Journey into Daylight

by Mulderslady

This is the sequel to Journey from Midnight. It's a serial of sorts, I'll be adding sections as I go. They don't need to be read in order. This picks up Six months after Journey from Midnight. It is suggested you read that one first in order to understand everything, but it's not totally necessary. Hope you like it, and as always feedback is appreciated. Disclaimer time:: There not mine, wish they were. Kaja and Fox Jr, Sarah Green, Emily the nurse, and Jacari Rhayne are mine so stay back CC. This is rated PG-13 for most parts a mild R for the Jamaica part. This is an MSR, M&S married story so be warned. Some Mulder and Scully angst and some Mulder torture so be warned again. Now on with the show.

Part 1 Fox Jr?
Part 2 Discovery
Part 3 Jamaica
Part 4 Tragedy
Part 5 Recovery
Part 6 A new beginning