Title: A Day in the Life of Mulder and Scully

Author: Angel


Rating: G to NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, property of 1013, Fox and Chris Carter, no money made no infringement intended.

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DAY 20

4:00 pm

Scully jumped up from her desk, happy for a distraction. "Take off you jacket." She said as she walked up behind Mulderís chair.

"Agent Scully are you making a pass at me?"

She let out a sigh. "Do you want a massage or not Mulder?"

"Want." He said quickly stripping himself of his jacket and loosening his tie even more. He shot a fearful look behind his shoulder as Scully cracked her knuckles. "Be gentle Doctor Scully."

She flexed her fingers and placed her hands on his shoulder. "Arenít I always?"

"Ouch!" He cried as she dug her fingers into his shoulders.

"Oh be quiet or Iíll go back to work." She warned. She placed her thumbs on the base of her neck and worked in small tight circles. Mulder moaned in content. After a moment Scully slide her hands down to his shoulder blades and dug the heels of her hands in. "Youíre hard." She said before thinking. Silently she cursed herself for being careless and opening up a window for him to make fun of her.

"Tight muscles." He threw back.

Scullyís hands faltered for a moment as a blush took over her face. "UmÖ thatís the best I can do." She said backing away and making her way back to her chair.

"Thanks, helped release some of that tension thatís been building for a while now." Mulder grinned across the room at her.

Again only one place to go...