married wife, promise to protect her, to care for her in sickness and in health. To love her, as long as you shall live? What is your answer?" Mulder held the ring and placed it around Scully's finger, he looked her in the eyes and with a voice strained by the overwhelming emotion of love, he said, "Yes-- I do!" Than it was Scully's turn and she also stated with a voice filled with tears of happiness, "Yes-- I do!" The minister told Mulder that he could kiss the bride. Mulder did not let any time go to waste and carefully removed the veil and then tenderly lowered his head to his wife's and when their lips touched they both forgot about the world around them. When it looked like they where going to stand there forever kissing Skinner softly touched his shoulder, coughing discretely. When Mulder and Scully's feet touched earth again and they looked up, they where met with a lot of amused faces. They both smiled sheepishly to the guests.

Mulder and Scully moved to the garden where a big tent was set up for the reception. They took the congratulations from the guests and danced the evening away. At 8.00 p.m. Mulder and Scully could not longer stand it and without anyone noticing they slipped out. Although they thought they were not noticed, Skinner and Maggie who had been spending most of the evening together had seen them slip out of the tent. They smiled at each other, knowing exactly what the two were up to. They hushed the guests and told them that the couple was getting ready to leave. Skinner organized some men and went about customizing Mulder's car, hanging metal cans behind it and a big sign stating "Just married!" In the mean time Maggie moved the guests to the front of the house and there they were all standing when Mulder and Scully, who had changed in to something more comfortable, came out. All the guest started cheering and Mulder and Scully could not help but laugh. Skinner moved up to them and led them to their car. Some man had been blocking the sight to the attachment to the car so the couple did not see the cans hanging from the back of the car. Maggie hugged both her daughter and now sun-in-law and wished them all the luck in the world and a very happy week. And again Mulder got the suprise of his life when Maggie winked at him and told him not to over do it. She wanted to see her daughter back in good health. Scully hit her mom on the arm playfully. Skinner hugged them too. They stepped into the car and drove away, totally suprised by the racket of the cans behind the car. The guests kept throwing rice at them when they waved their last good-byes.

About an hour later they arrived at the hotel. They checked in and followed the bellboy upstairs to the wedding suite. Mulder gave the bellboy a tip after the he had moved their luggage into the room. Mulder had told Scully to stay outside and now he moved back to her. "Mrs. Mulder, welcome to your suite." Saying that he swayed her of her feet in his arms and carried her over the threshold. But instead of letting her go when they arrived in the room, he kept walking. "Mulder, where are you taking me?" Scully began to giggle. "Well, Mrs. Mulder I am going to do something that I have wanted to do for weeks now. And this time nothing is going to stand in my way!" Mulder walked into the bedroom of the suite and walked to the king-size bed. He let Scully drop on the bed and followed right after. He took her in his arms and began to kiss her passionately. Scully answered his kiss answering with the same passion. She began to explore his mouth with her tongue. Her hands began to pull on his shirt. The next thing he felt were her legs around his waist. She began to move against him with a desire that matched his own. But he wanted to slow down. He had always imagined that the first time they would really make love it would be slow and tender. But this was like a forest fire sweeping over them. Burning them with passion. He tried to slow down, but Scully wouldn't let him. When he broke of their kiss she moaned. "Scully, we are going to fast. I want our first time to be slow and I want to make it last forever" he whispered against her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at him with so much love in her eyes that he felt like he had landed in heaven. "I want to make it last forever too, Mulder, but we had to wait so long for it, I want you now! Next time we make it last forever and it will be tender and slow. All I want now is to feel your naked body against mine and I want to feel you inside me! Please Mulder?" She began to move her hips against his and again devoured his mouth with a hot and passionate kiss.

He did not longer resist. How could he? He felt his erection strain against his zipper and the movement of her hips against his made him almost come inside his pants. She opened his shirt and pulled it of him. When she felt his naked chest under her hands she gave a soft whimper. Then she turned over so he lay on his back while she sat on his legs. Her hand moved to his zipper and slowly started to open it. Her hand caressed the strained bulge that was revealed to her through his boxers. Then she pulled pants and boxers down in one quick movement. Revealing his rock hard erection to her. "Scully--please." He moved his hands to her in an attempt to touch her. He wanted to see her naked. He wanted to feel her body against his. He wanted to feel her silk warmth around his cock and make her scream in ecstasy. His hands began to pull on the sweater she was wearing and she had mercy with him and began to remove her sweater and bra as quick as she could. When she arrived at her pants she did not remove her body from his, she just opened her pants and shoved them lower. Only allowing her body to leave his for a second. She placed herself on top of him once again.

She took a hold of his erection, playing with it. Rubbing the drop of pre-cum that had appeared there, all over. His hips began to thrust involuntarily when she moved her hand up and down. He felt his release coming nearer. His hips started to tense. "Scully--stop! If you don't stop I am going to come, please." Scully stopped her movement when she heard his plea. Mulder pulled her down on his body and turned around so that she lay under him. He moved his head to her breasts and he placed her left nipple in his mouth. He started to caress it with his tongue and than he began to nibble it. Scully whimpered, pulling his head closer. He repeated the treatment on her other nipple. He moved his mouth lower over her abdomen, licking her belly button, lower and lower. All of a sudden Scully felt a bolt of lightning hit her when Mulder had reached her red-hot center and covered it with his mouth. Her hips thrusted in his face while his tongue caressed her swollen folds. Not quite touching her clit.

He moved up again and kissed her on the lips, she could taste her own excitement on his lips. "Mulder, I want you now--please!" Mulder moved over her and while he looked at her beautiful face he entered her with a slow and tender stroke. They lay still for a moment. Savoring the feeling of truly being one. Than they began to move in unison, feeling what the other needed to reach heaven. Mulder felt a love he never felt before rush, over him. He kissed Scully tenderly on her lips, "I love you, I love you, IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou!" He felt his release come nearer and he kept murmuring soft words of love to her while his hips started thrusting harder and faster. They looked each other in the eye and all of a sudden Mulder felt Scully's vagina tense around him, her body arched under him and she let out a scream. Mulder felt his own release fall over him like a tidal wave. He tried to keep moving inside her while her muscles kept tensing around his penis. He felt his hips spasm while he was emptying himself inside her. When they had calmed down a bit they lay in each other's arms, still one. Mulder slowly came back to reality. He raised his head to look Scully in her face and tell her once more how much he loved her, but he suddenly felt despair when he saw Scully crying. Immediately he felt guilt wash over him, he must have hurt her. "Scully, what happened, did I hurt you? Please talk to me!" Scully looked at him and saw a look of total despair on his face. She realized that he must must have thought that he hurt her. She embraced him and kissed him on his face. "It's okay Mulder, I am just crying because this was so beautiful. I never felt like this before. I love you!" She hugged him tight and Mulder relieved that he had not hurt her lay back and pulled her close.

The rest of the evening and night was spend making love, this time slow and tender. They even managed to unpack their luggage in between love making and to eat something. Later that night Mulder lay awake, enjoying the feel of a very happy but sleeping Scully in his arms when he remembered Maggie's remark, about that he better not over do it because Maggie wanted to see her daughter back healthy. He grinned at the ceiling. He knew now what a passionate and insatiable lover Scully was. When he was trying to recover from another round of love making she was already trying to stir the passion in him again until finally after, <what was it, round five?> they both had fallen asleep. But here he was lying awake after just a couple of hours sleep. He turned carefully on his side, trying not to wake her and he spend the next couple of hours looking at her face, taking in every inch of that beautiful face. Her long eyelashes, her beautiful nose and rosy lips. He could not get enough of it. In the early hours of the morning Mulder had fallen asleep again, his arm laying over Scully's waist in a possessive gesture.

Scully woke up, feeling the sudden wave of nausea fall over her. She tried to get out of bed as quick as possible and at the same time not wake Mulder. She managed to get to her feet, Mulder still sleeping and rushed to the bathroom. She knelt before the toilet and threw up the meal she just ate a couple of hours ago. When she was sure that nothing more would follow she walked towards the sink and rinsed her mouth. She returned to the room, expecting to find Mulder still asleep. Instead he was lying there, facing the bathroom with a worried expression on his face. He raised himself on one arm when she got back in bed. "Scully, are you all right? I heard you throw up, are you sick?" When Scully lay down beside him he reached out his hand and felt her forehead. "I am fine, Mulder. I think it's just the stress of the last couple of days." And with a leer in his direction she added, "and maybe it's also all the exercise I got tonight. I am not used to being so active in the evening." He knew she tried to make light of the situation, he was still worried. But he knew Scully well enough to know that she would not go into it any further. He knew he had to keep his worries for himself for now. He lay back down and Scully cuddled close to him.

The next couple of days went by as in a dream. The days where filled with making love, eating luxurious and sleeping. Scully had a couple of more nausea attacks but Mulder did not insist anymore that she should have some one look at her. He was worried but he knew how stubborn Scully could be. On the third day, they received a phone call from Maggie. She told that the real estate agency had called and that they found a beautiful house, answering to their demands and price range. They had asked if Mulder and Scully could contact them as soon as possible. She could not resist to ask how they where doing. "We are doing fine mom, although we are feeling a bit tired." Scully chuckled. Maggie laughed and wished them all the best for the rest of the honeymoon. After Scully hung up the phone she dialed the agency right away. They where told that they could see the house this afternoon if they felt like it. Scully agreed. After spending these last days making love to Mulder she felt an even greater urge to get their own place. To regain some privacy.

That afternoon Mulder and Scully left their hotel room for the first time since they had arrived at the hotel. When Mulder handed in his key at the desk, the desk clerk gave him a wide grin. Mulder could not help but grin back. They arrived at the house about 4.00 p.m. The house agent was already waiting for them. The house was situated only about half an hour drive from their work, in a quiet but good taken care of neighborhood. Mulder saw some little kids playing nearby and hardly any cars drove through the street. He could not help but think that it was the perfect neighborhood to race a family. The house agent let them into the house. They arrived in the hallway first. It was a big and light hallway. A large stairs let up to the second floor. On the left there was a door leading to a big and bright living room. There was a fireplace and it had big windows that allowed the sun to shine in freely. When they moved back to the hall, the agent led them to the door on the right. It was a some what smaller room but as light as the first. They were let through the entire house. The big kitchen, the upstairs bedrooms, four of them and a big bathroom, with a bathtub big enough for the both of them, including a Jacuzzi, and a shower stall. Both Scully and Mulder had to admit that this was a dream house, their dream house. They asked the agent for a moment privacy so they could talk it over. But in fact they already had already agreed, using their uncanning ability to talk to each other with their eyes.

And so they returned to their hotel that afternoon as house owners. They called Maggie to tell her the good news. Maggie was very happy to hear that they at last found a house they liked. She told them that they would talk about it when they would return from their honeymoon because for now they should enjoy themselves.

Mulder and Scully could no longer hold their joy, they fell in each other's arms and kissed each other. At last live was getting better for them. The next day Mulder and Scully could not resist to go shopping. They wanted so much to buy some nice things for their new house. They returned to their hotel room at the end of the day, arms loaded with packages and bags.

The rest of the honeymoon they spend shopping for their new house in the afternoon and the evenings and nights were spent making plans for decorating and furnishing the house and making love, lots of love. The only thing that tempered Mulder's happiness of finding their own place was the fact that Scully still suffered from nausea attacks. And he had even see her getting dizzy one time. He felt his stomach tense every time the thought struck him that maybe the cancer had returned. He had urged Scully a couple of times to have a check up because he feared that the cancer might be back. But she told him she had a check up recently and the cancer had not returned. Then he asked her to have a check up because there had to be a reason for the nausea. But all she said was the so familiar phrase. "I am fine, Mulder. It's just stress." Every time he heard her say that, he felt the urge to shake her little cute butt to get some sense in her. But he could do nothing. He just had to wait until she would come to her senses. But it did not make him feel any better.

They returned to Maggie's house feeling like they were re-born. They had not felt this relaxed in a long time. Maggie set them down at the kitchen table and listened to their excited voices telling her all about the new house. She felt so happy for her children that they could laugh again. It was a long time she had seen the two of them truly happy. Mulder told Maggie he was going to the warehouse where his stuff from his apartment was stored. He wanted to sort things out as soon as possible. After Mulder had left for the warehouse, Scully proceeded with showing all the things that they had bought for their new house the last days. "Mom, you feel all right about us wanting to leave so soon, are you?" Maggie smiled at her daughter, always worrying about how she felt. "Of course I feel all right, Dana. How much I enjoyed to have the two of you in my house, it's time to go and live your own lives again. You are married now, you need your privacy." Maggie gave her daughter a wink. Scully laughed, a happy and sunny sound. Maggie felt truly happy for her daughter and for Mulder. They had survived.

Mulder was busy at the warehouse, going through his stuff. He decided that he would not take much into their new house. The furniture would not fit in their new surroundings. He would only take his personal belongings with him like the photo albums and some other stuff. He arranged with the supervisor of the warehouse that his furniture would be put up for sale. They could use the money again for new furniture for their new house. He and Scully had agreed that they would only stay at Maggie's house for not more than two weeks. They could not stand to stay apart for any longer. He knew Maggie would not mind that they would make love, now they were married, but he didn't feel comfortable doing that under Maggie's roof.

The next two weeks went by faster than either of them could have imagined. They had arranged with Skinner that they could have the two weeks off to get ready for the move. They drove back and forth between Maggie's house and their new house. Spent entire days shopping for furniture and other essentials for their house. In fact they were so exhausted from all the work they had to do during the day that even if they had wanted to, they didn't even have the energy to make love. The minute their heads would touch the pillow and they had snuggled into each other's arms, they were gone, into dreamland.

