Title: Analyzing Otherwise Meaningless Words (Poetry)

Author: Amber

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Summary: Scully analyzes Mulder's compulsion, and inadvertently gets caught up

in a compulsion of her own

Rating: G

Disclaimer: No names are mentioned, but just to be on the safe side: This poem

is original and belongs to me, however, unfortunately, Mulder and Scully do not.


He looks at me while I speak

But his eyes are quizzical

I sense he does not understand

He laughs when I say something comical…

But only if I laugh first

I am articulate

But he is more so

He has a habit of breaking down what you say

In his mind

And asking himself analytical questions

It takes him too long

He gets lost in my words

Analysis is a compulsion for him

I am not certain

But I believe that I am analyzing his compulsion

In my mind

While he speaks

And I get lost in his words