Title: A Day in the Life of Mulder and Scully

Author: Angel


Rating: G to NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, property of 1013, Fox and Chris Carter, no money made no infringement intended.

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11:00 am

Scully took a few deep breaths trying to clear the last of her flush away from her cheeks as she and Mulder walked into the morgue. Mulder gave a look that said Ďbehave.í She gave him one that look innocent in return.

"Iím agent Mulder and this is agent Scully." He said as they signed into the front desk and showed their badges. "Iíll go talk to the sheriff and meet you in the morgue."

"Iíll go start on the body." Scully said as she gave a small smile and a wave before walking down the hall.

Who do YOU want to go with?