When the day arrived that they would move into their new house, the sun was shining almost as if to welcome them to their new life. Skinner had come over early in the morning to help them with the last things. When the time had come to drive to their new home, Skinner had arranged that Maggie would drive with him to the new house. Mulder and Scully would drive on their own. Mulder and Scully had worked hard all week to turn the new house into their home and they were eager to show it to Skinner and Maggie. When their boss and Maggie arrived at the house, Mulder and Scully were already waiting for them on their doorstep. They welcomed them in their house and led them into the hallway. Maggie's eyes grew big when she saw what they had done to the place. The hallway was welcoming visitors with their warm colors. Soft orange and yellows. The happy couple gave their visitors a tour of the house and Skinner and Maggie could not say enough Oohhs and Aaahs to show their amazement of what they had done with the place. They had truly turned it into a warm home. The colors used in the entire house were light and warm. Maggie could feel and see that the house mirrored the warmth and feeling of safety that both Scully and Mulder needed to feel. They truly turned it into a safe haven, locked away from the cruel outside world. Although not entirely cut off because the big windows only had blinds in front of them, they could clearly see outside onto the street. But Mulder and Scully had made sure that every window and door of the house had first class security locks fit onto them. They did not want to take any risk because they needed to feel save in their little heaven.

Maggie and Skinner helped the happy couple with some last things and had tea with them. After a couple of hours, Maggie and Skinner got up, "Mulder, Scully, we better leave you alone now. It's time to start your lives together." Maggie smiled at them both as they all got up. She gave her daughter and son-in-law a hug. Skinner followed Maggie's gesture. Hugging both. Although he still felt awkward to show his feelings towards his agent. He had always had trouble showing his emotions, his feelings. But he felt a part of this family now and he was willing to work hard, he wanted to have Scully's and Mulder's friendship, their love. He needed it. Mulder gave him a hug back and smiled at him. Mulder knew how he felt. He had grown to love this man. He had taken the place of his biological father. He even felt that Skinner was almost more a dad to him than his real dad ever was. Scully and Mulder led Maggie and Skinner to the door and said their good-byes. When they finally closed the door, it felt like they closed a door to their old lives. Lives of hardship and pain. This was a start of a new life. Hopefully a life of happiness and love. For the first time in a long time they felt safe and happy and not afraid for the future. They would be together the rest of their lives. In their own house.

The next few days they did not go out of the house. Scully had arranged that they had everything they needed for the coming week. The refrigerator was filled to its limit. They enjoyed their new house, roaming through the rooms. Picking up things on their way, looking, touching. But most of their time was spend in bed. They both felt that they had a lot of catching up to do. Weeks and weeks of longing were now fulfilled. These days they felt happier than they had been their entire life.

The morning of their first day going to work again had started so good. Mulder was woken up by Scully's soft lips on his. She kept kissing him all over his face. Not long after that, things heated up considerably and they made love passionately. After their love making they rested in each others arms when all of a sudden Scully felt again the so familiar feeling of nausea hit her. She sat up and untangled herself from Mulder's arms, she rushed to the bathroom. She was just in time before she lost the contents of her stomach, which was not much since they hadn't had breakfast yet. Mulder followed her to the bathroom and supported her while she kept dry heaving. He felt fear squeeze his heart tight. He had thought that Scully was feeling better again. She did not have any nausea attacks the last week.

When she felt she could stand up again, Mulder led her back to the bedroom. He sat her down on the bed and returned to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth. He washed her face and lay her down on her side. "Scully I want you to go to the doctor, please? This is going on too long. Please have it checked out?" Scully smiled reassuringly at him. "I am fine Mulder, I guess making love on an empty stomach is not such a wise thing to do." He knew she tried to make light of the situation. Again he tried to persuade her to go to the doctor. But she kept refusing. "I will be fine Mulder, Please I don't want to go to the doctor. We have seen enough doctors in the last few months to last us a lifetime. So please let me be." She squeezed his hand and got up to get ready for their first day at the office as a married couple. He felt helpless, he could not do anything to persuade Scully to have it checked out. All he could do was keep an eye on her. Making sure she was really all right. He followed her to the bathroom to get ready for the office too. Scully was taking a shower and he decided to keep her company but this time only to help her with washing. He knew that making love on an empty stomach had nothing to do with the nausea attacks. But this time he did not want to take any chance. Scully felt scared. She had hoped that everything would be all right. She did not have a nausea attack for a week. And now it had started again. It became an every day routine, a couple of times a day the nausea would wash over her and she ended up at the lady's room wretching her stomach empty. She did not know how much longer she could convince Mulder that she was all right. She wasn't and she knew it. The symptoms became more apparent as weeks went by. She felt strange cravings for certain combinations of food, her stomach began to show a slight bulge. She was a doctor, she knew the symptoms of pregnancy but she did not want to believe it. Because if this was true, there was a very big possibility that the baby that was growing inside her, was Jake's. She also knew that there was a possibility that it was Mulder's as they had been forced by Jake to make love too. But the fear of it being Jake's baby was so much bigger. She felt scared to tell Mulder what was going on. She knew he was scared. She saw it everytime she rushed out of the office to run to the lady's room but he had left her alone. She was glad that he left her alone. She could not handle more pressure to visit a doctor. She felt sad that she was putting him through this, but she could do nothing about it. Fear held her in his icy cold grip.

So one afternoon, she told Mulder she had to go to the drugstore and buy some tampons. Mulder being a man, did not want to hear the details so he just waved her goodbye from behind his desk where he was looking over some files. Scully had decided that she wanted to know if her suspicions were right. She walked into the drugstore and asked the shop attendant where she could find the home pregnancy tests. He gave her directions and soon she was standing in front of them. She had never expected there would be so much different kinds. She read the packages of some of them and finally choose two. She paid for them and then hid them on the bottom of her handbag. She also bought a package of tampons, just to be on the safe side if Mulder asked about it. She returned to the office, feeling a little more relieved that she had bought the pregnancy tests. Now she had to find the courage to use them.

As soon as they came home that day Scully went to the bathroom, taking her handbag with her, without Mulder noticing it. She took the pregnancy tests out of her bag and hid them in the back of the medicine cabinet behind her female things. She hoped Mulder would not notice it. She cleaned up and went downstairs where Mulder was already preparing dinner. She started to help him. It felt so comfortable the way they had grown in their routine as a married couple. Mulder was a very attentive husband. He made dinner when she did not feel well, he helped with cleaning up the house. Taking his share of the chores. He was romantic too. One evening when she had fallen asleep on the couch after dinner, he had gone upstairs to their bedroom and he had light up fragrance candles that spread a delicate smell of vanilla. He had spread roses all over the bed. He had returned downstairs and had woken her up with tender kisses. He had lifted her up and brought her upstairs, still in his arms. He had walked into the room and had lowered her slowly on the bed. Then he had continued to make love to her and it had touched her so much that he would go through so much effort even after they were married. She knew then that life with Mulder would never be dull. Although she had known that from the beginning when she was assigned to the X-files, but their private life would be just as exciting, she knew after that night filled with tender and slow love making and being told so many words of love.

It was a couple of days later when the tables were turned regarding feeling sick. Mulder and Scully were at the office working on some expense reports. Skinner wanted to have them today. Mulder had not been feeling well all morning. From the time he had woken up he had a splitting headache. By noon it was so bad that he had visited the bathroom to empty his stomach. Scully could no longer take it. "Mulder please go home and lie down. Take something for the pain. I'll stay here to finish the reports, please?" She stood next to him and brushed his head tenderly. He looked up at her, eyes bloodshed from pain. "I hate leaving you to do all the work Scully, but I really feel bad." She kissed him on his lips. "It's all right Mulder, you go home and get some rest. Try to sleep after you have taken something." He got up from his chair and put on his coat. He kissed her. "I'll see you later, I love you!" Mulder kissed his wife and left for home. Scully returned to her desk and continued to work on the reports.

When Mulder arrived home he shed his coat and shoes and went straight to the bathroom. He desperately needed something for his headache. He opened the medicine cabinet and went through it looking for some aspirin. Then he accidentally knocked over some of Scully's things that she kept in there. He was just about to straighten it up when his eye caught on to some boxes that were standing behind the bottles. His eyes grew wide when he read the word pregnancy on one of the boxes. <What the hell--?> He took the boxes out of the cabinet and looked them over. His breath caught in his chest when he saw that they were pregnancy tests. Then his mind made the connection, the nausea attacks she suffered from on and off for some time. He could not believe that he didn't think of it sooner. The symptoms were so obvious. She had been eating some strange stuff lately, things she did not eat before and strange combinations. And it was only yesterday when he had noticed that her stomach had seemed to be slightly bigger. He had felt it when he had caressed her there when they had spooned together. But why hadn't she told him about it? Why did she hide the boxes in the back of the medicine cabinet? Had she known all this time? He felt angry and more that a little betrayed. He thought now they were married she would trust him completely, but obvious he had been wrong. In a sudden flare of anger he threw one of the boxes through the bathroom. "Damn it Scully, why didn't you tell me!" He picked up the box and inspected if it wasn't damaged. Luckily it was in one piece. He took the boxes to the living room and placed them on the table. He walked back and took the much-needed medicine for his headache. He knew he needed to get some sleep but he knew with certainty that he wouldn't sleep a wink after finding the tests. He decided to wait for Scully to arrive home. He would confront her with his finding and demand from her to tell him why she had been hiding it from him.

It was an hour later when Scully arrived home. She had left early, worried about Mulder. She walked into the living room expecting him to be in the bedroom fast asleep. Instead she found him sitting at the living room table, staring into space, but when she entered he looked at her with a hurt look in his eyes. "Why Scully, why did you hide it?" Scully didn't understand what he was talking about but then she saw the boxes standing accusingly in front of him. It dawned on her he was talking about the pregnancy tests. "I'm sorry Mulder, I didn't mean to hide them. Please let me explain?" She sat down at the table opposite of him. "Ok, I'm listening, I would like to hear why you felt it right to hide your suspicions for me." She winced slightly at his harsh words. She knew he felt hurt and betrayed. "You know I have been feeling sick on and off for the last few weeks. Well believe it or not, I really thought it was stress. Than the strange cravings began and well-- I knew than it was more than stress, but I'm afraid Mulder because what if I am pregnant and what if the baby isn't yours. What if it's Jake's? So I bought the tests but I was too afraid to use them. I took them out a couple of times when you weren't home, but I never could force myself to use them. I'm afraid Mulder." Mulder had turned white as he heard her tell him about her fear, he never once thought of the possibility of the baby being Jake's. What if it was Jake's baby, could they handle that? He felt sick to his stomach but he forced himself to focus on Scully. He knew now why she had been hiding this from him. She sat there on the other end of the table looking so tiny and scared. He didn't know what the future would bring for them, he didn't know if he could raise a child of his and her rapist. All he knew now was that he had to take care of her, comfort her. His own sorrow and fears could wait. He stood up and walked around the table. He pulled her up and in his arms. She snuggled into his embrace and held him tight. "It's going to be okay Scully. We'll take the tests and we take it one step at a time. I'll be there for you whatever the outcome. I love you." He kissed her tender on her lips.

He took the tests and stood up. He walked to the kitchen, placing the tests on the kitchen table. Scully followed him and sat down at the table, following his every move. Mulder began to make a cup of tea for them both. They could use it. After they drank their tea, they began to talk about what was going to happen when the test should come out positive. "Mulder, I want to keep the baby. I know we didn't plan to have one for some time. But I want to keep it." Mulder took her hand. "What if it's Jake's, do you still want to keep it?" "I have been thinking about it Mulder and yes, even if it's Jake's I want to keep it. I can't just end a life because it was created out of evil. Please understand Mulder. It's still a little baby and it can't help who its father is." Scully looked at him with begging eyes. Mulder felt a bit of anger inside of him but he did not want to show Scully. She wanted to keep the baby even if it was from that bastard Jake. How could he raise a child that was not his? How could he raise the spawn from that cruel rape? He felt scared. He did not want to hate the child. He also felt that the baby could not help how it was conceived, but he could not help that he had so much doubts. Mulder smiled at her, hiding his doubts and fears and reached for the pregnancy tests. "We better do these tests and see what the outcome is. Come on I'll help you."

Mulder helped Scully doing the tests and when the little test tubes were filled all they could do was wait. Mulder began to pace the room. Scully sat silent at the table. When time was up they both looked hesitantly at each other. Then they looked at the tubes and Mulder held the boxes to compare the colors from the tubes with what was written on the box, Mulder felt the world crash down around him when he saw that both the tubes gave an positive outcome. He could no longer stand and he slumped down on the nearest chair. Scully sat silent, the tubes in her hands, Mulder first thought she did not want to believe it, but then he saw a silent tear run down her face and not long after that her shoulders began to shake. He forgot his own sadness and fear and stood up quickly and took her in his arms. She continued to cry, scaring him because there was no sound coming from her. The only evidence that she was crying was the wetness that was spreading on his shirt and the shaking of her shoulders.

He pulled her up and looked at her. "We are going to make an appointment with doc Wilson. We are going to ask him to do another test, to be sure. And we are going to ask him if a DNA test is possible. We have to know who the father is, don't you think? I am going to call him first thing tomorrow morning. Now you sit there and I go make us some dinner. And then we go to bed. We are both exhausted from today's events. We need our rest." After Mulder had made them dinner and cleaned up after they had finished he led Scully to the bedroom, she was still very silent. She had hardly touched her dinner. Come to think of it, he did not either. He sat her down on the bed and helped her get undressed. Than he led her to the bathroom to brush her teeth. He just stayed close to her because he was not sure if she would be all right. He knew how she must feel, the thought that it might be Jake's baby she was carrying was almost too much for him to bear. How bad must she feel carrying that new life inside of her, not knowing if it's his or Jake's? After guiding her back to the bed he lay her down and covered her with the blanket. He got undressed himself and after taking care of nature and brushing his teeth he lay down next to her and spooned up to her. Her only response was that she leaned in closer to him. It took not long for both of them to fall asleep.

