The pillow tilts her pelvis at the most exquisite angle. With her knees held apart and under his arms on either side of his body, Mulder is able to glide in and out of Scully's flushed body with little resistance.

On the down stroke, he grinds into her, ending with a slow swivel of his hips that sends bright sparks through their joined bodies as pubic bone rubs pubic bone.

On the upstroke, she tightens her hold on him before the sensation of pulling out registers. Her efforts are rewarded with another swift down stroke and a sultry growl. Their slow wet kisses deepen as teeth gnash and tongues slide over and around one another.

"Scully - God you feel so good," Mulder manages to groan around lips attached to her throat.

He picks up the pace out of necessity and his eyes flutter shut as he concentrates. Her knees slip from his arms, and she wraps her legs low around his hips and locks her ankles together.

Digging her crossed feet into the bottom curve of Mulder's firm ass, she thrusts her hips up into his, urging him deeper still.

Her sharp intake of breath makes him pause and he looks down at her with concern. Sweat stings his eyes. His muscles burn. His worry is short-lived when he sees her wide smile.

"Mmmm Mulder, right there - "

Their combined motion sets the headboard tapping a gentle rhythm against the motel wall that is the perfect accompaniment to the symphony of their lovemaking.

Their thrusts and counter-thrusts bring them close to climax. His forehead rests against hers. "God, you're beautiful, " he whispers, the lower half of his body grinding into her torturously slow.

A low keen rises in her throat as she opens her eyes to him. His hand caresses her hip before he slips it between their joined bodies. Gently he rolls her swollen clitoris under smooth fingertips. The pleasure is too much to handle - Scully's eyes slip shut again while she continues to stroke the muscles in his back.

"Sc-Scully, " he stammers, his voice deep and sultry. Continuing his ministrations on the pulsing nub of flesh, he kisses and nips along her cheek and jawbone. "I love to watch you, Scully," he whispers before suckling her earlobe.

His hand flutters between them. Her moaning has become continuous, and along with the tightening of her inner muscles, she has him within a few thrusts of orgasm. She is poised to plunge over the summit, but now he is moving for him.

Covering her mouth with his, his tongue strokes hers in long, slow brushes in sync with the gentle in-and-out motions of his body. She arches her back off the bed as her breathing becomes shallow, burrowing into the pillows when his hands lift her hips and he pounds into her - once, twice before sending her soaring over the precipice.

Mulder breathes slow, deep breaths, riding the wave that her thrumming body is sending off, lapping and nibbling on one nipple as his fingers flick and tweak the other.

"God, I've missed you," he says as he slips out of her, peppering her chest and stomach with kisses. She's never seen his hair this long before, and she runs her fingers through it. He moves down in bed, his tongue trailing down her flushed body. He dips his tongue into her navel and her hips jerk. He can feel the vibration in her chest as she hums with delight. He rests his head on her stomach.

"I've missed you more..." she replies.

"Being apart is driving me insane, Scully." He swipes an errant tear from his cheek on his shoulder. "It's worse than being locked inside my head with a thousand voices around me."

She pulls him up into her arms and throws a leg over his hip, comforting them both.

"I know, Mulder. I know. Soon. We'll be together soon." She kisses his forehead like she's done so many times in the past. He tightens his grip around her waist.

"Will you bring the baby next time?" he asks. "The pictures are beautiful, and I can't wait to get back to the house to watch the videotape you brought, but I'd give almost anything to see him, hold him in my arms, really look at him."

She leans away to look at him directly. They are like this every time they come back together. So much in love. So needy. So wanton. So scared. They want nothing more than to be together, all three of them, to be the family they should be.

With a quivering chin, she smiles at him. "I will. I'll bring him."

He leans in and kisses her. He sniffles and then raises an eyebrow at her. "How are we on time?"

"My train doesn't leave until 4:40. Another hour?"

His smile turns devilish. "So, what do you wanna do now?"

"More of this," she says, her hand wandering down his chest toward his lap.

"I think that can be arranged," he says as he stretches his arms out and begins to scoot down in bed, ready to ravish her body once more.

