How to Find That Story

The FAQ lists are simply that, lists, generally including only titles and authors without information about where to find the story. So, once you've discovered a title that you'd like to find, here are tips for locating a copy of the story:
  1. Visit one of the major archives.
    Gossamer (with three identical sites: Fluky, Krycek, Tooms)
    The Annex: The X-Files Novel Archive (no longer updating)
    ATXC (
    For a more complete list of archives, go to Useful Links
  2. Check the author's site.
    For a list of authors' webpages (both active and Waybacked versions), go to Authors' Pages
  3. Search at Google.

    Tips: Use quotation marks around the fic's title and include other common XF tags, such as "Mulder" and "Scully," in your search to help limit the results. If you have the author's e-mail address, including this in the search can help greatly narrow the results (you can find the e-mail address from the author's other stories at Gossamer).

  4. Post a request at the Lost and Found Message Board. If you can't find a fic, often the helpful people there can. Also, there are some fics that are simply no longer available online, but someone else may have a copy that they are willing to e-mail you.

  5. For more advice, visit the old HOW TO SEARCH FOR X-FILES FANFIC page by Christelle.