A scream echoed against the walls. Mulder felt disorientated. He tried to lift up his head. A pain shot through it. When he finally was able to lift it up, his eyes met a scene that left him breathless. In front of him he saw Scully lying on a bed. She was tied down at arms and legs. Laying on her was Jake. He was thrusting in her with a fierce movement of his hips. Scully was looking at him, tears in her eyes. Then he suddenly heared her whisper accusingly "Why Mulder, why did you get me into this?" He felt his world fall apart. He looked at her again and now he saw anger and hate in her eyes. Then Jake stood in front of him, laughing his crazy laugh. "She is carrying my child, Fed. Mine, all mine!"

Scully shot up straight in bed when she heard a cry that scared the hell out of her. First she did not know where it was coming from but then she heard another cry, sounding like a wounded animal. It was Mulder. She turned on the light and she looked at Mulder. He was still sleeping but he was obviously having a nightmare. He was drenched in sweat and he lay in a fetal position. The sound that came from him reminded her of a wounded deer her family had once found in the woods at their summerhouse. It had made a soft wailing sound and had looked at them with terror but at the same time a look of surrender in her beautiful black eyes. Her dad had put it out of its misery. Scully had never forgotten that incident. And now Mulder was lying beside her, making that same desperate sound. She gently touched him and shook him by his shoulder. "Mulder, come on Mulder, you are having a nightmare. Wake up!" After a few more tries he finally woke up. It took some time to focus but when he saw he was in his own bedroom and Scully lay safe next to him he felt relieve wash over him. He had trouble catching his breath after the horrific nightmare, his heart raced in his chest. Scully had pulled him in her arms and she was caressing his head, whispering soft words of comfort to him. He felt safe in her arms, knowing it was only in his nightmare that she had accused him of being the cause of their hurt. After some time he calmed down, still lying in Scully's arms. When she heard his breath slow down she pulled his head up so he had to look her in the eyes. "Can you tell me what you were dreaming about, Mulder?" He shook his head slowly, avoiding eye contact with her. "Come on Mulder , you will feel better if you tell someone." His breath began to hitch thinking back to the nightmare "I can't Scully, it was so bad, I can't" His breath hitched again and he lowered his head to her chest again. She pulled him closer, forgetting about her own fear and worries, only feeling so much love for this man in her arms. She cradled him and not long after that she felt him relax in her arm. He had fallen asleep again. She kept him close in her arms and lay down again. Maybe she could catch some more sleep too. Tomorrow they would call doc Wilson and soon they would know more.

The rest of the night went by silently. Mulder slept all night, restless but without any more nightmares. The following morning after breakfast, Mulder called doc Wilson. He got his secretary on the phone. "I am sorry, doctor Wilson is not available at the moment." "Could I make an appointment for this afternoon, for my wife and me? It is extremely urgent." Mulder waited for a response, hoping they would be able to go to him today. "I'll have to ask doctor Wilson, his day is planned quite full today. Can I ask him to call you back?" Mulder sighed with relieve. If doc Wilson would call back he could explain what was happening. "Yes please, could he call back as soon as possible? As I said it's extremely urgent. I'll be waiting for his call." The secretary told him she would ask doctor Wilson to call back as soon he came back from his rounds. After he had hung up he told Scully about the arrangement. Then he proceeded to call Skinner to tell him they would not be coming to the office today. He told him about Scully feeling sick and that they wanted to have it checked out. Mulder did not want to worry Skinner too much, he was family to them by now. Skinner told them they could take the day off, if needed even the next day, "But keep me posted on the outcome will you?" Mulder thanked him and told him that as soon as they would know more they would call him.

An hour went by, Mulder was waiting anxiously next to the phone. He had got Scully so far that she went back to bed to take a nap. She had looked so tired when they had breakfast this morning. <Yeah no wonder, if you keep waking her up with your nightmares, bonehead.> Mulder thought by himself. When the phone finally rang, Mulder almost jumped, he was so deep in thought that the sound of the phone startled him. He picked up the receiver "Mulder" "Hello Mulder, my secretary told me you had called for an appointment, she also told me it was urgent. Nothing wrong I hope?" "Hi doc, well we have a bit of a crisis over here at the moment. Scully has been sick on and off for the last month or so. She would get nausea attacks. I tried to get her to visit you for a check up but she refused. But now I found these pregnancy tests at home. She had been hiding them. We talked about it and she told me she had been scared because the only way she could have got pregnant was when she was raped and when she and I were forced to make love. That's the only time we did not use contraceptives. We did do the home pregnancy tests yesterday, and both came out positive. We both are in a shock about that because if she is really pregnant there is a really big chance that it's from the rapist." Mulder's voice hitched. Tears threatened to overwhelm him. "Easy Mulder, calm down. I ask my secretary to make an appointment for you at 2.00 p.m. We talk about it and we do another pregnancy test, we can also talk about the possibility of an DNA test." "Thank you doc, we will be there!" After Mulder hung up the phone he went to wake up Scully to tell her about the appointment. They would have enough time to have a quick lunch, if they could get any food inside of them.

It was 1.50 p.m. when they arrived at the office of doctor Wilson. His secretary led them inside. doctor Wilson stood up and reached his hand out, Mulder and Scully shook his hand and then sat down on the chairs in front of his desk. "Ok, Mulder has told me already in big lines what has happened. Dana you have been feeling sick on and off for the last month or so?" Scully looked up, a worried expression on her face. "Yes doctor, I just thought it was the stress of getting married and after that our move to our own house. I mean I am a doctor, I should know the symptoms of pregnancy but I guess I was in denial." doctor Wilson smiled reassuringly at her. "You are both afraid that Dana might be impregnated by the rapist? You are aware that it also could be Mulder's child? Mulder looked up. "Yes, we know doc, but we are still worried about the chance it might be Jake's. Could you tell us how soon we can do a DNA test?" Doctor Wilson looked in some papers he had in front of him. "Well an DNA test can be done very early in the pregnancy. But what if it turns out to be from this Jake? Are you going to terminate the pregnancy? He looked at both Scully and Mulder expectantly. Scully looked down, not wanting to look the doctor or Mulder in the eye. She felt so scared, but she could not terminate the pregnancy. Not only because it was against her believe, but also because somewhere deep down in her heart she knew that this new life that was growing inside her needed a chance, even if it was Jake's. Unconsciously she lay her hand on her already growing belly and with a soft voice she answered the doctors question. "No doctor, I want to keep the baby, even if it's from the rapist." The doctor looked over to Mulder and in a flash, it went so fast that he even doubted if he saw it right, Mulder's face turned into an anguished mask. "Mulder, do you feel the same?" Mulder looked the doctor in the face. His face a neutral mask once more. "I support my wife in what ever she decides." Doctor Wilson knew enough when he heard that answer. Mulder would truly support his wife, but he was not welcoming this baby if it turned out to be from the rapist.

Doctor Wilson's stood up. "Ok Dana, lets do the pregnancy test. That way you will know soon. After the results are in, we will make an appointment for a DNA test. I will tell you in a moment how that is done. I guess you being a doctor yourself will know, but I guess Mulder would want to know." He looked down at Mulder but Mulder didn't answer. Scully stood up, following the doctor to the examination room. She looked for one moment at Mulder, wondering what was the matter with him. Then she shook her head, she would try and talk to him when they were home.

While doctor Wilson and Scully where busy doing the necessary things for the test, Mulder stayed in the office. The waiting seemed to last for ages but after some time Scully came out. Doctor Wilson followed her and sat back down behind his desk. "Ok, I'll send this to the lab immediately, I'll call you when we get the results back. It should take no longer than a day. I'll ask them to put some rush on it. "Thanks doctor, we appreciate all you do for us." Scully smiled at him. "That's quite all right Dana, I am glad I can be off help to you both once more. When we have the result on the pregnancy test we can make an appointment for the DNA test. I'll explain the procedure for this test for the benefit of Mulder. Prior to the extraction of the DNA sample we are going to do an ultrasound examination to confirm fetal viability and the location of the placenta, and the length of the gestation. Then Dana will be placed on her back with her feet in stirrups while her vagina and cervix are prepared. Then we will place a small catheter through the cervix and into the developing placenta, we will then suction a bit of placental and fetal tissue gently into a syringe. We will keep an eye on the procedure by ultrasound while it's performed. Dana will experience very little discomfort and after the procedure is finished she can resume normal activity. When the samples are collected we will then send it of to the lab. It might take a couple of weeks for the results to come back. But we'll call you as soon as possible."

Scully stood up and stretched her hand out to the doctor. "Thanks again doctor, for your time on such short notice." Doctor Wilson took her hand in his. "You are welcome, Dana. I know what you two went through and if I can be of help to you, it's my pleasure." Mulder followed his wife's gesture and thanked the doctor. Doctor Wilson shook Mulders hand, once more looking thoughtfully at the man in front of him. He knew that they both would go through a difficult time if the pregnancy test came out positive but he felt that Mulder would be the one that would be troubled most, because he saw that his wife had already accepted this new life in her heart, mother instinct. When Mulder and Scully came home, Mulder insisted that Scully would take a nap. After much argument she complied with his wish and lay down on the couch. Mulder tenderly draped a blanket over her and kissed her softly. When he turned around to leave, Scully grabbed his hand. "Mulder, please tell me what's wrong with you? You have been acting strange all day." Mulder opened his mouth to deny that anything was wrong with him, but Scully who knew him better than he knew himself saw what was coming. "No, Mulder don't deny something's wrong with you. I can see something's wrong. Please tell me!" Mulder let out a big sigh and sat down next to her on the couch. "I don't want to bother you with my problems, Scully. You have enough to think about the coming days, who knows the coming eight months. Don't worry I'll be fine. Now go and take a nap. You'll need your rest." Before giving her a change to come back to the subject he stood up and walked out of the room. Leaving his wife behind on the couch, knowing something was definitely wrong with her husband. Despite the worry, she soon drifted away.

The next morning, Mulder insisted that Scully should stay home. He had to go to the office but promised to be back early. He would explain the situation to Skinner, about Scully not being on the job. After much persuasion Scully finally agreed to stay home. In her heart she wished Mulder could stay with her. She felt scared and nervous. It would be a difficult day, waiting for doctor Wilson to call with the result of the pregnancy test. When Mulder left for work she gave him a tight hug. Mulder returned the gesture for just a moment before pulling out of her arms and leaving. Again Mulder, moaning in his sleep had waked Scully. Despite her worries about the pregnancy she was also worried about her husband. His nightmares seem to torment him every night now and despite her continuing questions, he seemed to lock her out, not willing to tell her about what was obvious bothering him.

Mulder himself was feeling nervous too. He could not stay at home, if he had to stay home with Scully he was going to go crazy. He knew he probably should stay home to support Scully, he knew she was scared and nervous too, but at this moment he could only think of his fear. It had washed over him last night, after waking up after another nightmare and it hadn't left him since. While he spend his day at the office, pretending to work on reports he could not think of anything else than Scully carrying Jake's baby, not his baby, his son or daughter, no, Jake's sun or daughter. And everytime he thought about that his chest clenched tight and he felt as if he could not breathe. He had visited Skinner in his office and had explained him what had happened. Than he had broken down in wrenching sobs and all Skinner had done was taken him in his arms and his boss comforted him as though he had been comforting his own child, cooing in his ear that everything would be all right, caressing his head. Than Mulder did something he would have never thought being able to do. He told Skinner about his fears, about the possibility that Scully was carrying Jake's baby and that she wanted to keep the baby, even if it was Jake's. He told Skinner about his fear that he could not love the baby as his own if it was Jake's baby. He told Skinner about his nightmares and about the anger he felt every time he imagined the child lying in his arms not having any resemblance to him but to Jake and again he had broken down in tears. He hadn't told anyone about this, not even doctor Wilson or Scully when they had asked. But he felt so comfortable with Skinner. Skinner had become his father now that his real father had passed away and Skinner had taken that role with so much eagerness and happiness.

Skinner felt tears sting in his eyes. <When were Scully and Mulder allowed any happiness in their lives?> He pulled Mulder closer to him and continued to comfort him. He was happy that Mulder felt comfortable enough to tell him all this. "Mulder, I think you better go home now, I think Scully might need you with her right now." Mulder sniffed and looked up at his boss. "You know, Walter, I haven't told Scully any of this. Could you please keep it still for a while? I don't want to upset her during her pregnancy." "Don't you think Scully needs to know your feelings about the baby?" Mulder stood up shaking his head. "No, don't ever tell her. I'll try and love the baby, if it's Jake's. I have to try. She has already accepted the new life growing in her. I don't want her to feel guilty or sad because I can't accept the fact it might be Jake's. Please Walter, don't tell her. I will take care of the baby, I'll try and love it. Don't tell?" Mulder was practically begging Skinner to keep quiet about his revelation to him. Skinner did not feel comfortable with the idea of keeping secrets from Scully, especially concerning such an important subject as a baby. But when he saw the desperate look on Mulder's face he could do nothing else than promise Mulder he would not tell. But while promising Mulder not to tell Scully any of this, he promised himself to keep a close eye on Mulder the coming months to see if he would cope all right.

Mulder left for home on orders from his boss and friend Skinner. When he arrived home he found Scully curled up on the couch, white as a sheet and trembling. "Scully are you all right, what happened?" He rushed to her side. She looked up at him and all he could see was fear in her beautiful blue eyes. "I am all right Mulder, I am just so scared, I can't help it. I wished doctor Wilson would call, the waiting is killing me." Mulder kissed his wife tenderly on her lips. "I know what you mean Scully, I have been feeling the same. Skinner even sent me home early because he knew there would not be much work done today. He grinned at her. Just when he was about to get up to make them both a cup of tea, the phone rang, startling them both. Scully quickly grabbed the receiver. Mulder watched, his breath caught in his chest. He heard Scully talking to doctor Wilson and then he saw a tear run down her face. She thanked doctor Wilson and Mulder heard her making an appointment for a DNA test for tomorrow. He felt suddenly lightheaded and the room started to spin around. Next he heard Scully scream and than blackness washed over him.

