Sleeping Bags!

Title: Sleeping Bags!
Author: Mana
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Detour
Summary: Just a little conversation in the forest.
Author's notes: Umm....sure fine whatever
Feedback: Pretty please? With a chocolate covered Mulder on top!

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Was a good friend of mine
Never understood a single word he said
but I helped him drink his wine."
She stopped as if thinking that was enough. Right!
"Chorus" he demanded. He snuggled in closer to her. He was cold and she warmed him up. He must admit that he liked her snuggling him.
" the world
all the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea.
Joy to you and me!"
He yawned and looking up at her.
She looking around the damp forest.
"Are you OK, Scully?" he asked.
"Yea. Its just a little spooky." She looked down at him as she finished saying the last word and smiled. He flashed a grin up at her.
"OK. Well, finish the song." He smiled.
"You heard me. Finish the song." he replied. "Please?" He made that little puppy dog face that she could never resist. She grimaced and began the second verse.
"If I was the king of the world.
I tell you what Iíd do.
Iíd throw away the cars and the bars and the war
And make sweet love to you."
She colored slightly as she sang the last part. He noticed and, feeling playful, decided to tease her a bit.
"Is that true?" He prodded.
"Is what true?" She asked.
"That youíd "make sweet love to meí?" He sang the last part.
"Mulder!" She blushed.
"What? Iím just asking you a simple question. Would you?" He was beginning to get a little upset. She wasnít playing along.
"Mulder, I donít think that we should be talking about this. Not here. Not ever." She looked around at the trees.
"Why not? I donít think itís that big a deal. Iím just asking a question. Would you ever sleep with me. Whatís so hard about that. Now tell me the truth. You would wouldnít you? Please answer me."
This conversation had started out as a joke but now had gotten very serious. Mulder felt as if he was treading on thin ice. He sat up even though he was in pain.
"Would you?" He looked in her eyes with a dead serious look on his face.
She stared at him for a long while and then looked down at her hand which were folded in her now vacant lap.
He noticed a tear slip down her cheek and instantly knew that she was uncomfortable with this situation. He would just stop but he wanted and needed to know her answer. He used his good arm to reach out his hand and brush away the lone tear.
"Scully?" He pushed on. He had to know.
"Yes." She mumbled and looked up into his eyes.
"Yes?" He asked confused. Was she saying yes because he had just called her name or was she answering his question. Was she saying that she would sleep with him? She must have seen the confused look on his face because she took his hand.
"Yes....I would sleep with you." She answered.
"You would?" His face broke out into the biggest grin she had ever seen on his face.
"I already said that if it rained sleeping bags then youíd get lucky!" She smiled a small smile.
He laughed. "Iíll have to remember that. Iíll pray for rain tonight."
She pulled him back into her lap where he eventually fell asleep.


He closed the door to her hotel and ushered her to the car. They drove in silence for a few hours both contemplating what had been said the night before in the forest. After a while Mulder felt that they both needed a few minutes to stretch their legs. He pulled into the nearest parking lot, a Wal-Mart lot. They both got out and stretched. Mulder looked up at the humongous store in front of him and suddenly thought a devilish thought.
"Iím going to go in and get a drink. Do you want something?" He asked Scully as she stretched her arms up over her head, baring a little bit of her stomach.
"Umm...sure a water would be nice." She smiled.
He grinned and walked into the store. A few minutes later he emerged. Scully looked up as he walked closer. She noticed he not only carried two waters but a very large shopping bag. A sudden crash of thunder brought a few rain drops . She looked up at the foreboding sky. When she looked back at him, she noticed an evil grin on his face. He stopped in front of her and handed her her drink. He went and opened the car door for her. She followed him but stopped short.
"Mulder? What did you buy?" She inquired.
He just looked at her and opened the bag just wide enough for her to get a glimpse of the contents.