Title: A Day in the Life of Mulder and Scully

Author: Angel


Rating: G to NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, property of 1013, Fox and Chris Carter, no money made no infringement intended.

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2:00 pm

Mulder dragged Scully out into the parking lot and into the car.

"Mulder?" Scully asked curiously as he gunned the engine out of the parking lot.

"That wasn’t funny Scully." He said looking straight ahead.

Scully smiled wickedly and unhooked her seatbelt. She reached over and quickly pulled Mulder’s belt apart.

"Scully!" The car swerved slightly as Mulder tried unsuccessfully to dodge her hands.

"You better keep your eyes on the road if you want me to… rectify this." Quickly she pulled his erection out of his pants. Shifty her weight she leaned herself over and took him quickly into her mouth.

The car swerved for a moment before Mulder got it under control oblivious to the horns and shouts of other drivers. Mulder fought to keep his eyes open as Scully ran her tongue up the length of him then moved back down with him in her mouth, she continued moving this way while Mulder started to groan steadily. This on top of all the stimulation in to diner was killing him in the sweetest way possible.

"Scully." He moaned as a warning.

Scully smiled with him in her mouth and maneuvered a hand down and fondled his balls.

A moment later Mulder thrust up hard into her and came. Scully swallowed happily then put Mulder back together as he struggled to keep the car under control. Scully sat back in her seat and buckled back in.

After another moment Mulder laughed and shook his head. "I can’t believe you just did that!"

Scully smiled like the cat that got the canary. "Was that daring enough for you?"

He nodded vigorously. "Yes."

"Then I proved my piint." Scully turned back to the road and watched as Mulder slowly and deliberately drove back to the office.

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