Scully was not prepared for what happened after she finished her phone call with doctor Wilson. He had told her the test results and it confirmed her fear. She was pregnant. Then they proceeded to make an appointment for the DNA test as quickly as possible. She was so preoccupied with talking to doctor Wilson that she had not looked over at Mulder to see if he had figured out what was going on. It was when she had placed the receiver back in its place that she thought about Mulder. She looked up just in time to see Mulder turning white as a sheet and before she could move a muscle she saw him fall, face down on the floor. She let out a scream of shock and hurried over to his body now lying unconscious on the floor. She knelt next to him, turning him around on his back and laying his head on her lap. She began to softly tap in him the face, trying to wake him up. She called his name softly. "Mulder, wake up. Mulder, come on sweetie wake up." After several tries he still made no attempt to wake up. Scully then did something she never had done, not even now they were married. "Fox, Fox, wake up. Please wake up Fox?" And what she had expected, happened. On the sound of the name no one ever called him he started to stir in her arms. His eyes fluttered open and for a moment he was disorientated. He looked up in the worrying eyes of his wife with a questioning expression on his face. Without ever hearing the words she knew what he was asking. "Yes, Mulder. I'm pregnant. Tomorrow we are going to doctor Wilson's office to have the DNA test." Scully could no longer hold back the tears that she had been holding back the entire day. Their fear was now confirmed. It was for real. She was pregnant. Mulder pulled her down into his arms and both cried, desperately holding on to each other. The next morning they were up and about very early, not being able to get anymore sleep. Mulder did not have much sleep anyway, again tormented by a horrific nightmare. He felt relieved that he had not woken Scully up. The rest of the night he had laid awake thinking of their future. What would life be like, having a little child running around here? He could just picture a smaller image of himself, running through the house. Running towards him when he would come home from the office, hugging him tight. But then the image changed, instead of a beautiful brown haired, hazel eyed boy he saw a blond blue eyed boy and instead of running toward him to welcome him with a hug, the boy stared at him with a icy look in his eyes. The next thing he heard was a hacking laugh that cut through him like a knife. He shot up straight, his heart pounding in his chest. He must have dozed off again, only to be awakened again by this nightmare.

They arrived at doctor Wilson's office around 9.00 a.m. He led them to the treatment room in which the procedure would be done. He told them that he got some old blood samples of Jake from the crime lab so they could proceed as quickly as possible with the test. Scully was placed on the table and her legs were placed in stirrups. Mulder was about to leave the room, thinking that Scully would like some privacy when she took his hand in hers. He looked down on her. "Please Mulder, stay with me. I need you here." He smiled down at her, squeezing her hand reassuringly. He stayed at her side while the DNA extracting procedure was done. Comforting her when ever the discomfort threatened to become too much for her. When the procedure was finished he helped her get dressed again, they returned to doctor Wilson's office where he explained what was going to happen next. He would send the sample of Scully and Jake's to the lab, they already had a sample of Mulder, and he would put a priority label on it. With a little luck, if they weren't too busy in the lab, they could have the result back in a week, maybe two. "I know it's going to be difficult to wait so long, but it can't be helped. I promise as soon as we get the results back I'll call you right away." They said their good-byes to each other and Mulder and Scully left, feeling anxious and not knowing how to keep sane until they got the results.

The next week was exhausting for them both, Mulder was still bothered by nightmares and during the day he was silent and withdrawn, eating near to nothing. Scully felt like she was walking on the edge of a cliff. When ever she tried to talk to Mulder about his sleeping problems and his lack of appetite he told her he was fine and walked away. She felt so desperate. She needed his comfort during these weeks of waiting but he had put a distance between them that she could not overcome. At times he did show his love and tried to comfort her, but there were times he just locked himself away from her. He would sit on the couch with a distant look in his eyes.

Scully decided to ask the one person for advice she knew had grew very close to Mulder during the last few months. When Mulder left for the office she left herself not long after him. She followed the same route that Mulder took, to the FBI building. She took the elevator to the floor on which Skinner's office was located. She did not know to whom else she could turn. She knew from what Mulder had told her before all this had started that Mulder and Skinner had grown very attached to each other.

She walked into the office and was kindly greeted by Skinner's secretary, who called into Skinner's office to announce her arrival. Skinner opened the door to his office and greeted her warmly. "Hello Scully, to what do I owe the pleasure. Don't you have to be at home, taking it easy?" He closed the door after her and lay his arm over her shoulder leading her to the chairs in front of his desk. "Hi Walter, if I have to take it any easier than I am doing right now, I go stock raving mad." She smiled at him. But Skinner saw that the smile only came from her lips and did not reach her eyes. "What's the matter Scully, I guess there is a special reason for you visit?" He leaned back against his desk in front of her, with a sudden expression of worry on his face. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down on Scully. "Yeah Walter, there is a special reason why I'm here. It's about Mulder." She looked up at him, tears brimming her eyes. Skinner knelt in front of her, holding on to the armrests of her chair. "What about Mulder, is something wrong between the two of you?" "No-well yeah, you can call it that. Oh Walter, he has been acting so strange lately. Ever since we know I am pregnant, and it got worse after we took the DNA test. Every time I try to talk to him about it he just pulls away. I don't know what to do. Every night he has these terrible nightmares that he doesn't want to tell me about, he barely eats. I am so worried about him, Walter. I am at my wits end."

Skinner stood up and pulled a chair closer. He sat down while he took Scully's hands in his. "Ok, calm down Scully, I don't think it's my place to tell you this, but since Mulder is being pigheaded about telling you himself, I think it's up to me. Fact is, he came to my office after the two of you were at the hospital for the pregnancy test. He confide in me about his fears." Scully looked up startled about this news, "fears, Mulder is scared, what about?" "Ok, listen carefully and I'll try to explain. Mulder loves you very much, but he is very scared that the baby is Jake's baby, he's scared that he can not love the baby as his own, especially if the baby resembles Jake in his looks. The nightmares he is having are a re-enactment of the rape, your rape, and he told me that in some of the nightmares you look at him with hate in your eyes while being raped by Jake and screaming at him that it's his fault. I've been keeping a close eye on him Scully. He is just feeling guilty about the rape, about you becoming pregnant and even about his feelings of anger and fear of not being able to love the child. He is afraid to hurt you more Scully since he is thinking that he hurt you so much already." Skinner looked at Scully, who was now crying hot tears.

"How can he think that? He made me the happiest woman in the world by marrying me. When he told me he loved me, after waiting so many years I felt so happy, even in those horrific circumstances." Skinner smiled at her. "You know Mulder, never passing a chance to feel guilty. But the situation is getting serious. We have to talk to him." "Walter, what if I make dinner for us tonight, can you come tonight?" Skinner stood up and walked around his desk and sat down behind it. "I'll be there Scully, we need to talk some sense in him. You can count on me." "Thanks Walter, I'll better go now, see you around 7.30 p.m.?" "Yeah, that will be fine. See you then. Take it easy Scully." Scully headed home, feeling relieved that Skinner would be there tonight and they would talk to Mulder about his troubles but at the same time her heart was breaking at the thought of what Mulder must be going trough now and had been going through for the last few weeks.

While driving. Scully thought back at what Skinner had told her, and again she shed hot tears for her husband, she had never thought he felt so bad about her wanting the baby, even if it turned out to be Jake's. She quickly wiped away the tears because it obstructed her vision. All of a sudden the car shook and she heard a loud shriek of metal against metal. She tried to see what had happened but her body and mind was overwhelmed with a sudden fire that spread across her body. It hurt so badly she screamed at the top of her lungs. When the car came to a halt she felt darkness fall over her. When she woke up she could smell smoke. She tried to look around, but everything hurt. The car was lying on its side, Scully hanging in mid air only held by her seatbelt. She forced herself to raise her head and now she could see that flames were surely pouring into the car from behind. With all the strength she could muster she got her pocketknife from her pants pocket. Mulder had always joked about her carrying a pocketknife but now she was happy she did. When she moved he arms to pull out the knife again a sharp pain shot through her limbs. She cut the seatbelt loose and she screamed with pain when she fell down to the floor, where now the side of the car was.

She could hear people yell outside and she heard how some one tried to open the car door above her. Heat spread over her body. She could smell the hairs on her arms, burned away by the nearing fire. She slowly felt her head become foggy. She knew she had to get out of there if she ever wanted to see Mulder again. She tried to move her legs but the pain was too strong. "Mulder, oh Mulder, I love you, God please take care of Mulder!" She whispered the small prayer and felt herself drifting away. Her last thought was of Mulder, she saw a vision before her eyes, Mulder standing in front of her, a little boy in his arms, smiling so radiant it blinded her, white light flowing around her, swallowing her whole. Then darkness, silence.

Mulder was at work in the basement office. He felt that Skinner had been taking care of him. No long distance assignments and not too much cases to cover. He was writing down the report on the last case, a case of a family where suddenly the animals where multiplied. They had found out that the DNA structure of the animals where similar but the why was still unexplained. Mulder had a suspicion that the animals where abducted by aliens and they had tried to clone the animals. The cloning was only successful for a short period of time. Not soon after the clones had appeared, they had died, a cell that was missing in their DNA structure, which the originals did have, was causing them to die of a virus in the lungs. With the clones dead, Mulder had no case to solve. And how would he explain his report if he wrote his suspicion in it? Skinner would have his hide, even now they were so close. So he just wrote a neutral report, explaining what had happened and that the cause was unexplainable due to the death of the clones. He was just about to write down the closure of the case when the phone rang. He picked it up absentmindedly. "Mulder." His eyes flew wide open when he heard who was on the other side. "Mr. Mulder? This is Washington Hospital Center. A woman has just brought in, We don't have an identity. She wasn't carrying a purse or I.D. We did found a cell phone on her and we dialed the speed button #1. That's how we got to you. Could you please come over to the hospital to identify her? She is in critical condition. Mr. Mulder? Mr. Mulder are you still there?"

Mulder felt lightheaded. The room started to spin around him. He grabbed the desk in an attempt to make the spinning stop. He dropped the receiver on the desk. All he could hear over and over again was "She is in critical condition." A pressure was building in his chest and he had trouble catching his breath. He knew he had to be strong, he had to be at her side. "Yes, I'm still here. I'm coming over right away." And without giving the person on the other side a chance to respond he threw the receiver down and ran out of the office. His first response was to race to the hospital to be with Scully, but he knew he couldn't just leave without saying Skinner. He was like a second father to them both. He owed him and besides that, Mulder needed someone to help him keep his head straight. So Mulder headed for Skinner's office It took not long for Mulder to reach Skinner's office. He had almost run the entire way. He told Skinner that the hospital had called, telling him that they had a woman in emergency and it had turned out to be Scully, since they had dialed the #1 speed button and it connected them to him. He continued to tell Skinner that she was apparently in serious condition. While telling him that his voice hitched. Skinner was shocked to hear that Scully was in hospital. He didn't dare to tall Mulder she had been with him in this office just minutes ago before the accident. He knew he had to tell Mulder soon, but now was not the time. He had expected that Mulder would be devastated but he kept his head pretty cool but he and Mulder had become very close and he know that it was all a facade. Mulder was forcing himself to stay calm, to be of help to his wife. Skinner knew that and he admired Mulder for that. He told Mulder he would drive him to the hospital. They both went on their way.

They arrived at the hospital not long after. They walked into emergency. Mulder waited while Skinner went to see if he could get information on Scully. While he was waiting he saw some commotion further down the room. A lot of Doctors where busy in a room there, Nurses running back and forth. Like a magnet Mulder was drawn to the room. He stood in the door opening, watching as if hypnotized. A doctor who had stood in front of Mulder blocking his sight moved to the site and all of a sudden Mulder felt the earth once more shake under his feet. "Scully!" He almost shouted, Feeling helpless seeing her lying there still and pale. The hospital crew where startled by the sound of Mulder's desperate voice and when they looked up they saw a tall man standing in the doorway, white as a sheet. Next they saw another tall bald man moving next to him, keeping the other man from barging in, talking to him, trying to calm him down. The bald man looked up to the bed and his face turned white too. A nurse walked up to them and was about to lead them out of the room when Skinner turned to her. "Wait, this is her husband." One of the doctors left the side of Scully and walked up to them. "You are this woman's husband? We could not find any I.D. on her. Come on, let's get you out of here. I'll explain her condition and then you have to fill out some forms. Let's sit overhere."

He had led them to a room not far from the treatment room where Scully was lying. They sat down. The doctor looked at the men in front of him for a moment. "Well I'll come to the point right away. She is in critical condition. She has several fractures and internal damage." When Mulder heard that he looked up. "She is pregnant Doctor, is the child still alive?" "We already found out she was pregnant. The baby is alive. But we can't tell if there is any damage to the fetus. The next two days are going to be critical. For your wife and for the baby. If they both survive the next two days we can rest certain they both will recover. She will be transferred to ICU soon. When she is hooked up to the life supporting systems you can stay with her. But only one person at a time. Skinner looked up, he still held on to Mulder who looked like he could collapse at anytime. "Doctor, can you tell us more about how she got into this condition?" "Yes of course, she had an car accident. Apparently she was distracted and never saw the car that came from the left. It hit her full in the side of the car, turning it over. She was stuck in the car and a fire started. But bystanders got her out in time. She only has minor burns to her arms. Most of the wounds are broken bones and scrapes and cuts and some internal damage. As I said the coming days are critical. If she survives those she will recover." Mulder looked up, looking a bit better. "Was she awake when she was brought in?" "No, she hasn't regained consciousness yet. We'll keep a close eye on that but she hasn't suffered brain or skull damage. Well if that's all, I better get back. We were getting her ready for the transfer to ICU. You can wait in the waiting room on ICU and I will tell a nurse to warn you when your wife is settled." The doctor stood up and shook both Skinner's and Mulder's hand.

