Title: A Day in the Life of Mulder and Scully

Author: Angel


Rating: G to NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, property of 1013, Fox and Chris Carter, no money made no infringement intended.

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DAY 23

5:00 pm

Scully leaned back in her chair as Mulder walked out of the room. She wasn’t hungry in the least… But she was restless. She glanced over at Mulder’s desk and smiled to herself.

Well Agent Mulder, lets see what you keep in you bottom left hand draw you barely ever open and when you do its only for about four seconds flat. She thoughts as she sat in his warm chair. Listening intently she heard the elevator doors close as Mulder got in. Ensured she was alone she reached down and tugged the drawer open. She carefully rooted through trying not to move anything that Mr. Photographic Memory would notice.

4 bags on sunflower seeds.

2 half empty… remains of what was once ice tea about five years ago. That’s nasty, she thought shoving them aside.

6 random UFO pictures.

1 candle. She sniffed it. Vanilla. I don’t want to know, she thought shaking her head.

There was hard cover book at the bottom. With some wrestling she pulled it out. ‘1001 quick things to make you feel better about yourself during the day.’

"No way." Scully mumbled out loud. She was about to open it up when she heard the elevator open. Shoving the book back in she leapt into her chair and tried to calm her breathing.

Let’s wrap this puppy up.