White Noise
By Shawen A Greer
E-mail: shawen@altavista.com
Notes: Mulder POV, post-Requiem
Summary: Sometimes all that's left is white noise

I am numb to everything except the tears that burn my cheeks.
The anxiety pierces my head and the deafening pressure builds in my ears,
     I need release!
But my granite limbs will not move.  They are as heavy as my heart.
My mind spins with suffocating thoughts.  It is almost to much effort breathe.
A small light within me wants to believe in hope, but I don't dare start.
For the onset of reality will only leave me with further to fall
So instead, I lock my mind and pretend that all is right.
As the dreamer inside me screams from within my tormented mind,
I will pretend that I am all right and ignore the deafening lull
     Of white noise now within.
Fate can be a cruel teacher even more so
     To the unwilling scholar.
I should continue fighting I know
But I can't any more today.  For now I must rest.
Peace and stillness will silence the crying that can no longer
      Be controlled.