Mulder and Skinner went to ICU and placed themselves in the waiting room. Mulder looked at Skinner. "Walter, what was she doing on the route we always take from the office?" Skinner blushed slightly, Mulder had to look hard but he saw the red blush on Walter's face. "Walter, was she with you?" "Yeah Mulder, she came to visit me at the office because she was worried about you. She told me what was happening to you at home. She wanted to know if I knew what was wrong with you. I had to tell her Mulder, what you told me, about your fears. We had agreed to have dinner at your place, the three of us so we could talk to you." Mulder felt tears sting in his eyes. She had been worried about him. Was that why she was distracted and got hit by that car? Was he the blame for this accident? Skinner had been looking at the expressional face of Mulder and he could almost read every thought that past in Mulder's mind. "Oh, no Mulder, you are not going to lay this on yourself. No more guilt trips! She was upset when she left Mulder, but this is not your fault Mulder. This just happened like things happen in life Mulder. You are so screwed up that you would even feel guilty when the sun didn't come up anymore."

Mulder looked at his friend and could not help but smile at that remark. He knew his friend was right. He could even feel guilty about things that weren't even in his power to change or that weren't his fault. They waited for what seemed ages when a nurse came in and told them Scully was settled in her room and Mulder could sit by her side. Skinner walked with Mulder to Scully's room and remained in the doorway while Mulder moved next to his wife. He took her hand and looked at her in lying on her back in he hospital bed. She looked so tiny with all the tubes and needles sticking out of her. Skinner felt so sad when he saw her lying there, silent and white. He walked over to Mulder and placed his hand on his shoulder. Mulder looked up. "I better go now Mulder, only one is allowed in here. Call me when you need something. I am going to call Maggie. I'll be back in the morning. You take your rest Ok, I see there's an empty bed in here so take your rest." Mulder squeezed the hand that was lying on his shoulder and smiled. "Ok---dad! I'll see you in the morning and thanks for calling Maggie, I should do that but I don't think I am up to it right now and I don't want to leave Scully's side." "It's Ok, Mulder, see you in the morning." Skinner walked out the room and headed towards the parking garage. When he came to his car he sat down and pulled out his cell phone. It was time he called Maggie.

The coming days were all a blur to Mulder, he never left Scully's site. Only once in a while to go to the bathroom. The hospital staff was getting used to the silent figure sitting next to the bed. They had tried several times to convince him to go to the cafeteria to eat something but he never did, so they just brought food to him. He looked like he never slept or rested. They only once found him lying with his head on Scully's hand sleeping but he woke up as soon as they entered the room.

Maggie had come to the hospital straight away when Skinner had told her the news. She was shocked, not only to see her daughter lying in the hospital bed, pale and hooked up to what looked like a million tubes and machines, but also by the appearance of her son-in-law. He looked pale and it looked like he lost a lot of weight. When she had entered the room he had looked up to her with so much pain in his eyes that her heart ached for him. She had taken him in her arms and comforted him when he broke down in tears. After he had calmed down they had talked about what the doctor had said. Then she had stayed with Mulder the rest of the day. She also tried to get him to take some rest but he would not let go of his wife's hand. Skinner had arrived later that evening and sat with them for a while. Late in the evening Maggie told Mulder she had to go home but that she would return first thing the next morning. Skinner accompanied her to her car. Without Mulder knowing he told Maggie what had happened the last few days with Mulder and Scully. Scully had not told Maggie yet about the pregnancy. Maggie was suprised and happy, until she heard that they feared it could be Jake's child and not Mulder's, he told of Mulder's fear and Maggie cried hot tears for her children.

The two critical days passed and Scully had not yet woke up. The Doctor told Mulder that she could wake up any time now and told Mulder to talk to her, that could help to waken her up more quickly. She was out of the woods now, and the baby also would live. She would need a long time to recover since she had a broken leg and arm and several broken ribs and some internal damage that needed time to heal. Mulder kept his vigilance at his wife's site and Maggie became more worried as the days past. He looked so fragile. He hadn't slept in days and food was not one of his priorities right now. She had caught him more than once, crying with his head on Scully's hand, his body shaking in wrenching sobs. She heard him beg to Scully not to leave him, telling her he was sorry that he treated her so bad during the first days of the pregnancy, for his lack of love for the new life growing inside her. Promising her like a little boy would, that he would do better when she would come back to him. Her heart had ached for him and she had to restrain herself for walking up to him and pulling him in her arms to comfort him.

It was the fourth day and Mulder sat next to the bed, staring into nothing, his hand on Scully's hand, when suddenly he felt a squeeze. He looked at Scully's face and the next thing he saw was Scully's eyes began to flutter open. She moaned and then she tried to focus on her surroundings. The first thing she saw where beautiful hazel eyes just inches away from her. Then she heard his voice, his beautiful voice. "Scully? Come on sweetie, open your eyes." She forced her eyes open and smiled at Mulder standing next to her. She tried to say something but her voice didn't want to cooperate. Mulder saw her lips move and heard a raspy sound. He grabbed for the cup of ice chips on the bedside table and spooned a little bit in her mouth. She accepted it gratefully and moisturized her mouth and throat with the ice melting in her mouth. Then she tried again. "Where am I? What happened?" Mulder suddenly saw an expression of horror wash over her face. "The baby, my baby!" Mulder grabbed her hand and started to sooth her. "It's all right Scully, the baby is all right. You are both going to be fine. You had a car accident and you are in D.C. Hospital. It was very close the first two days, I was afraid I was going to lose you." Tears where shining in his eyes and his voice hitched for a moment.

When Scully looked closer at him she noticed the fatigued expression on his face and it seemed he had even lost more weight since she visited Skinner. It all came back to her. Her visit with Skinner, her feeling so sad about Mulder and crying on her way home. Then the sudden shriek of metal against metal and fire. She shivered as the images flashed before her eyes. Mulder noticed her shiver and moved closer. "Are you all right Scully? I am going to call the Doctor to check up on you." He pushed the call button and not long after that a nurse came in. Mulder spoke shortly with her and she went on her way to call the doctor. When Mulder turned back to Scully she was looking at him with a sadness in her eyes that made him feel even guiltier than he felt before. "Scully, I'm so sorry that I hurt you so much. It never was my intention to hurt you. I'm so sorry." He grabbed her hand once more and lowered his head on the bed. He could not face her at this moment.

The next thing he felt her hand on his head, caressing him softly. "It's all right Mulder, I'm sorry too. I never thought about how you must have been feeling about the baby, if it turns out to be Jake's. I should have been more considered. I should have known when you started to get those nightmares. I'm so sorry that I didn't think of your feelings on this." Mulder raised his head, amazed that Scully was apologizing to him. "You don't have to apologize to me Scully. It's natural that you want to have this baby, you were so happy, I saw that you already had accepted this new life growing inside you. I saw it whenever you touched your belly. You look so beautiful Scully, there is a light shining in your eyes that never was there before. I'm just so scared that if it turns out to be Jake's I can't love it, as a father should. I am afraid I end up acting like my own father. And I know how much it hurts Scully, not being loved by your father and being blamed for the rest of your live. I don't want to do that to this child Scully. But what if it's Jake's and looks like him. I would see Jake the rest of my life. I wouldn't be able to love the child, I would end up resenting it of what he or she represents Jake's child. I would end up not only hurting the child but I would be hurting you too and I don't want to do that! You mean more to me that life itself. I love you so much, the day I met you was the day that I at last felt happiness again. But I promise Scully, I am going to do my best to love the child if it's Jake's. And I am going to try my best."

Scully gently tugged on his hair. "Come here--dad." He stood up and sat down on the site of the bed, careful not to hurt her. She raised her non-injured arm, careful not to dislodge any IV's and embraced him. He leaned into her embrace and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "I love you." he whispered softly against her lips. "I love you too Mulder, forever!" When the doctor entered the room to check up on Scully, he found the couple hugging and kissing each other tenderly. He smiled at the scene. It always made him feel on top of the world when he saw a couple happy re-reunited after a critical injury. He knew Mrs. Mulder would be all right, a couple of weeks in the hospital and some physical therapy for the leg and she would be a hundred percent again. He walked up to them coughing to make his presence known.

The recovery went fairly well. Scully had urged Mulder to take the much-needed rest. Instead of going home as she had intended for him to go, he laid himself down on the empty bed next to her and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was fast asleep. When the nurse came in to check on her Scully waved her to be silent as quick as possible. The nurse smiled understanding her meaning. They had all seen how Mulder had been wearing himself down with his wake next to her. The next week went by in relatively relaxed atmosphere although they were getting more and more nervous now the two weeks were almost over. They still had not heard from Doctor Wilson. Mulder had to return to work as soon Scully was over the worse but he had made an agreement with Skinner that he could leave early to stay with his wife. Scully's recovery progressed quite fast. She was unhooked from all the machines and IV's within a week. Her leg and arm would be in plaster for at least four weeks, than they would take new photos to see if the breaks were healing well.

The two-week ultimatum for the DNA test to be done went by and still they did not hear from Doctor Wilson. On a Wednesday afternoon, a couple of days after the two weeks ended, Mulder decided to make a phone call to Doctor Wilson. He sat next to Scully's bed and dialed the number of Dr. Wilson's office. His secretary put him through right away. "Hello Dr. Wilson, we were wondering if you heard anything on the DNA test already, my wife and me are getting a bit nervous." "Oh hi Mulder, I was just about to call you, I received the test results on my desk just a minute ago." Mulder turned slightly pale, he gestured at Scully that the results were in, she held her breath and looked at Mulder with eyes wide. "Ok doc, shoot." "Well Mulder, this isn't good news. The test shows that the DNA of the child matches that of the rapist."

Mulder closed his eyes and for one moment felt like his world came to an end. His worse nightmare had come true. Jake was the baby's father. "Thank you doc, I'll tell Scully, she is sitting next to me. I'll better go." "Mulder are you all right? Will the two of you be all right?" "Yeah doc, we will be all right." Mulder whispered before hanging up the phone. Scully knew already from what she had seen in Mulder's face but she still needed Mulder to say it out loud. "Mulder, what did he say?" Mulder looked at her, tears in his eyes. "The test shows that the baby is Jake's" Scully placed her hand on her growing belly and she lowered her head to look at it. "It's not the child's fault, it's just an innocent victim like we were our selves." Her voice trembled when she said this. Although she already loved the new life growing inside her she felt sad that this new life wasn't Mulder's. She knew he would try his best to be a good father for the child, but she also knew that it would be a constant fight for him to love the child and not see Jake in it. She only prayed that the child would not resemble Jake in anyway because she knew if the child would look anyway like Jake, it would be hell for Mulder, and even a little bit for her. But she could not find it in her heart to terminate this pregnancy.

Mulder took it on him to inform Maggie and Skinner about the test results. They both had been very supporting towards the couple and also very sad although they did their best not to show it. The weeks that Scully spend in hospital went by very fast. Mulder was glad about that. He missed Scully at home, next to him in bed. It seemed like a miracle but since he heard the test results and it was clear that Jake was the baby's father, the nightmares had stopped. He no longer woke up in the middle of the night in drenched in sweat, only trouble now was that he still did not get enough sleep since he now slept bad because he missed Scully in his arms at night. So when the time had come she was relieved from hospital he could not be happier. The leg and arm had healed well. Scully only wore a brace around her leg for support, her arm was already released from its cast.

Mulder drove his wife in the wheelchair to the car. He helped her with her crutches, Scully felt so happy to go back to her home. She would not miss the hospital food one bit. When Mulder parked the car in front of their home and helped Scully out of the car, the door of their home opened. Scully looked up and smiled in suprise when she saw her mum and Skinner stand on the doorstep. Mulder helped her up the steps and Skinner quickly moved to her other side to support her as well. When they arrived at the top of the stairs Skinner was suprised when he suddenly felt two arms around his neck and felt soft lips kiss his cheek. "Thanks Walter, for everything." He looked down in the beautiful face turned up to him. "I don't know why you thank me, but it's my pleasure. I love you Scully, as if you were my own daughter, I never told you and Mulder this but I love you both. The way you took me into your lives as a friend means the world to me. I have never been happier since the day you two became my friends." His voice trembled when he finished his statement, tears apparent in his eyes. Mulder lay his hand on Skinners arm, his other hand supporting Scully. "Walter we love you too, very much. We could not ask for a better friend than you-- and as for me, I think you already know what I feel about you. I love you as if you were my father. You know my own father wasn't much of a loving father for me and you have made up for that piece that I missed in my entire live, the love from my real father. You are more a father to me that Bill Mulder ever was. I love you Walter!" By this time the three of them were becoming quite emotional. Maggie who sensed that something special was happening urged them all to come in and continue their conversation in the living room.

When they settled in the living room they soon learned that Maggie had outdone her self with making a delicious pie. They were all praising her into heaven for her delicious pie. She told them she also made them dinner because she knew Scully must yearn for a good home made meal. Maggie told Scully that for the coming week she would make dinner for them because Mulder first of all wasn't a real cooking prince and second her daughter could not manage cooking yet with that leg of hers. Scully was happy to oblige with the gesture of her mother. She did not really feel up to doing much the coming days. Her leg still needed a lot of work. They had arranged that a private therapist would visit her at home to work on the leg. Her pregnancy really began to show by now and she felt tired most of the time and the walks back and forth to he bathroom drove her crazy. It seemed that she had to relieve herself every five minutes. But despite the discomfort of the pregnancy and the knowing that it was not Mulder's child growing inside her but the child of rapist, she felt a tender happiness, feeling that little life growing inside her. And despite Mulder's sadness about this pregnancy she had caught him several times staring at her body when he helped her undress in the bathroom for a shower while she was still in the hospital. And when he had helped her soaping up his hand had lingered on her protruding belly a little longer than necessary. It had given her hope that just maybe he would really grow to love the child.

