By Ami
Summary: an imaginary letter that Mulder wrote when he was on his room at the Bellefleur's motel (episode Requiem).  This letter was meant for Scully.  He wrote this before Scully knocked his room, telling him she wasnt feeling well.
Disclaimer: No, Mulder and Scully and The X-Files do not belong to me.  They belong to infringement intended.
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Dear Scully...
I'm never really good in pouring what I feel
through a journal like you did
This is my first attempt...
So forgive me if my words are cheesy

There has to be an end through this, I learn that now
Watching you holding that baby, twisted my heart
And I remember all the pain our partnership has given you
Your loss, your anguish, your sacrifice
You dont deserve this life, Scully
Cut out everything for a man who works in the basement

Its killing me to set you free
Youre the air that I breathe
Youre my lighthouse on the midnight storm
Youre my Northern star when I lost the way
Remember when I told you...
Youre my constant, my touchstone?
Thats how you mean to me...everything

I love you Scully, as simple as that
And that is exactly why
This last crusade is meant for me alone...