"No, no. My turn," she says. Her eyes glitter in the diffused afternoon light, her pupils wide and dilated with desire. She kisses his chin and his mouth before she guides him onto his back and straddles him.

He trails his fingers along her calves up and over her bare buttocks and slender waist, pausing to rub her hipbones with his thumbs. She slides a little further down his body, until the apex of her thighs is open and brushing against his erection. He groans in delight at the feel of her warm, moist skin on him, her scent musky and heavy in his nostrils. He grabs her ass and slides her toward him. She is caught off-guard by his quick movements but likes them all the same.

Mulder bends his knees and puts his feet flat on the bed, creating a seat for Scully to lean back on as she leverages against him. When he brings his knees up, his legs spread wide, which in turn spread hers even wider. She can feel his erect cock against her ass, tapping lightly as she moves to get comfortable.

She takes his fingers into her mouth and sucks on each one. She then guides them down her body to where she wants him most. He takes her lead and slips them past her delicate outer skin to hold her open. Her hands join his as she settles onto him.

"We were meant for this," he says, taking her hand and putting it between their bodies until she can feel the girth of him as she moves up and down.

"You were meant for me," she replies.

They are wrapped tightly together, making memories that will have to last them until they can meet again. They have not moved in more than half-an-hour. He is spooned against her back, playing with her hair.

"It's gotten so long. I like it." She can feel his smile against the crook of her neck.

"I'm glad." He can feel her smile against his bicep. He kisses her shoulder.

"Tell me again about the house," she says as she snuggles her back into his warm chest.

She loves to hear the story about the piece of property he's bought in upstate New York, about how he and the Lone Gunmen drafted the blueprints for it, how she and Mulder will be able to see Lake Ontario from their back deck. How William will be able to run and play in the yard after he learns how to walk.

Mulder's voice is soft in her ear as he retells the details. Her eyes slowly close as she sees herself sitting in a chaise in the yard, William and Mulder tossing a baseball back and forth as the sun begins to set across the lake.

Her cell phone trills on the motel nightstand, and she reaches a lazy arm out to pick it up.

"Hello?" she says, a smile in her voice.

"There's an unmarked car sitting in front of room number eight, five doors down from where you are now. I'd say you have less than five minutes to get out there. Both of you."

"How long has it been there?" She throws the sheets back and gets out of bed, looking for her clothes. Mulder has heard the edge in her voice and is up and stepping back into his boxers immediately.

On the other end of the phone, Skinner exhales sharply. "About five minutes," he says. "From the looks of the sedan, I'd say they're NSA."

"Did you check the alley?" she asks, slipping the maid's uniform on over her head. Mulder zips his jeans and checks under the bed for his turtleneck.

"The alley is secure. Tell Mulder I'm parked behind the dumpster." Scully can hear the ignition of Skinner's car before the AD ends the call.

Scully pins her hair on top of her head, and Mulder sighs when her red hair disappears underneath the spiky brown wig.

They hate saying goodbye; they end up going in opposite directions with tears in their eyes. The last month and a half have been easier, though, with three visits in the last five weeks. She blames herself for giving in to his pleas for a rendezvous. He blames himself for putting her life in danger, again.

But neither of them can be truly sorry for these stolen moments. They share a last, fervent embrace in the bathroom.

"Soon," he says against her lips. "Soon, I promise." He wipes away her tears with his thumbs as she raises her hands to do the same to his.

"I know. That's what's keeping me going," she whispers into his chest. She watches as he climbs onto the back of the commode and opens the window. When he's halfway out, she jumps up on the toilet lid and kisses him one last time.

"I love you. Remember that, okay?" he tells her as they look into each other's eyes.

"I love you too. Let me know when you're safe."

He kisses her hand and drops to the pavement. She can hear Skinner revving his car's engine outside.

Scully pulls the sheets off the bed and puts them into the maid's cart on top of her clothes and service weapon. She opens the curtains and gives the room a forlorn glance before she wheels the cart out.

She stops at the door in front of the dark sedan and reaches for her key ring. Finding the key she's looking for, she unlocks the room and pulls the cart in behind her.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she finally breaks down and cries. "Soon," she consoles herself. "Soon."