Weeks past into months. Scully's leg had healed well, and she could soon return to work, although she had agreed with Skinner and Mulder that she would concentrate on the desk work for the duration of the pregnancy, not wanting to risk getting hurt in action and maybe loose the baby. While working in the office, Mulder would never be far away. There were a couple of time that Mulder had to go out of town on a case but Skinner always made sure it would not take longer than a couple of days. Not wanting to separate the couple for too long. When at home, Scully would laugh tenderly at the behavior of her husband. He was so anxious for her. He would hover over her until she would tell him to quit. He then would look at her with that endearing hurt puppy dog look, she then would laugh at him and pull him into her arms and kiss him passionately. That would usually divert his attention from hovering over her like a mother hen.

Another aspect of Mulder's tender hovering over her, soon showed, it had happened a couple of times at the office. They had eaten their lunch at the office when she noticed that he choose some strange combinations of food. Sweet with sour or sweet with salt, she had those spells herself in the early stages of her pregnancy. She didn't think much of it at the time. The second thing she had noticed was that he ate so much more than normal. It had happened a couple of times that he had to rush to the bathroom, covering his mouth in order to keep from throwing up all over his desk. She had noticed that he would have nausea spells on other times of the day too. All those things put together reminded her of her own morning sickness period and the symptoms she had displayed in her early pregnancy. When she thought more about it, Mulder showed every symptom a pregnant woman would have, that she had, and was still having. She hadn't told Mulder about her suspicion. What should she tell him? That he showed every symptoms of a pregnant woman, he wouldn't believe her. He believed in that the aliens were living here on earth, but he would not believe her when she told him that he showed pregnancy symptoms.

The thing that really astonished her happened a couple of days ago. Just after noon, she had begun to feel cramps in her belly. It felt quite uncomfortable but she didn't tell Mulder about it. She didn't want to worry him, he worried so much about her already. Mulder had been away all morning, questioning some people on one of their last cases. He had looked pale, his face baring an expression of pain that he tried to hide for her. When he sat down behind his desk she had noticed that he held one hand on his stomach. She kept an eye on him, while he tried to concentrate on his work, in the mean time working on some reports.

Her stomach felt like a rollercoaster, the cramps would fade and then her belly would tighten as if a belt was drawn tight around her stomach. While she massaged her belly with one hand she noticed, Mulder did the same. All of a sudden a thought struck her. <Was he feeling the same as her? Was he having cramp too? This was too weird.> She had read about some man having sympathy pains but she would never have thought Mulder would be one of those but all the things that had happened added up to one conclusion. Mulder was having sympathy symptoms to her pregnancy.

When she looked over to Mulder's desk seeing his pained expression she felt so sorry for him but she could not help when a soft giggle escaped her. The thought of this tall manly man sharing her pregnancy discomforts made her giggle again. She only wished he could also share the happier side of the pregnancy, the movement of the baby inside her. The feeling of a new life growing inside her womb.

All of a sudden she doubled up over her desk when a sharp pain shot through her abdomen. A moan escaped her but she was distracted from her own pain when she heard the moaning in stereo. Some one else was moaning too. She looked up and her eyes met the hazel eyes of her husband, also doubled over in pain, looking at her with a startled expression in his eyes. "What is going on Scully, did we ate something bad? This is too weird you and me having cramps at the same time." Another moan escaped him. "Mulder, I have been thinking about the changes you have been through the last weeks. The eating habits and the nausea attacks. I can only come to the conclusion that you are having sympathy pains." Scully narrated to him through clenched teeth. Mulder looked at her with disbelieve. "What are you saying? I am feeling pregnancy symptoms too? How can that be, I'm a man, I'm not pregnant!" Scully straightened herself when the cramp faded. "Yeah I know Mulder that you are a man, I didn't miss that piece of information" She grinned at him. "It is known that some men, who are very sensitive to the present situation of their wives, can display the same symptoms as their wives are feeling during the pregnancy. Like you are feeling my cramps too at this moment. I never expected that you would be one of them. But it's kind of sweet, it shows what a sensitive guy you are, and I love you even more for it." She stood up and walked over to his desk. She wiggled herself between him and the desk and sat down on his lap. She lay her arms around his neck and pulled his head closer. When her lips covered his in a tender, deep kiss, he forgot all about the cramps in his stomach.

After some time, when Scully ended the kiss, Mulder looked at her with a glassy look in his eyes. "But Scully I can't believe I'm having these symptoms. I'm not going to feel the contractions when you are going into labor am I" Scully laughed out loud at hearing the whining tone of his voice. He even looked a little green around the gills when he suggested he might feel the contractions too. "Don't worry Mulder, if you are feeling the contractions we will ask for the good stuff for epidural both you and me. Again she kissed him on his lips. "Yeah you make fun of me, woman." He smiled at her and gave her a little tap on her butt. But he was glad he now knew what was wrong with him. He had been worried the last few weeks when he began to have these strange cravings and the nausea attacks. He didn't know what to think of it. Of course the thought of it being sympathy pains to his wife's pregnancy never crossed his mind. But it made sense. He worried about her a lot, he saw every pain and discomfort of her and he wished he could make it go away. But he also loved the sight of her, her belly growing bigger and bigger, that special glow over her that every new mother seem to have. He had been paying attention to new-to-be mothers he saw on the street and he recognized the glow he saw in Scully too.

Although he still felt hesitant about the pregnancy he began to feel excited about this new life growing inside Scully's womb. At night when he lay awake thinking about the future, Scully lying next to him, sleeping on her back, he could not resist to caress her protruding belly. He even felt the baby move under his hand a couple of times, taking his breath away. After caressing Scully's belly like that a couple of times while she slept, he started to talk to the baby at night. In a whisper to not wake Scully. But what he did not know was that Scully was awake a couple of times that he began to talk to the baby. She had lain there, on her back, listening to her husband, whispering to the baby in her womb. Telling the baby all his fears and promising it that he would do his best to be a good father. Tears had rolled down her face onto the pillow at hearing him talk this way to the baby. It gave her hope for the future.

The day came nearer that the baby was due. Scully had stayed home the last two weeks. Her belly now so big that she couldn't even walk in a normal way. Mulder had laughed at her a couple of times. Comparing her with a penguin, the way she waddled around. Scully had prepared everything. She had packed a bag with baby stuff and her own overnight bag so everything would be ready if the contractions would start and they had to rush to the hospital. She would be glad when the baby was born. It became quite uncomfortable at this stage. She could hardly get out of a chair without Mulder's help. These two last weeks she had been thinking about Mulder a lot. He had been such a good husband and friend to her these weeks. He helped her wherever he could, massage her belly when it hurt a bit, He was so much more open with his affection to her pregnant body now. He had even joined her in the shower a couple of times. She had let him soap her entire body, lingering on her belly. Massaging it gently. It had felt like heaven.

****** It had been a quiet day for Scully, except for the awkward feeling she had, since she woken up that morning. She had been taking it easy, spending the day lying on the couch, reading books about her pregnancy and the actual birth. The uneasiness that she had been feeling was now beginning to intensify. It was around noon when she felt a shooting pain wash over her. She decided to get a drink of water, and as she headed towards the kitchen she felt a rush of water down her legs. She held onto the counter trying to allow her breathing to stabilize. <This is not good> she thought to herself trying to do her breathing. <Relax Scully, I have a ways to go>. The flow was constant as she slowly walked to the bathroom to get herself ready for a long day. She changed into some dry sweats, taking care of the constant water that she was loosing. Although the contractions were still apart, she knew that she had to get to the hospital. Infection was now a concern. <Mulder, I have to call Mulder> she thought in between he and ha's. <Taxi, yes I have to call the taxi>

The phone rang twice before Mulder answered, "Mulder, it's Scully, it's time hon, wait," she interrupted the conversation as she again began her breathing excersise feeling another contraction. He He breathe, she said out loud. Mulder almost jumped through the ceiling from shock. "Scully now, so soon?" he asked nervously. "Soon!" she shouted, "you call nine months soon. I'll meet you at the hospital, and * don't * be late," she threatened. Without another word, Mulder hung up the phone and grabbed his jacket from the coat rack, not realizing the rack was dragging behind him. He kicked it to the side and flung the door open.

"Don't worry ma'am, I've driven many a pregnant woman to the hospital. I'll get you safe and sound. And your husband?" he asked driving at a faster speed but still trying to avoid the pot holes along the way. "My husband better get there in time, or he's going to be having this kid!" she shouted again feeling the tightness in her stomach. "Breathe lady, he he he breathe," the cabdriver coached looking at the rearview mirror taking a fast turn into the emergency parking lot of the hospital. The cabdriver quickly opened the door and gently helped her out of the car. "I won't ever laugh at a penguin again," she said as she waddled a few steps before the nurse came with a wheelchair to help her the rest of the way. She did the proper paperwork that was needed and was taken to the labor room. She was helped out of her clothes and was given the dreadful gown that seemed to only cover her stomach. <Mulder, you better get here soon> she again said to herself.

It didn't take Mulder long before he reached the hospital. "Sir your wife was just taken to the labor room. Go down the hall to the elevator to the 4th floor. Go to the nurse's station and they will tell you what room your wife is in," the elderly volunteer told him at the information desk. He felt his heart race in his chest and he could hardly catch his breath. He opened the door to her room and saw Scully lying on her side with monitors all around her. The nurse was taking her stats when he walked to the bed. The nurse smiled at him, "Your wife is doing just fine, daddy." Mulder pulled a chair that was near the bed and took her hand and lightly kissed it and then kissed her cheek. "You look beautiful, Scully" he said with tenderness in his voice. "Beautiful, you're calling me beautiful right now, Oh God, here comes another one," she said between breaths. She grabbed a hold of his arm and squeezed along with her contractions. "Scully honey, you're grabbing a little too tight," he grimaced at the scratches from her fingernail tight grip. "Do you want to trade places, love of my life," she shouted sarcastically. "No sweetheart, come on, let me help you breathe, he he he breathe," he said. "Mulder so help me," she said between clenched teeth. "So help you what?" he asked confused. "Nothing, just shut up," she said as again she went with another contraction. "Have they given you anything for the pain?" he tried to ask softly before he got yelled at again. "Does it look like they've given me anything for the pain!" she said with reproach. <Why don't I just keep my mouth shut> he though to himself.

The contraction stopped and Scully was able to take a breather, "Mulder I'm sorry, it just hurts like hell. I think I'd rather get shot." "Come on Scully, let me help you. Remember, find a focal point and when the next contraction comes, ride with it. I'll be here," he said as he massaged her back gently trying to sooth her pain away. "You know I'd change places if I could, you know I would rather have the pain than to see you this way," he said as he bent close to her. He could see in the monitor that the next contraction was coming. He huddled as close to her as he could still massaging her back and gently whispering in her ear to soothe the breathing. "Come on Scully, focal point, he he he breathe, he he he breathe." The nurse came in to take yet another pelvic exam as Mulder waited outside the closed curtain. "Dana, you're only about 5 centimeters, you have a bit to go. Would you like something for the pain?" she asked, as she lowered Scully's gown and covered her with the sheet. "No, yes, no, I want to have the baby natural," she said indecisively. The nurse opened the curtain and let Mulder back in. "I'm thirsty Mulder, can you give me some water?" she asked reaching for his hand. "Can't, but how about some delicious ice chips," he responded getting the cup filled with ice chips and spooning some to her. "I guess that will have to, to--- Mulder here's another one," she moaned. Mulder decided to try something else. He had her sit up and he climbed behind her back, spreading his legs so she could lean back onto him. He then proceeded to gently rub her stomach in circular movements and whispering very lightly in her ear. "Focal point, Scully, stare at a focal point and breathe." The hours were beginning to pass, and so was her energy. Mulder would tire in that position and would try something else, helping her in every step of the way. Scully was starting her active phase of her first stage of labor. The contractions were now beginning to be 3 to 4 minutes' apart, lasting 45 seconds between contractions. "Scully, it's okay if you want a epidural," Mulder suggested. "No, I don't want anything," she would answer keeping her breathing technique in use. The hours past and nothing was happening. Mulder could hear them talk softly on the side and he was beginning to worry. Finally he excused himself from Scully saying he had to use the bathroom and decided to go to the nurse's station to see what was going on. "She's not dilating fast enough. I think we're calling the doctor," the nurse told him. "Why isn't the doctor here?" he asked perturbed. "She's not far enough along," the nurse responded picking up the phone and paging him. "Yes doctor, okay we'll go ahead and get her ready for an x-ray" Nurse Corrine said hanging up the phone. "X-ray, what do you mean x-ray. Isn't that bad for the baby?" Mulder asked concerned. "No, we just have to see why she hasn't been dilating as fast as we'd like. We'll take good care of her." The nurse pushed the gurney with Scully lying on her side holding on to Mulder's hand. They got her situated and after a short while was brought up back to the labor room. "It appears that the baby is too big for her," Nurse Corrine told Mulder after the x-rays were examined. "Not a Cesarean section. She doesn't want a C-Section," he nervously said. "No Sir, it's not necessary right now. This is her first child so it will take awhile. You go back to her and keep her as comfortable as possible." The hours kept on passing and finally the contraction were getting shorter and longer.

After about 15 hours of labor Scully finally started the transition stage. The nurse came in again, "Time for another peek," Nurse Corrine said as she looked at Mulder to leave the area. "I feel like a pin cushion. I am tired of everyone and their brother taking a * peek *, everyone but Mulder. I want him to stay, let him stay," she said feeling her stomach harden. Mulder stood by the head of her bed and held her hand while the nurse helped her bend her legs and lift up her gown to her waist. Snapping the gloves and examined her. "Mulder, remind me never to snap those gloves again," she teased with yet another pain rolling in. "I want to push, I need to push," Scully yelled, Mulder bending down to her, holding her next to him. "You're 8 centimeters, you're almost there, but you can't push right now. We have to start wheeling you in the delivery room," the nurse said taking the gloves off, lowering her gown and calling the delivery room to get ready. "Sir, go to the nurse's station and have them get you ready to go into the delivery room," the nurse ordered. "Hurry Mulder, hurry and get ready," Scully said, perspiration pouring down. He did as he was told and in no time had the green gown, paper booties and cap on his head. Scully was ready, feet on the stirrups and contracting one right after the other. The doctor was ready in the foot of the bed instructing her what to do. Mulder was standing at the head of the bed, holding on to her hand bending down close to her face. The pain was very strong and Mulder knew that she needed for her to know that he was near.

"You're on stage two now. You are fully dilated. With every contraction I want you to push," the doctor instructed. The doctor needed to do a episiotomy of the vaginal tissue to prevent tearing. With every contraction and every push, the baby started sliding down the birth canal until the little head was fully exposed. "You can do it, come on, with the next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can," the doctor said, positioning himself. "Come on honey, come on, you're doing a great job. One more time and it's over," Mulder whispered as the toughest contraction of them all came and holding her breath pushed as hard as she could. The baby slipped right into the doctors hands.

"It's a boy, a beautiful baby boy," the doctor said as he quickly started suctioning the baby's nose and mouth and clamping the umbilical cord. Mulder and Scully started laughing and crying and laughing as they kissed. The doctor put the baby on Scully's stomach. The very proud daddy cut the umbilical cord. They let the baby stay on Scully's stomach for a couple of minutes while the doctor started pressing her stomach to extract the placenta. The baby was taken away so the nurses could start cleaning the baby. The doctor started repairing the episiotomy and within a short time Scully was wheeled to recovery.

Scully was wheeled to the recovery room while the baby was taken to the nursery to get the appropriate check over. She was later moved to her own private room where a small bassinet was along the side of the bed. Mulder was already there waiting for his wife and baby to be brought in. "He's beautiful Scully, he really is," Mulder said, bending down giving her a kiss on her cheek. The nurse walked in carrying the little bundle, covered in a blue blanket and a tiny little white cap covering it's head. He was placed on Scully's stomach. Scully quickly scooted up very slowly and cradled the baby in her arms. "Mom, your son is hungry. Would you like to try nursing him?" the nurse asked. "Um, yes I would but I don't know what to do?" she responded nervously. "Don't worry, I'll be here to help you and with nature and baby, everything will happen naturally. "Okay, let's lower your gown a little, okay good, now put your son tummy to tummy supporting his head in the crook of your arm. Perfect," the nurse said as she helped them both position the baby. Mulder sitting on the side of the bed watching attentively at Scully and the baby. "Okay, next bring your son's lower lip to your nipple until he opens his mouth," the nurse continued. The baby slowly opened his mouth as his little head jerked trying to take a hold of his mom. "Now, make sure that your son has as much areola as possible in his mouth. Make sure his little tongue is shaped like an upside 'u' so he could grasp at your nipple, perfect," the nurse told. "Okay now when you want your son to stop nursing, place your finger in the corner of his mouth to break the suction. Feed him with one breast for ten minutes, burp him and then move him to your other breast for ten minutes. See he's sucking now, you're doing just fine. I'll leave now to give the three of you some family privacy. How are you doing dad?" The nurse asked, as he tapped Mulder's shoulder. "He's beautiful, isn't he," is all Mulder could say smiling from ear to ear. The nurse covered the curtain and walked out of the room. ***** After Scully was finished with nursing their son, Mulder went to the hall to call Mrs. Scully and Skinner. They both were ecstatic hearing the news and promised to come by this evening if Scully was up to it. Mulder assured them that it would be all right to visit, he wanted them to see his son. For it was his son. During the entire pregnancy and especially after the DNA test telling them it was Jake's child he had been doubting if he could ever love this child and raise it as his own, but seeing his little head pop out and then lying on Scully's stomach, just an innocent little baby, looking so beautiful he lost all doubt and fear. This was his son. That evening he showed Maggie and Skinner his son and told them his name. They would name their son Aaron. Which meant mountain of strength. Their mountain of strength.

Then the day arrived that Scully and Aaron where coming home. Mulder had gotten the house ready with the help of Maggie and went to pick up Scully and his son. When he arrived in the hospital and he entered her room, his breath was taken by the sight of his beautiful wife sitting on a chair, bathed in sunlight. Her hair turned into fire, her face angelic while she was bend over her baby boy lying in her arms. For one moment he saw the image of a winged figure standing next to Scully, beautiful white wings where moving gently and the figure held his hands outstretched, palms up as in a gesture of giving. Like the winged figure was offering him the child. Just before the image faded Mulder saw a shining smile on the beautiful face. He thought it was a product of his imagination, He shook his head as to shake the image out of his mind and walked up to Scully.

When she heard him, she looked up and smiled. "Hi daddy, are you ready to bring your son home?" "Hi sweetie, yeah I'm ready to take my son home. Are you ready? "I'm as ready as I can be, I'm longing to get home. So daddy, want to hold your son for a moment?" Scully smiled as she reached the baby out to him. Mulder took the baby from her and sat down on the bed. He looked down on the beautiful face of his son and his son choose that moment to open his eyes and looked him straight in his face. Mulder drank in his son's features. Beautiful blue eyes, perfect tiny nose and rosy lips. All so tiny. All of a sudden his heart stopped and tears came to his eyes. His son had smiled at him. "Scully, Aaron smiled at me!" He quickly looked at Scully and she smiled at his enthusiasm. "Ok, come on dad, I want to go home" She stood up and took the baby from him. A nurse came in with a wheel chair and Scully sat down, Aaron in her arms.

Mulder drove Scully and his son safely home. When they arrived there Scully went to the nursery and lay Aaron in his crib. Mulder had decorated the Nursery himself. Scully smiled when she looked at the little aliens and UFO's that where hovering over the wallpaper on the wall. She looked at her son, now lying content in his own crib sound asleep, She turned on the mobile and a soft lullaby began to play while the Stars and UFO's started to turn. Her husband had outdone himself decorating the room, but she liked it.

The next days were like a dream to Mulder, he had arranged with Skinner that he could have a couple of weeks of to enjoy the first weeks of his son's life and assist Scully in the care for Aaron. And assist he did. The first night they where at home, the baby began to cry at around 3.00 a.m. Mulder quickly made his way to the crib and took Aaron in his arms. The baby stopped crying immediately and Mulder sat down in the rocking chair next to the crib. He knew he had to wake Scully for the baby's feed but he wanted a moment alone with his son. Feeling the warm tiny body pressed against his naked chest filled his heart with overflowing love and the overpowering urge to protect this little being against any harm it would encounter in his life. He began to rock softly back and forth and with a soft voice he began to sing a lullaby he remembered his dad sang for him once when he was only little and had woken up from a nightmare.

"Hush, little baby don't say a word. Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird won't sing, Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring

And if that diamond ring turns brass, Papa's gonna buy you a looking glass

And if that looking glass gets broke, Papa's gonna buy you a billy goat

And if that billy goat won't pull, Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull

And if that cart and bull fall down, You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town."

While he sang the song and rocked the baby in his arms he looked down on the little face, feeling nothing but love. <If only you were my son.> he thought with sadness in his heart. A sudden chill made him look up and again he saw an image of the figure he had seen earlier in the hospital. A man dressed in a white robe, white wings gently moving, The man had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes were filled with love and again he gestured with arms outstretched as giving the baby to him. The figure faded and Mulder looked back down at his son's face. What was the apparition trying to tell him, he had a feeling it was trying to tell him something. He stood up and walked back to the bedroom, it was time to wake Scully so his son could feed.

Scully had to laugh sometimes. If Mulder had been able to breastfeed Aaron he had even done that. He loved taking care of his son. When he began to cry, Mulder checked his diaper and if needed changed it. It made her love this man even more. She had caught him one night while sitting in the nursery at his nightly visit to Aaron, singing the lullaby. She had been standing in the doorway, listening to the beautiful deep voice of her husband singing a tender lullaby to his son. Tears had fallen silently down her face. This scene she would lock into her heart and memory forever.

The baby grew with the good feed from Scully's breast, the boy was healthy and just reveled in the attention he go from his dad. Skinner and Maggie developed themselves into loving grandparents. They would often stop by in the weekends spending some time with the young family. Skinner had been accepted into this family as a surrogate father and now a grandfather. Skinner had never felt happier than this time. He loved holding the baby in his arms, making funny sounds. He never had the chance of raising a child. Now he could feel a bit what it was like and he loved every moment of it. Maggie too loved spending time with the baby. They already agreed that whenever Mulder and Scully wanted some time for themselves, Maggie was only too happy to babysit. She invited Skinner to help her whenever babysit time would arrive and Skinner was happy to oblige. Maggie seem to feel that Skinner needed this family bonding and like the loving mother she was, always ready to care and love any hurt or lonely person who came in contact with her family, she was happy to take Skinner into her family.

The first months passed quickly. Mulder had returned to work. He and Scully had agreed that Scully would stay home to take care of Aaron full-time. He missed her at work but luckily Skinner found a new partner for him, Ramiro Santana. It turned out to be a nice family guy with who Mulder could exchange family stories and they would brag a lot about their children. He soon became good friends with The Mulder family.

One night almost seven months after the baby was born, Mulder was lying in bed next to Scully. All of a sudden he began to move restlessly. The room, he was back in the room where he and Scully were raped and tortured. But something was different. It was like the evil wasn't present in the room anymore. He heard and felt a rush of wind. When he turned around he saw the angel again. Yes an angel, he now knew what the apparition was. He still couldn't figure out what the angel wanted to tell him. He was sure he wanted to tell him something. A warm light surrounded the apparition. It didn't hurt his eyes. It warmed his body and soul trough to his core. The rush of wind he had heard was the sound of the wings flapping gently back and forth. The angel smiled and Mulder just stood looking in awe. "What do you want from me, who are you?" When Mulder found back his voice he could only ask the angel this question. And then something happened, something that didn't happen the times before when the angel had visited him, usually when he was alone with Aaron. The angel began to speak, the voice sounding soft and loving. "I'm your guardian angel, Fox. I'm always with you even if you don't see me." Mulder felt disbelieve setting in his mind. If this was his guardian angel why didn't he protect him from Jake? Before he knew it he asked that question out loud. "If you are my guardian angel why didn't you protect me from that serial killer who raped and tortured me and Scully?" The angel's face turned sad. "I wish I could've protected you, but some things have to happen in life. God writes them down, you can call it fate. This had to happen Fox, to let you make the next step in your life. I'm sorry for the pain you had to endure, but that is part of life." "What do you want, why are you showing yourself to me, now?" Mulder sat down on the bed looking up at the angel. "I'm here Fox because there is something you need to know. The boss doesn't want me to tell you this, but I've seen you hurt enough Fox. When I look at you, holding the child in your arms, I see the love in your eyes but also the hurt because you were told that this child was conceived out of a rape. But Fox, have you noticed the resemblance of the child with you? The brown hair the hazel eyes. The mouth. Fox, I'm here to tell you that this boy is your son. Conceived during the night of the rape, yes. But not by evil, by that Jake. No this little angel has been conceived out of love, out of goodness. This is the child that was conceived during your forced love making with Scully, Fox. This is why I appeared to you, I am your guardian angel Fox and I couldn't let you go through life, loving this child, but never knowing it was really your son." Mulder felt dizzy, < Aaron is my son, how can that be, the DNA test showed it was Jake's> It seemed that the angel had heard Mulder's thoughts. "Yes Fox, The DNA test showed that Aaron was Jake's son, but the lab technician made a mistake. He used the same pipette for both you and Jake's blood sample. The test wasn't done right." "That can't be, they would know for sure, wouldn't they? Mulder felt like he was going to pass out. "No, Fox. The lab technician never suspected because they were in a hurry. They were behind with work and the technician had only just been out of college. It was just a young boy. He never knew the horrible mistake he made." Mulder lowered his head into his hands. "I don't believe this. How can this happen. Aaron is my son?" Again he looked up this time crying. The angel neared him and touched him gently, whiping the tears of his face. "It's true Fox, let them do a test again, you'll see. I have to go now, but remember I'll be there with you always. You might not see me but I'm there. If in your lowest or saddest hour you see only one pair of footsteps in the sand, remember It's me carrying you. I might not always be able to protect you from hurt, but I'm here to lift your spirit and strengthen your believe." Mulder saw the angel fade before his eyes and soon he was alone in the room. But the light had not faded with the angel. It was still there, warming him, soothing him--Scully woke up when she heard the soft sobs of Mulder, she turned around and saw Mulder lying on his back, tears running down his face, still sleeping.

She touched him gently and softly shook him a little to wake him up. "Mulder, wake up. You're dreaming, come on hon. Wake up." Mulder felt a hand on his shoulder and suddenly the room faded around him and he was back in their bedroom. "Scully? What happened?" "You were having a dream Mulder, Do you remember what you were dreaming, you were crying?" She gently wiped the tears from his face. "Oh, Scully, it was such a beautiful dream!" "Then why were you crying?" "I have to tell you something Scully, I have never told you because I was afraid you wouldn't believe me." He turned on his side so he was facing Scully. "What wouldn't I believe Mulder, you can tell me." "When I came to pick you up from the hospital to bring you and Aaron home, I saw an apparition next to you, when you were sitting in the sunlight-- it was an angel. It was holding his hands out in a giving gesture, as if he gave the baby to me." Scully looked at him and knew she had to keep silent if she wanted to hear what he had been dreaming about. She was a skeptic but something in his voice made her feel like she could believe. She gestured to him to continue. "Later during the first night at home, at around 3.00 a.m. Aaron started to cry and I went to him, I sat down in the rocking chair and sang a lullaby to him. When I was finished the angel appeared again, making the same gesture. That happened a couple of times during the night if Aaron cried and I went to him." "Mulder, what about the dream, has it anything to do with this angel appearing at you?" Scully's female intuition told her that it was important he would tell her. Something was hanging in the air. A certain vibration. She had felt it in the house for the last couple of days but had waved it aside the skeptic that she was. "Scully, I was dreaming that I was back in the torture room, the room where we were held. But it was different. When we were held there you could feel the evil around you. But that was gone. Than the angel appeared to me. And this time he spoke--Scully he told me something, I still can't believe it. It's too absurd." Scully could see that Mulder started to get upset again. His breath began to come faster and shallower, tears came to his eyes. He looked at her with pain in his eyes. "What did he tell you Mulder?" She lay her hand on his and gently caressed it to comfort him. "Scully he told me that Aaron is my son, that they made a mistake with the DNA test. He told me that the boss didn't want him to tell me about it but that he couldn't see me hurt anymore. He is my guardian angel Scully, Aaron is my son!" with that last sentence almost called out he broke down in tears. Scully felt her heart break at the sight of her husband so upset. She pulled him in her arms and rocked him tenderly in her arms. Could she believe this, a guardian angel appearing for her husband telling him Aaron was his son, that the DNA test had gone wrong? She had seen strange things in her years at the X-Files but she had always stayed a skeptic for paranormal phenonomen. But Mulder seemed to believe it. She had seen the hurt in his eyes when he held Aaron in his arms but the love had always been more overpowering. He truly loved the boy as his own, but the hurt was never far away, eating at him that the boy was Jake's. She loved this man more that life itself. She knew there was only one decision to be made. "Mulder, if you believe this angel there is only one thing you can do-- you have to ask Dr. Wilson to do another DNA test." Mulder's head shot up and he looked at Scully with an amazed look in his eyes. "Do you believe it?" he asked with awe in his voice. <His wife the eternal skeptic believed that he saw his guardian angel?> She smiled at him lovingly. "I don't know if I can believe it Mulder, you know me." She smiled at him. He could not help but smile back, yes he knew his wife. "But if you feel any doubt about the DNA test, you should do a new one. I have to admit Mulder that I've been feeling doubts too, especially since the last month. The baby doesn't resemble Jake in anyway. He had blond hair and blue eyes, the baby's hair never changed color and is brown like yours, and his eyes were blue when he was born, but all white babies are born with blue eyes, but now they have changed into hazel. It's eary Mulder, but Aaron resembles you more than Jake, so yes Mulder I have to admit that I myself doubt if the DNA test results were right. What if we let the FBI lab do the test this time? I have a friend there who still owes me a favor. They still have a sample of Jake's blood in stock. I'll call her tomorrow." She hugged him tenderly. Mulder kissed her tenderly. "I love you, with all my heart." "I love you too." They continue kissing and soon they both found themselves in passionate lovemaking. Cloths where quickly discarded. Mulder made love to Scully in a slow and passionate way, taking the time to discover every inch of her skin, savoring the taste of her. When the climax came they waited for each other, wanting to cross that border together. After the passion had subsided and they lay both spend huddled close together the baby began to cry. Mulder got up and walked to the nursery, naked, but beautiful in the eyes of his wife. She followed him with her eyes, enjoying every move of his muscles. He came back with Aaron in his arms. He lay back on the bed, huddling close to her again, laying the baby between them. "Isn't he just beautiful Scully? I bet he's going to be a heartbreaker in his teen years." Mulder followed Aaron's pouty pink lips with his finger. The baby feeling the finger against his lips opened his mouth and sucked in his finger in a reflex. Mulder and Scully laughed out loud seeing this. "He's hungry too, mom!" Scully scooted up and lay Aaron in her arms and began nursing him. Mulder looked at his wife sitting there, still glowing from their passionate lovemaking and naked, feeding their son. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. "I love you both!" He whispered while caressing his wife and than his son.

The next morning Scully called her friend Susan at the FBI lab and told her their dilemma. Susan was happy to and made an appointment with Scully for them to come by. They would need a small sample of blood from Aaron. They agreed they would come by the next day. By that time Susan would have the sample of Jake at hand and they could do the test as quickly as possible. They both felt anxious and excited. What would this test bring, again the devastating news that Aaron was Jake's child or the heavenly good news that he was Mulder's son? Aaron seemed to feel the restlessness of his parents because he was difficult and whiny that day.

The next day the arrived at the lab early. Mulder, Scully and Aaron waited for Susan to draw blood from Mulder and Aaron. When that was done Susan promised she would take care of it immidiatly. She promised she would call as soon as she finished the test and she got the result. The family returned home. Mulder almost felt sick to his stomach from anxiousness. He went back to the office and spend most of the day trying to do paperwork but ended watching in space, pondering the possibilities of the test results. Would it change his love for Aaron if it was Jake's, no he loved the boy like he was his own, it was just the thought that this beautiful creature was created by someone so evil. That hurt him so much. But somehow he believed his angel told the truth. That day for the first time in a long time he prayed to the boss as the angel had called him. <Oh god, please, I know I haven't talked to you in a very long time, I haven't believed in you in a very long time. But I saw one of your angels, god, he told me that Aaron is my son and not Jake's. Please god, don't play some cruel joke on me and let it be true. But even if he turns out to be Jake's son, I'll love him all the same. But please let him be mine. This little creature is so beautiful god. There would be nothing in the world that would make me happier than that this little beautiful boy would be my flesh and blood. I've never asked you for anything god, but this one time I could really need your help and support. Amen> Mulder felt relieved after his talk to a god he hadn't believed in for a long time. But everything had changed since he saw his guardian angel. It had made him think of the possibility of the existence of a god and now even he wanted to believe.

That day he left the office early, not able to concentrate on his work and feeling stressed. When he arrived home he found Scully in much the same state. Aaron was crying his little heart out because he could feel the tension in the room. Mulder picked him up and spend most of that evening holding him close to him, singing lullabies and talking to his son. Scully was relieved when the baby got quiet in the arms of his daddy. She looked at the scene of Mulder holding Aaron and rocking him gently, it moved her to tears. She too prayed to god that evening that Mulder would be Aaron's dad. They turned in early and spend the night tossing and turning. Mulder was up before first light and dressed himself for a run. He had to get some of the tension out or he would explode. He ran for miles, not thinking of time and just driving himself to the edge of exhaustion. When he returned home he was about to collapse. He took a shower and made breakfast for Scully, who was already up, feeding Aaron. When they finished breakfast Mulder took turns taking care of Aaron while Scully went for a shower. They both knew that they would hear the result today. It would be a difficult day for both of them.

Mulder went to the office, not sure if anything would come out of his hands today. Scully had told him when Susan would call her, she would call him immediately. When Mulder was about to leave for the office Scully had grabbed him and had given him a tight hug. He had returned the hug and both stood there for a minute drinking in each other's strength. It was about noon when Skinner called him into his office. Mulder went right away, glad with the distraction. "Hello Mulder, sit down. How are you?" "I'm fine Sir. What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" "Well nothing special, I just wanted to see how you were doing. We haven't talked much lately, since you are so busy taking care of Aaron. How are you all doing?" Skinner smiled at him, but he felt something was wrong. Mulder looked pale and tense. "Oh, we are all doing fine. We are a bit busy now with Aaron. He likes to get attention. And he knows how to get it." Mulder tried to grin cincere but didn't succeed well. Just when Skinner wanted to drag the truth out of him Mulder's cell phone rang. "Sorry Sir" Mulder answered his phone. "Mulder" "Mulder, it's me! Susan just called me with the result of the DNA test. Are you sitting?" Mulder turned even paler then he already was. "What did she day Scully?" A long silence on the other side and Mulder thought he could hear a muffled sob. "Scully, are you all right, please tell me what she said?" Then he definitely heard Scully crying. And then she answered his begging question. "The test showed that--you are Aaron's daddy." Mulder lost all sense of his surrounding for a moment and then tears were streaming down his face. He buried his face in his hands and cried out all his grieve of the last few months. He had tried to be strong for Scully, not showing his grieve that Aaron was Jake's son. But now he could not longer hold it back. He cried for all the lost months of joy he could have had during the pregnancy, the delivery and the first months of Aaron's life if he had only known what they knew now. Aaron had been Mulder's son all along, so much lost months.

Skinner had seen Mulder's change in appearance and he was shocked when Mulder broke down crying. He took the cell phone from Scully who was calling for Mulder on the other side. "Scully, what is going on? Mulder just broke down crying. What happened?" "Walter, well it's kind of a long story, but we had some doubts about the DNA test results. We did the test anew to see if the first one was done Ok. The first one told us that Jake, the serial killer who raped me and Mulder was Aaron's dad. Well some things happened the last few months and we began to doubt the rightness of the test. We did another test, I asked a friend of mine who works in the FBI lab to do it this time. She just called with the result-- and it seems they have made a major mistake with the first test because it shows that Mulder is Aaron's daddy." Skinner looked down at Mulder who was still sobbing softly but was already pulling himself together. "Well then I understand why he's so upset. I'm glad though that it has come out. You two deserve some happiness at last. Wait, Mulder wants to speak with you." Skinner handed the phone back to Mulder. "Scully, I'm coming home straight away. I need to see Aaron. I love you!" Without even asking permission to leave Mulder dashed out of the office leaving a stunned but happy Skinner behind. He didn't understand totally what had happened the last few minutes but he knew that happiness had finally decided to show up on Mulder's and Scully's doorstep and he was happy for that.

It was only 45 minutes later that Mulder dashed through the front door into the living room. When he saw Scully he ran to her, pulled her up from her chair and swirled her around in his arms an ecstatic look on his face. "He's mine, Scully he is my son! Where is he?" "Well if you put me down I can tell you." She kissed him on his lips and smiled at his happiness. She too had cried her eyes out after hearing the good news. She knew what a difficult time it had been for Mulder ever since the test result said it was Jake's child she was carrying, all the months that Mulder could have been happy, looking forward to the birth of his son. All this time instead he had been sad and afraid, oh yes he tried to hide it for her, wanting to be strong for her, but she had seen it. And now the second test showed that Aaron was his son. She had thanked god for this gift, and now she believed that Mulder really had seen his guardian angel. She was no longer a skeptic what this was concerned. Mulder and she had received a beautiful and wonderful gift. A messenger from beyond had told them Aaron was Mulder's son and it had turned out to be right.

"He's lying in his crib, Mulder. Come on let's go see your son." She took him by his hands and together they walked to the nursery. They stood next to the crib for a moment, looking down on their son. He was lying on his back, one little fist pressed to his little mouth. They both felt tears in their eyes when they looked at this perfect child. Suddenly Aaron opened his eyes and looked at them both and he stretched his little arms in the air as asking them to pick him up. Mulder bend over the crib and took his son in his arms. He kissed his son on the forehead. "Hi son, yeah you are my son. I'm your daddy. I'm going to try and be a good daddy to you. I'm going to teach you to play catch, we'll do a lot of father/son things together. I'm your daddy Aaron. I love you, I love you so much. Never doubt that for one moment. I'll be there for you always." Scully had listened to her husband talking to his son and she felt an overwhelming love for both her men. She walked to them and embraced them both in a big hug. So they stood for minutes, just enjoying their new found happiness.

It was a sunny day and the Mulder family was enjoying a day of shopping and just having fun. Mulder had the day off and they had decided to take Aaron for his first day out on the town. Scully was carrying him on her stomach in a baby carrier. She had found it the ideal way for Aaron to travel with her to town or to Maggie, no hassle with a pram in crowds on the sidewalk. Mulder had dragged them into a sports store. He walked to the children's section. Scully didn't have a clue as what he had to buy here. The next thing she saw was Mulder approaching them with a nicks shirt where Aaron could fit in twice. "Mulder that is far to big for him." Scully took the shirt from him and held it in front of Aaron. "Yeah, but he can grow into it Scully. Come on lets go I saw some neat stuff in that corner for Aaron." She had to smile at his boyish enthusiasm. She followed him to the far corner of the store where the baseball equipment was lying. "Mulder, you aren't going to buy him that are you? I mean he's just 7 months old, he isn't going to play baseball till he's a toddler." Mulder looked at her with a disappointed look on his face. He knew she was right but he felt like he had to catch up with all the time that he lost during the pregnancy. "Yeah I guess you're right. Ok come on lets go." He turned around but then changed his mind. He looked begging at Scully. "Scully, can I carry Aaron?" Scully smiled at her husband lovingly. She knew what he was thinking. She happily obliged and helped him strap the baby carrier to him so that Aaron lay snuggling against his chest. Mulder caressed his son's head. They decided to buy some food and drinks and take a picnic at the park. When they arrived there the looked up a spot on a hill overlooking the park. Scully spread out a blanket and Mulder unstrapped the baby carrier and lay Aaron next to him on the blanket. He took a toy out of the baby bag and gave it to Aaron to play with. The baby was content lying in the sun, playing with is toy while Mulder and Scully ate their lunch. Scully sat back enjoying the sun on her face. Mulder lay next to his son. Playing with him. A minute later Scully looked to her side, wanting to know why it was so quiet. The sight she saw took away her breath. Mulder was lying on his side, Aaron lying next to him, in his arms. They both had fallen asleep and the baby's hand held his daddy's nose with a firm grib, Mulder not feeling anything. They both looked so happy it brought tears of happiness to Scully's eyes.

Yes the future would be so much happier than the past. Their encounter with Jake had changed their lives. They needed a long time to recover and when they thought live would be at last be good to them, she became pregnant, she had the accident and it turned out that the baby was a result of Jake's rape. But an angel had come into their lives. Bringing them a tiding of joy, which turned out to be true. They had made a gruesome mistake with the first DNA test but after taking a new test the truth came out. Mulder was Aaron's daddy. Things would never be the same, but their lives had turned out happier than before the rape. Somehow she was glad that they had encountered Jake, because if not, they had never made love that night, they had never told each other their love for each other. Well not never but maybe not for a long time. But most important. If they hadn't been forced that night to make love to each other Aaron would never have been born. She looked at the two men of her live and she loved them so much. She lay her self down on the other side of Aaron, lying her arm over both Aaron and Mulder and huddled close to them. Mulder seem to feel her presence in his sleep because a smile appeared on his face. So they lay there, three people who's lives had been altered by their encounter with evil, but coming out of it stronger than ever, looking ahead to the future with new strength and the love for each other. The future was theirs!

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